Monday, December 9, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Friday was PERFECT weather and when I went to pick the kids up from ESS they were enjoying it out on the football field.  Great start to the weekend!

Friday night we headed to a birthday party for one of Griffin's friends and she was SO EXCITED about her present :)  Every little girl needs a caboodle filled with art supplies, right?!?!

Saturday morning was cleaning, errands and a festive cup of tea :)

Saturday night Mason and I got dressed up..

... filled our bellies up with pizza...

... and then headed to Dallas to see A Christmas Carol.

The show was SO SO SO GOOD and it was such a cool theater experience.  It's a smaller venue so it feels a lot more intimate and the actors are climbing up and down from the balconies, going through the aisles, etc.  It's really unique and special.  It's setup to look like you're in Scrooge's warehouse and I really can't say enough great things about it.

As we were leaving we took a couple's picture and they offered to take one of us.  This is what we got. HAHAHAHA  I'll take it!  It was such a sweet night with Mason!

Sunday morning headed to church (and yes... the boys did manage to get shoes on before we left) ;) 

I finally got our bedroom tree up and was attempting to take a few pictures on Sunday afternoon but Mason was doing this instead (yes... he wore that shirt the night before and was still in it because "he made it comfy last night" :) hahaha) 

Mason had his first basketball game of the season on Sunday afternoon and even thought they didn't win he played HARD and had a ton of fun...

Luke has been working REALLY hard in Bible Drill this year and they had their Christmas party yesterday where the kids get to use the "Bible bucks" they've earned throughout the semester to purchase gifts for their family and they wrap them and everything.  SO CUTE!

Sunday afternoon Griffin had a birthday party at the Frontiers of Flight Museum which was super fun and unique.

Luke tagged along and they both had a great time.

Sunday night we had plans to install a new kitchen faucet.  Weeeeellllll.....

Broken valves, a janky old faucet, a pretty big leak and one visit by the fire department to shut off the water to our house later (seriously!!!) I still have my old faucet, a messy kitchen and a plumber coming by tomorrow :) hahaha  Best laid plans, right? 

Silver lining?  No water meant an impromptu dinner from Whataburger which nobody was mad about :) hahaha

Here's hoping that Monday is a lot less eventful than Sunday night :) 

HAPPY MONDAY, friends!!!


  1. Great weekend! And surprise Whataburger is always welcomed!

  2. Where did you get the dress you wore to A Christmas Carol? It's so pretty!

  3. What on earth happened with the faucet!!?! Hoping you get to install the new one soon haha but the burger is definitely a great consolation :)


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