Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Gift Guide for Boys

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today I'm sharing a gift guide for boys... but the truth is all of these ideas would work for any kid with interests similar to my boys :)  You can click on any of the images below to shop!  Let's get started!

Luke is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and he would FLIP over these illustrated editions.  I've seen them in person and they are beautifully done.

This is the coolest!  I ordered it for Mason and I'm hoping it's a great "wall ball football" for him.  He should be able to throw it up against the wall and then it bounces back and he can catch it.  You have to go watch the video on the Amazon page :) 

I've eyed these watches/activity trackers for at least a year and am finally ready to bite the bullet for Mason.  He is VERY motivated by lists and the fact that this has an option to add chores and other tasks to earn coins is what's finally sold me on it.

One of Mason's friends brought one of these hover helmets to school for show-and-tell and I swear that Mason hasn't stopped talking about it ever since.  It doesn't necessarily DO anything other than just hang out and float but apparently it's super cool :)  If you have a big football fan on your hands this could be something that they get a big kick out of.

I think that this is what Santa is going to bring our boys this year.  A teacher friend of mine was telling me all about it after a training she went to and after watching a TON of videos and reading alllllll the reviews I think it's something that my boys would play with all the time.  They have all sorts of labs and experiments and challenges for them to work on and I love that it's waterproof.  

If you have a golfer who loves to practice this net enables them to practice their drive without sending balls flying all over the place

Both of my boys are into drawing cartoons and they love tracing pictures from books for the characters.  The light board makes the tracing so much easier and if you have an artist at your house this is for sure something to check out.

This football net is at the top of Mason's list as he works on his passing.

Luke got this Meccano robot for his birthday an he LOVED it!  It took him WAY longer than a typical Lego or erector set to build and he plays with the robot all the time.  It was definitely an intense project so keep that in mind as you're shopping but if you have a kid who can burn through a building project in no time flat, this could be the perfect gift for them.

We're puzzle people and this Harry Potter one fits our criteria of "defined areas" (aka no landscapes) and a fun picture.

With nights getting darker sooner I know that my boys would LOVE this glow basketball.  They spend lots of time out in the driveway and this would be the perfect addition.

Because duh :) 

Mason got an electric scooter for his birthday and he rides it daily.  Luke has one on his list for Christmas and his fingers are crossed!

I surprised Luke with these a couple of weeks ago and he FLIPPED!!!  

This game is HILARIOUS and so much fun.  It can be a little confusing the first couple of times but once you get the hang of it it's addicting and the cards are seriously so funny

Again with the golf practice :)  Lots of chipping is happening at our house and this will give him something to aim at which is perfect.

Because would it even be Christmas without Legos?!?!  Always exciting, always a great gift.

We were first introduced to this tool kit at a Playstreet Museum event and were immediately impressed.  It's a set of tools designed to help kids construct things out of cardboard and it's one of Mason's very favorite things to play with.  It comes with a special saw for cutting the cardboard, a screw driver and special screws enabling kids to hold pieces together as well as make working joints.  My kids are always creating something with boxes that arrive and I love how creative it enables them to be.

I'm going to keep talking about Ticket to Ride until everyone has a game at home :)  Our entire family plays and it's been our FAVORITE game for about two years.

I've talked about these several times - they're so much fun to play with and they're one of the things that the kids get out the most often. 

Mason got a magic set for Christmas last year and it was his favorite gift.  We saw MANY a magic show and I think he loved the performance aspect as much as the actual tricks :)  

So there you go!!!! I'm going to link to some of my previous guides as well. Happy Tuesday, friends!!!  

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  1. I am so glad to hear that the Sphero is teacher recommended! It is already tucked away in the closet for Christmas morning

  2. I am not seeing Hooverboard on the list, does Mason not use it much anymore? wondering if I should get one for my kid...

    1. Oh! He loves it! I’d highly recommend one! Email ke and I can send you the link to the one he has

  3. Question - my seven year old wants a magic kit for Christmas so I found your last year's gift guide and got him that Magic Kit. Which one is better?

  4. My favorite gift guide! I look forward to this every year. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I'm wondering about the magic kit too...it's on my kid's wish list this year. And you had posted magnetic tiles from Wal-Mart awhile back...do you prefer the name brand Magnatiles over the cheaper ones from Wal-Mart?

  6. Any ideas for your nephews? I'm looking at gifts for a one yearold boy


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