Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Halloween Decor

It's FIIIIINALLY October 1st and to celebrate I'm sharing our Halloween decor.  I put it up this weekend and am feeling so festive ;)  The kids helped out and were SO EXCITED to see decorations go up and Im so excited to share!

First of all - I feel likeI need so say how GLAD I am that we painted the downstairs earlier on in the summer.  It's lighter, brighter and is all one color.  HALLELUJAH!

I feel like over the years I've streamlined my Halloween decor and this year I'm LOVING all things black and white.  The old shutters are actually from our previous house - the house had a wet bar that the owners took out and we found the shutters in the attic one year.  I LOVE them so much and crack up about them being saloon shutters every time we get them out.

The rubber plant was a recent Calloway's find and the bat and felt ball garlands I made.  The ghots garland came from Homegoods and the black drapey cloths are from Hobby Lobby.

In the built-in next to the fireplace I switched things up just a teeny bit using a tiered stand I had in the attic and some more black and white decor.  The galvanized haunted houses were Homegoods finds (SHOUT OUT to Barbara for finding them for me!!!) and I finally caved and picked up the blanket everyone has been talking about :) 

I also added  a couple sets of these bats to the wall above the TV.  

I used to do bats in our old house and absolutely LOVE how these turned out.  I feel like they're such a big bang for your buck and add an instantly festive touch.  I attached them using painters tape and carried them into the kitchen as well...

On the desk area I keep a stack of melamine Halloween plates for the kids...

... they're from Pottery Barn kids years ago and I love them!

On the kitchen table I used this tree that I've literally had for over 10 years (with some Dollar store crows from years ago)...

... and kept the black and white look going in the kitchen as well...

... with the exception of my favorite Halloween decoration of all time :) 

The shelf in the living room has a few of the galvanized haunted houses...

... and Halloween signs.

And the entry table/cart got a spooky makeover as well.

The dining room got a few little touches as well ...

Happy October 1st, friends!!!

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  1. I'm LOVING all that black and white decor! It looks amazing, friend!

  2. I LOVE your decor. It's fun, but not over the top. Happy October!

  3. Everything looks great! So glad you like the galvanized houses and bag! Have a fun October!!!

    1. I seriously can't say enough thank yous!!! You're thoughtfulness is UNMATCHED!!!!

  4. I love the black and white this year!!!

  5. Love your decorations! Where did you buy your table in your foyer (the one with the ghost on the bottom)? and your gorgeous heart pillows?

    1. Thank you! The table was a Homegoods find and the pillows are by Sugarboo and I've found them at various places :)

  6. Your house looks amazing as always! Love your taste!

  7. Do you have a link for the blanket by the BOO pillow?

  8. I always enjoy your blog. I especially enjoy your decorating posts. Thank you for sharing and go TCU! (: Julie from Fort Worth

  9. Love your decor. The bats all over the walls are such a fun idea...did you say you made them? Can you share a template with us?

  10. Love the black and white decorations! I need a refresh on decorations and love the garlands on the fireplace! What size black pom pom's did you use?

  11. Where did you purchase your Halloween signs?


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