Monday, January 6, 2020

Weekend Recap

Well, y'all.  I'm back at school today and I still can't believe that break is over!  We made the most of the past weekend and here's how...

Slow mornings are one of the very best parts of being off.  I'm going to miss enjoying my toast and tea on the couch!  You better believe I enjoyed my last few slow mornings this weekend :)

Griffin and Jelly Bean enjoyed some snuggling...

... and we attempted a sweet selfie that quickly went South :)

We spent some time on the dance floor at the country club while setting up for a baby shower...

And I got to wear my mustang earrings because Mason had a basketball game :)  I took zero pictures at the game but PROUD MAMA ALERT he scored!  Mason has been hesitant to take shots because "moooom.... what if I miss it?!?!?!" and so this was a victory on several levels for him.  His perfectionist tendencies show up in the form of not wanting to try things or downplaying how important things are to him and this was a super sweet moment.

The kids got their Kiwi crate subscriptions renewed (thank you gram and papa mac!) and they spent a good chunk of time on Saturday building and working through the directions.

There was a LOT of cafe happening this weekend and BONUS there was dinner music :) 

Mason and Gary had some quality time this weekend - they're going to be sad to be apart this week!

I got a new Vine and Branches sign this weekend and I love it SO SO SO MUCH!!!

I hosted a baby shower for my brother-in-law and his wife yesterday and LOVED getting to put together something girly and pink and fun to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Logan :) 

I LOVE using baby photos as shower decor....

I bought the flowers at Trader Joe's and kept things simple with white pitchers I had at home.

The most fun element for me was creating this balloon arch...

This was my first time buying a "kit" and I was SO IMPRESSED!!!! It came with everything I needed (minus the pump) and then I added in a few confetti balloons and the OH BABY balloons.  I strung clear string through the garland and then attached that to the wall with thumbtacks. 

I loved that the kit came with "glue dots" that made adhering the smaller balloons to the larger SUPER simple.

You can click on the links below for the balloon supplies I used as well as a few of the other pink finds I used like cupcake toppers, etc.

I passed out  this celebrity baby game as people were eating and visiting and then announced the answers and gave the person who got the most correct a prize.

After that we did a SUPER simple game where I had Stephen and Cynthia sit back to back and asked them questions like "who's going to change the stinky diapers", "who is the baby going to get her good looks from", "who is going to be more nervous about delivery", etc. as well as some general fun questions like "who keeps their car cleaner", "who made the first move", etc.  If they thought it was them then they raised their own hand and if they thought it was the other person they pointed back toward them.  It was fun to see when they matched and when they were pointing the finger at each other.  There really wasn't a "winner" but it was just a fun, light hearted activity.  

After that I passed out  this emoji book title game and gave guests about 4-5 minutes to work on it and I had the baby animal name game ready as well but opted out of it for time.

I also had a big box of newborn diapers out with Sharpies so people could write messages on the diapers for middle of the night changes...

My boys LOVED this and I thought Luke's poop emoji diaper was hilarious!!!

It was a FULL house!

And when all the guests had left the REAL party started :) hahaha  The cleanup party!


My kids were fighting over using this vacuum which I found HILARIOUS!!! If it shows up at my house y'all will know why!  

HAPPY HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. That celebrity baby game looks so fun! We really enjoyed guessing who the babies were. Also, those diapers were clever, but someone got a little carried away! (Where's the hand over face emoji when you need it?!) I love seeing your God-given creativity come out, Andrea!

    1. I didnt' even notice the diaper! hahaha Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet words!!!

  2. Details on Griffin's dress please! So precious!

    1. It's from Nordstrom! I linked it on the LiketoKnowIt app... send me an email and I can send you a link :)

  3. Andrea, I know you worked SO HARD on that baby shower!! It looks spectacular!!

  4. The shower looks beautiful! I love your new vine and branches sign, to .

  5. What a pretty shower! Of course I expect no less from you! ;)

  6. I am bookmarking this for one day when I get to do a baby shower!!! Really, I wish I could just hire you to do my party planning - you are so, so creative!!!
    Happy back-to-school...breaks are nice but so is routine :)

  7. I can't remember if you linked the mustang earrings but I need them! That is my school mascot!! Please send link again if you get a chance...
    Thanks for Tennessee

  8. You have a gift for hosting events! I always love to read posts like this, because they give me great ideas. Thank you! Sounds like a perfect weekend. I hope your first day back was good, and that your kiddos all have a great week.

  9. You host the best parties! Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas with us:).


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