Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favorites - Happy Halloween Edition

Happy Friday, friends!!!  It's been a busy week and after all the Halloween festivities we are DRAGGING! hahaha  

But worth it because...

... we had the BEST time!!! 

I'm sharing all of my Halloween and other FAVORITES today along with Narci and Erika and if you want to join in and share your FAVORITES as well make sure you grab our graphic, link back to one (or all) of us and link to your own Friday Favorites post.

So first, Halloween...

Mason was a skeleton night, Griffin was a "spider witch" and Luke was Harry Potter (again) :) 

Since the kids weren't on board with a family costume Dave and I did our own thing.  Not mad about it!

G was REALLY excited about her lipstick and glitter :) 

And Mason was extra warm and toasty in his skeleton knight costume.  It was right around 40 degrees and probably the coldest Halloween any of us remember.

Luke sported  his new VANS....

.... and I was excited to use the crimper again :) 

Friends came over and we loaded up the pizza in the wagon and set out...

We trick-or-treated until our fingers were just too cold and then came home to check out the haul.  

This girl passed out before the candy-sorting even started :)

Another great Halloween in the books!

Another FAVORITE part of the week was carving pumpkins.

We used our  pumpkin punchers and Luke carved his all on his own and they turned out PERFECT!

I grabbed this mug and plate set on Anthro Day a couple weeks back and they are both SO CUTE!!!  Festive mugs are my FAVORITE!

I was texting a friend the other day about family photos and forgot how much I loved these from the year that Mason was about 6 months and Luke was 3.5.  Masons faces had us ROLLING!

I'm not sure how to make this into a FAVORITE but check out this GIANT red-eared slider at the country club...

... and this tired baby after meeting her cousins a couple of weeks ago.

Despite the rain and FREEZING temps, dance day is always her FAVORITE!

And Mason's nickname certificate (that he's using as his binder cover) is my FAVORITE ;) 

Happy Friday and happy weekend, friends!!!

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  1. All I can think about is GG and the black lipstick ;) .

  2. Your kiddos costumes are not only PERFECT but they're all really warm! ha! Those McAnally kids lucked out!

  3. another Halloween has come and gone...where does the time go?

  4. Their pumpkins came out great and they have such cute costumes; love the glitter and lipstick!

  5. I as m as always in awe of your creativity! Griffin looks awesome.


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