Tuesday, January 7, 2020

San Antonio Trip

Last weekend we decided to head down to San Antonio pretty much to see the Riverwalk lit up for Christmas.  When we were there over Spring Break we kept hearing about how pretty it was at Christmas and so we squeezed in a quick trip down there to see for ourselves.

We left around 7 a.m. and made it to Austin around lunch.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then stopped at The Thinkery.  We'd never been there before but from perusing the website it looked right up our alley and it totally was!

EVERYTHING was hands on and they had a huge variety of activities and exhibits.

The biggest hit for my kids was what I've dubbed the "craft corner"...

... which was essentially a HUGE table with bins and bins and bins and then more bins of recycled craft supplies.  Dave and I just hung out and I swear they all created and crafted for more than an hour.

We did manage to peel them away from the craft corner to check out some of the other exhibits...

I wasn't kidding when I said that EVERYTHING was hands on.  Greatness.

There was a great playground in the "courtyard" area of the museum and we spent a solid amount of time out there as well...

... and then it was back to the craft area to create rafts out of wine corks to float in the fountain.

Mason's included a guy in a life vest reading a map.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

We played at the park across the street for a little bit...

... and then grabbed ice cream and hot chocolate WITH ice cream (why have I never done this before?!?!) before heading out of Austin.

It's about 90 minutes from Austin to San Antonio and we got to  Hotel Contessa, put our bag down and headed out to the Riverwalk.  We stayed at Hotel Contessa during Spring Break and loved it so much and we couldn't wait to head back - it's a great location, spacious rooms and has a heated rooftop pool.  The end.

So when we decided to head to San Antonio I didn't make the connection AT ALL about it being Alamo Bowl weekend.  Even though the game wasn't  until Tuesday it was PACKED with Texas and Utah fans which we realized when we walked out of our hotel and literally into a pep rally that was happening.  

So y'all know Mason is a big TCU fan... and part of that for him is that he REALLY doesn't like UT or Baylor :)  So here's my kid in a sea of orange throwing up his Go Frogs. hahaha

And you KNOW that if Texas is playing he's rooting for whoever is playing them.... in this case Mason became a BIG Utah fan FAST :)

The football teams and bands were on riverboats which was really fun..

... and we walked around, shopped and did some sightseeing for a little bit...

... before sitting down for dinner.  

We were looking forward to some local Mexican food BUT the Riverwalk was CRAZY TOWN thanks to the Alamo Bowl and there were 2+ hour waits everywhere so we ended up at Saltgrass because they had call ahead seating. hahaha  Turns out the spot had a PERFECT view and our waitress was WONDERFUL - we were up off the Rivewalk and it was just a great meal.  

Y'all.  Photos don't do it justice - the lights were GORGEOUS!

Back to the hotel and straight up to put their suits on because...

... heated rooftop pool!!!

Dave and I FROZE on the chairs (duh! don't know why I wasn't prepared for this - hahaha) but the kids swam FOR EVER and it's such a cool spot.

We let them swim for as long as they wanted and then it was back to the room for showers and a few rounds of Left, Center, Right.

We didn't have any firm plans for Monday morning so everyone slept in (kind of) and we packed up quickly, headed out to the Riverwalk for a bit and then...

... headed over to Mi Tierra for breakfast.

After Mi Tierra we got to wander around Village Market...

... and Dave and I were both surprised by how much the kids loved it.

There is A LOT to look at and eventually Dave and I had to round the kids up to get on the road to New Braunfels because we had tickets to check out The Snake Farm.  Yes, the Snake Farm.

Dave and I went to the snake farm on a trip to Austin when we were first married and we've passed it so many times since then and we figured it was time to take the kids :) 

There was a petting zoo filled with goats who kept trying to eat Mason's pants...

... a llama, pigs, etc. 

We got to listen to a little informational session about Simon the snake...

... see their HUGE reptile collection and watch them feed the carnivores (wolves, hyenas, bobcats, etc.)

We panned for a few gems...

... grabbed a late lunch and headed back home. 

It was a quick two days, but after a REEEEEEALLY busy Christmas season for Dave at work it was nice to get to do something festive and fun as a whole family. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. This looks like so much fun!! The Riverwalk looked beautiful! I'm glad you all got to go and enjoy it! :)

  2. What a FUN trip!!!!!! Everything was so FESTIVE!!

  3. In planning a quick after Christmas get-away, I looked at San Antonio, but was scared off by the Alamo Bowl crowds. I am glad to see that it was still manageable and enjoyable. Maybe I'll brave it next year!

  4. GIRL!!! Those lights on the Riverwalk look stunning! Looks like the perfect getaway over Christmas break!

  5. I love San Antonio. Now I want to go at Christmas time! Isn't that Mexican market fun? I bought a little nativity there and it always brings fun memories of our trip when I get it out each Christmas. Thanks for sharing your fun trip!

  6. Hahaha, I love how Mason is a fan of whoever TX is playing. That's a true fan right there :)


  7. Your trips to this area always look so wonderful - as someone from the Vail area, I always enjoy reading about those trips form your eyes, but I think I need to start putting some of your favorite spots on my travel list!

  8. everything looks lovely UNTIL the snake farm, lol....Your kids are just the cutest!

  9. Okay, several thoughts- ha! How amazing is the Thinkery?! My kids loved it; especially upstairs at the water table! They were soaked! Also, San Antonio was insanely crowded! The riverwalk was insane last week! I hope your kiddos enjoyed the boat parade; even though they aren't Texas fans :( Boo! (I'm blogging about our trip to the bowl this week!) And finally, I've been wondering about the snake zoo, but I'm terrified of snakes! I know my girls would love it though! Can we go and avoid snakes???

  10. So glad you enjoyed San Antonio! I love living here...it is such a fun city. Next time you come to visit I think your kids would love seeing a show at the Magik Theater (kids theater that does really quality shows) and then playing at Hemisphere Park (right next to the theater). :)

  11. University of Utah is my college's (BYU) biggest rival! I've had season tix for 27 years. The 2 schools are located 30 miles apart. Swoop is the name of the mascot. They used to have a Ute Indian riding a horse (how Utah got it's name), but, then came the age of being offended. Utah almost got to the Rose Bowl, but lost to Oregon. I'm like Mason. I cheer for whoever is playing against Utah. When I have former 5th graders playing for Utah, I cheer for the student, not the team. I did have former students in the band, color guard, and cheerleaders this year, but no football player.

  12. Andrea it was so lovely meeting you and your gorgeous family in San Antonio before we returned home to Australia. Mel :)


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