Monday, October 14, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Saturday night we went to Bingo Night at school...

... and Mason even got a Bingo!  I was laughing because I remember taking all three of them a few years ago and being completely overwhelmed trying to keep them all on task and I think we left early because they were all tired and this time they all sat with their friends at separate tables and we stayed to help clean up. 

Friday was CHILLY and the perfect day to break out  my FAVORITE Fall sweater and  these fun shoes.

This was technically from Thursday, but the kids had their Fun Run and ran their little hearts out!

And this is what they all looked like at the end of their grades turn to run 

The event got rained out and they had to move it inside but that didn't stop them from having a blast.

And then one of Griffin's moms friends sent me this photo of her face when the macarena came on and I almost died from laughter :) 

Saturday afternoon in her element...

... and her element on Sunday morning, too.

We cleaned out the garage, got out the outdoor Halloween decorations and even conducted a few experiments in the driveway.

We wore hoodies and ate lunch outside and played with chalk and had the sweetest little day together

Sunday night we had our Sunday School class annual Harvest Party and despite being down one kid (Mason had a flag football game at the same time) we had the BEST NIGHT with some of our very favorite people.

Griffin fell in love with this Jasmine costume from Costco last month and has been getting some solid wear out of it between playing at home, costume day at school and then again last night.  She BEGGED me for lash-cara and how could I say no to that :) 

Luke has said for MONTHS now that he wanted to be Harry Potter and he picked out  this costume with  these glasses and couldn't love it more. 

We were there a bit early to meet the bounce house delivery man and my kids went down the slide approximately 200 times :) 

What's better than one Jasmine?!?! TWO!

Oh, wait... three! :) 

Everyone brings a dish to share and it's the best meal of the year.

There were a few kids :) 

... and a pretty competitive game of kickball...

... and it was such a fun night.

Sunday I wore  this dress to church with tights and clogs - it's a new favorite and I think it will be great with leggings, flats and a jacket for school this Fall.

Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. I had the BEST time last night!!!! The Harvest Party is always one of my family's favorite traditions!!!

  2. You did such a great job planning that Harvest Party! I love it every year!

  3. jasmine's hair is on point! :)

  4. I was thinking the same thing! The Jasmine hair is perfect!!

  5. I love a good potluck! They always have the best food!

    I'm obsessed with that last look- the dress and the clogs! I need it asap!


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