Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bloody Fingers and Zombie Brains

I feel like I've saved my grossest Halloween recipe for last... and to say this was a hit would be an understatement because this was a HUUUUUUGE hit at my house and it's so ridiculously easy it would make the absolute perfect pre trick-or-treat meal.  

All you need are your favorite hot dogs (whatever kind your kids like works), a knife, some buns and ketchup.  The end. 

Cut your hot dogs as pictured below... on the nail part you just cut the rectangle and then peel away the top layers of hot dog.  Gross, I know.

When you have your desired number of fingers cut, boil them for about 5 minutes, place them in a bun with some ketchup and DONE.  Bloody fingers on a bun.

Luke made a good suggestion of cutting off the bottom of the finger so it actually looked cut off.  I was equal parts proud and disturbed when he suggested this.

And let's be honest... what's the perfect side dish to serve with hot dogs? 
Macaroni and cheese.  From a box.  

I picked up a couple of boxes of the white cheddar kind from Trader Joe's, turned my water green with food coloring and cooked and then prepared according to the package directions.  (note - the boiling green water didn't add THAT much color to my pasta, but I figured why not)

When it was done I stirred in some additional green food coloring into the white sauce and we had ourselves some zombie brains.

This is what I'll be making for dinner tonightt and there's absolutely zero shame in my game because... Simple.  Easy.  Gross.  And who doesn't like macaroni and hot dogs.  

Griffin helped me get this little dinner ready last week and she was SO EXCITED to show her brothers... look at their little faces!

Happy Halloween and Happy Grossing out your kids!


  1. You're such a cool mom! I love the ideas and could have totally done something like that when all my boys were little, and they would have loved it!

  2. "I was equal parts proud and disturbed when he suggested this." made me laugh out loud!

  3. See and I was just gonna do the standard mummy dogs pre trick or treating. Looks like I need to switch it up. Thanks for the idea!!!!

  4. That is truly disgusting and SO fun!! My boys would love this.


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