Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Outdoor Halloween Decor

I shared our indoor Halloween decorations a couple of weeks ago but am just now sharing the outside because NOBODY at my house was about to get out there on a ladder to hang spiderwebs when it was 100+ degrees.  I even threw out the idea of "maybe we don't decorate the outside this year" and the kids were having NONE OF THAT!  Cue a crisp, cool morning this weekend and here we are...

I'm bummed that my mums aren't blooming right now but I'm loving the lanterns and sweet potato vine...

And give me alllll the white and cinderella pumpkins ;)  

I made the wreath a few years ago  and just added some webs and little spiders.

Dave and I are HUGE Office fans and I was so excited to have  this doormat made :)  

And this is where things get creepy ;)

We picked up these mummy hands after a "super worm and socks run" one day after school (there's a Marshalls next to Petco and a stop for socks landed us with two sets of these hands)....

... and I couldn't say no to the kids' requests EVEN if both hands in the sets were left :) 

We also added these spiders and webs and the kids are SO EXCITED.  It's about 4 packages of the webs and the same 3 spiders we had last year.  

It was a team effort to get them up and we used suction cups on the glass where we couldn't get the webs to stick to the brick.

We also added in 3 sets of these "peepers" lights that light up and blink.  They're AWESOME!!!

They're really hard to photograph, but you can ind of see them in the photo below...

So there you go!  I have super fond memories of my parents letting my brother and I decorate outside for Halloween growing up and my kids were seriously GIDDY and can't stop talking about how "awesome" it looks :)  And yes...this is how our driveway looks a lot of the time and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

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PSS - we just got in these yard signs and the kids wanted them out front... we have since moved them to the backyard so their names aren't out front


  1. Spooky! Love that you let the kids take control. Fun!

  2. The doormat is EVERYTHING. And you have the cutest kids ever.

  3. I love these decorations!! Mom get Cinderella pumpkins kids get mummy hands...sounds about right!!

  4. I really like it! Everything looks festive. I especially like the mummy hands.


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