Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  This week has been a great one and I still can't believe it's our last full week of school!  I feel like we've been counting down for weeks and it's here!

  ErikaNarci and I are all sharing our FAVES today and we'd love it if you'd join us and share your own FAVORITES this week as well!  All you need to do is grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.
First up on my list of FAVORITES is Twister!!!  Buddy the Elf brought it one night this week and we have all been playing it all week long - I don't know how I've been a parent for 11 years and not thought to buy Twister before now but consider this my official endorsement of the classic game :) 

I talked a couple of weeks ago about  my new FAVORITE sweater and since them my love has only grown deeper :) hahaha  #dramatic   Seriously though.  The perfect amount of slouch.  No pilling. Warm, but not hot.  A fitted neck.  It's true love, friends.

I somehow managed to get teacher gifts ready and delivered this week (YESSSSS) and after being the mom throwing CASH MONEY into an envelope on the last day before break I'm feeling extra accomplished.

There's not a whole lot that I love more than brown paper packages.  Plus - the way she decorated her envelope for Mrs. McKeller was my FAVORITE!

Y'all know I love a good true crime show/podcast so this mime was bound to be a FAVORITE...

true crime > Hallmark ;) 

I mentioned on my weekend top 10 post that our kitchen sink faucet has been leaking and needed to be replaced and then when my dad when to fix it he realized that we had some "issues" happening under our sink with knobs being completely worn out which led to the fire department having to come and shut off our water (sigh) WELLLLL I'm happy to report that $500+ of plumbing labor later we have a working faucet and sparkly new knobs under the sink.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! :) 

In all seriousness though,  the new faucet is SO PRETTY and totally my FAVORITE.  Apparently I've been living under a rock because I had no clue how expensive faucets were, but I found this one (with great reviews) for what felt like a STEAL after perusing other sites and it's fantastic quality and so pretty.

Mason's FAVORITE from the week was  this light-up basketball.  It's great quality and glows really bright which is perfect for practicing in the driveway after dinner.

I've mentioned this before - but the sweet relationships that the younger kids get to have with the older kids at school is one of my FAVORITE parts of being at a smaller PK-12 school.  Griffin LOVES the middle school girls and one of them snapped this picture with her on her way to lunch, showed it to her mom and her mom sent it to me and told me to share away :)  SO CUTE!!!

Yesterday I shared some stocking stuffer ideas and I'm so annoyed at myself for forgetting These no-show socks !  They're my absolute FAVORITE and would be great in a stocking.  They are a weird shape when you first get them but once you wash and dry them they're perfection.

Leotruny 6 Pairs Unisex Thick Cushion Athletic Cotton Non Slip Low Cut Falt Liner No Show Socks (Women shoe size:5-8.5, C04-Black/White/Beige)

Shay shared all the details on her blog yesterday so be sure to check that out for all the details on one of my FAVORITE nights of the year. 

I made "sausage squares" as my recipe because they're simple and delicious.  I shared them on my IG story a few weeks ago and I've received a TON of positive feedback from people who've made them for their family.

What you'll need...
- 2 packages refrigerated crescent roll dough
- 1 lb sausae
- 1 package cream cheese

What You'll Do...
- Press 1 package of the dough onto a cookie sheet
- Cook the sausage, drain and then stir in the cream cheese until it's all melted
- Spread the sausage/cream cheese mixture onto the crescent roll dough, top with another layer of crescent roll dough
- Bake at 350 (uncovered) for about 15 mins, serve warm

I grabbed  this hat from one of my very FAVORITE local boutiques and had it mailed to our house because I knew I wasn't going to make it to the square anytime soon.  It arrived on Thursday and on Friday morning when we got in the car Griffin was wearing it :) hahaha  

I love that she likes to share with me ;) 

Happy HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. What a fun week you had!! I would kill for a sausage square right now.

  2. I'm with you on the serial killer documentary. I haven't watched 1 Hallmark movie this year....probably haven't in the last 5 years actually!

    1. Me either! I watched one on Netflix but I'll take a good true crime show any day of the week :)

    2. I’m not sure if y’all are aware of the show on Oxygen, Homicide for the Holidays. I haven’t watched it, but the preview was pretty dark 😱

  3. Where are your tennis shoes from in the sweater picture?! You look perfectly cozy AND cute :)

    1. Thanks! The brand is Vintage Havana and I got them from Nordstrom Rack

  4. I want to host a fun favorite things party next year. It has been such a while since I have done anything with my girlfriends!

  5. We had to replace our faucet recently and I could not get over the cost (and the features!). A lot has changed in 15 years.

  6. If you like true crime podcasts, I highly recommend Bardstown by Vault Studios. This is a lovely community not far from where I live, but they have had some weird unsolved crimes in the last 5 years that are most likely all connected, including several unsolved murders and a disappearance of a young mom. It’s a shame because it’s a beautiful little town that is fun to go visit, shop, and eat. I had followed the stories on the local news, so I was fascinated with the podcast. There was also a series on Oxygen about it called The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Highly recommend both!


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