Thursday, December 12, 2019

Stocking Stuffers

Today I'm sharing stocking stuffer ideas and I can't WAIT because honestly - stockings may be my favorite kind of gift giving :)  Growing up Santa always left our stockings at the end of our beds and I can remember me and my brother getting up pretty much in the middle of the night to go through our stockings with each other.  Years and years ago I accidentally ordered the world's largest stockings (pictured below from a few years ago)...

Image result for momfessionals stockings 2017

... and Dave and I have the best time filling them up.  Even though we don't hang these stockings anymore (I have those pretty white knit ones) we still have Santa fill these and I think that that will be our tradition forever and ever.

The way I shop for stockings is I pretty much shop all year long... when I see a cute sticker book at Michaels I'll grab it.  If I'm at Hobby Lobby and they have slime on clearance I'll stick it away or later.  We have three tupperware kind of basket things on the top shelf of Dave's closet and I just tuck things away throughout the year and end up pretty much "curating" their stockings from the little treasures I've collected.  I'll finish the stockings off with some candy/treats and we're good to go! 

So... here are a few of my go-to-ideas...

Y'all know we're big game people and I love popping a small game into the kids stockings because it's really a gift for everyone and something that I know we'll get a lot of use out of.  If I had to recommend a single game this year it would for sure be  TENZI.  It's great for all ages, SO SIMPLE, it's quick rounds and it's just an all-around blast.  

Here are a few of our other favorites...

I always throw in a couple of toiletry items into stockings - Dave and I included.  This year each of the kids is getting one of  these electric toothbrushes ($19 on sale from $50) which I know isn't super exciting but when they're pulling it out of a stocking it would be more exciting than it would be on a regular day :) hahaha

I love adding in "simple toys" like play dough and foam, kinetic sand, army guys, etc.  Things that encourage imaginative play throughout the year.

Obviously the new Dog Man or next book in a series they love would be a great stocking stuffer, but we also love joke books, puzzle books and "fact books".  All fun.  All great choices.

As my kids get older the more of these kind of "prank" things end up in their stockings.  I mean - does anything say"elementary aged children live here" like fake cockroaches and electric gum??? ;)

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Spinner Gift Box, 5th Edition, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 1)

I wouldn't be mad if Lip Smackers OR a rainbow purse showed up in my stocking - just sayin' ;)

CAPELLI NEW YORK Die Cut Shimmer Rainbow Crossbody Bag, Main, color, MULTI COMBO

Stockings are a great time to restock your art supplies.  Paints, papers, stickers, coloring books, etc.  

I always like to throw a pack of socks into my boys stockings because WHERE DO THEY ALL GO?!?!?!

- Car air fresheners (I get these for Dave every year - it's kind of a running joke at this point)
- Everyone's favorite candies
- Lottery tickets
- movie theater gift card
- their favorite snack
- gum
- mechanical pencils
- nail polish
- SOCKS (I get Dave socks for his stocking every year along with white undershirts)
- chapstick
- beef jerky
- hand sanitizer
- purse size wet ones wipes
- Cheese Balls (my kids always beg for the Costco size bucket thing of cheese balls and the only time they get it is when Santa brings it - random but fun!)
- stuffed animal
- mittens/gloves
- sticky notes
- sunglasses
- travel cup

If you have a stocking tradition in your family and/or a great stocking stuffer idea (or two!) I'd love it if you'd leave it in the comments!


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  1. My mom always puts a magazine in our stocking (and Easter basket). I look forward to it every year!

  2. Growing up my siblings and I got a Lifesaver Story book every year...they’re little book shaped boxes filled with 8 or 9 rolls of lifesavers. I loved them! And I saw them in a store this year so now my girls will be getting them too!

    1. Yes! I had forgotten about those!!! My Nanny always bought those for us. Good memories.

  3. I always put a loofa in all of our stockings!

  4. I also love stocking stuffer gifts, they are my favorite gifts to buy each year. It's just so fun!! Growing up we always got cash in our stockings...that's too easy though!

  5. Thanks for some fresh ideas! We seem to always put fuzzy socks in our kids stockings.

  6. My husband and I have a fun tradition where we go to Target a few nights before Christmas and give each other a time limit and a spending limit and we speed shop for stuff for their other's stockings without running into one another in the store. We reveal our purchases by stuffing the stockings on Christmas morning. It's a fun little date night!

  7. We often get an ornament in our stockings. Also, when you hit 18 you start getting lotto scratch offs in your stocking. One year I won $50!

  8. We love doing stockings! Mine are 2 & 4. This year we are doing hydroflask 12 oz waterbottle, art supplies, wooden purse size memory game, wooden peg people & trees, sensory/science utensils..

  9. These are great ideas.

  10. Everyone gets socks (and/or tights) and a magazine or activity book. I always put a little thing of Legos in my husband's stocking and a guitar pick - it's so fun finding a new and unique pick for him on Etsy. And we often wrap stocking stuffers just because it makes it more fun.

  11. My girls have really gotten into bath bombs lately so I am adding these to their stockings. I bet Griffin would love them too! Merry Christmas Andrea!

  12. and we never forget a bag of foil wrapped "gold" (chocolate) coins for the toe...


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