Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Girls Gift Guide

Happy Tuesday, friends!!! Today I'm sharing my girl's gift guide and I'm going to dive right in because it's SO MUCH FUN!!!

There's nothing better than these retro my little ponies... they're scented and just like we all remember them.  Griffin has several and plays with them ALL THE TIME!  They're $10 which makes them a perfect price point as well.

Griffin is back in ballet and is OBSESSED with all things dance.  I think that this ballet barre is going to be her gift from Santa and I love that she can have it in her room or downstairs and that you can take it apart and transport it in a bag.  I ordered her this mirror from IKEA to go up in her room as well to use with it.

We're totally puzzle people and Mud Puppy is one of our favorite brands.

This set of dolls would be perfect to take to restaurants, games, etc.  They're quirky and fun and G loves anything mermaid related :) 

I feel like these don't need an explanation because what little girl doesn't love a set of sparkly pink bracekets

I've talked about these in a road trip post because they're a non-messy craft project that's perfect for at home and on the go.  They can work on it a little bit at a time and the results are always really impressive.

Maileg mice are some of Griffin's very favorite toys to play with.  They're handmade and absolutely precious and I love all of the creative play they encourage.

Mason has one of the larger polaroid cameras and Griffin is always asking to use it.  This one is a little bit smaller and I like that it prints all the way to the edges of the print.  From what I read this one also lets you see the picture before you decide to print it which seems like it would be a great feature to have.

You can read all about my love for OSMO in  this post and I can't say enough great things about it.

A caboodle doesn't JUST have to be for hair accessories and nail polish... I think that this would be so cute stuffed with new markers and stickers and a notebook making it a fun little art tote.  I just found  this caboodle that your daughter can DOODLE ON!!! It comes with markers... how cool is that?!?!

I haven't tried this out first hand but it's going on G's Christmas list because she LOVES play dough and I love the idea of her learning about circuits as she plays

Griffin is loving Playmobil and I think she's at the perfect age for it because of how small and detailed some of the pieces are.  There's literally a set for every kid... space, doll house, horses, pirates, etc., etc., etc. 

Griffin has a set of scrubs that she loves and this set comes with a whole bag which is so cute.  I had her set of scrubs monogrammed with "Dr. McAnally" and she plays with them all the time.

Every time I try to get away from LOL dolls she goes crazy for them again.  They're cute so I'm not super mad about it ;)  The glitter dolls are on sale HERE

Griffin has the "Cat Fashion" set but this dance bunny set may have to make it's way into her stocking.  This is the perfect toy to toss into your bag when you're headed out in the car!

Santa brought Griffin a bike just like this one last year and it is AWESOME!!!  I feel like every little girl should have a banana seat at some point in her childhood.  Add a basket and call it a day!

Griffin is getting an American Girl doll for Christmas and I have been loving looking for accessories.  This desk set is SO CUTE and since we know how much Griffin loves setting up her desk I think she'll love setting up a doll desk just as much :) 

How fun are these straws and connectors.  The building possibilities appear to be endless and I like that the projects can be large or small scale.

Griffin is always up for painting and she's really enjoyed these Aquarellum sets in the past.  The projects turn out beautifully and there's almost a scientific element as kids have to follow directions and mix the liquid watercolors to make different shades/colors.

This doll house was G's big present last Christmas and she has played with it constantly all year long.  She really wanted a Barbie dream house and we struggled with spending that kind of money on a plastic toy and this dollhouse has been so great because the quality is outstanding, the wheels allow her to move it wherever she wants to play, she can play with it from all 4 sides and it fits Barbie dolls.

LOVE a purse (toss in some Lip Smackers and a pack of gum and she'll be ready to go!) and I think that this one would coordinate with a ton of different outfits.

Griffin got this keyboard for her 6th birthday and it has been a huge hit with all three kids.  You connect it to your iPad and the keys light up helping them learn to read and play music.  There are tutorial videos for hand position and other basics and they've all learned a lot. I love that you can plug headphones into it :) 

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

PS - You can find my boys gift guide  HERE.

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  1. I love your gift guides so much!! I get such great ideas for all the kiddos in my life. Thank you for taking the time to share these.

    I’ve been eyeing the doll house for over a year now. I was leaning toward getting the Barbie dream house for my daughter, but I keep coming back to this one that you recommend. Do Barbies fit well with all the furniture? Do they work in the kitchen chairs and in the bath tub?

    Your blog is my favorite. :)

  2. Great ideas! I received a catalog recently(Halloween) and it had those cute mice but in seasonal garb like candy corn, etc. I meant to send you the link, but now I forgot what catalog it was :( . If I get another one I will send you the link. Thought your daughter might enjoy them and remember seeing them on your blog before.

  3. Love gift guides, will you also do one for ladies aged 30 - 40? Something you would give your girlfriends or something you want yourself?

  4. All great toys that inspire creative play. You can tell you're a teacher!!


  5. These are great as always. Thanks!


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