Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

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, What’s Up Wednesday {09.25.19}

I mentioned these last week but we're still eating these donuts from Trader Joe's because HOLY DELICIOUS, BATMAN!!!

My favorite kind of donut is a cinnamon sugar one and usually I'm not a huge fan of cake-style donuts but y'all... these are amazing. 

Facebook memories have had me tearing up this week because 1) look how little the kids were and 2) look how cool the weather was this same week!!!

I've been LOVING shopping online at TJ Maxx... which should come as no surprise since I love Home Goods.  The website can be a little bit hard to navigate (you can't search by brand) but I've found some awesome deals lately.

I picked up a great neutral hat from one of my very favorite brands, a felt Christmas garland for my classroom, some lamps for Luke's room redo and a few other odds and ends.  The shipping is fast (and free over I believe $75) and I've been able to return to my local Home Goods and Marshalls with no problems.

Last week I had warm cookies delivered for my students at school and it was such a fun treat with no "mathematical strings" attached :)  They didn't have to cut it into a fraction or count the chocolate chips or anything - just enjoy a warm cookie while they took notes.  The smiles on their faces were my FAVORITE!

I used the McDelivery service with UberEats and the cookies arrives promptly and WARM!  I had no idea that this service was available until McDonalds asked me to share about their Global McDelivery Day and you better believe that I'll be doing this for my kids birthday treats and/or for class parties!

I've tried REALLY hard to be positive about the weather (summer really wasn't awful AND I know we're blessed with mild winters) BUT the past week or so has been brutal and I'm seriously dreading the next month or so of hot days.  It was 100 degrees (with about 90% humidity) on our way home from school yesterday and it's just been the absolute worst. #endrant :) 

Luke's room refresh!  We've been organizing and purging and cleaning and assembling and I'm SO EXCITED about how excited he is about all of it.  I've been in supervisor/heavy lifter mode for the past few weeks as he's assembled a lot of the furniture and it's just been a fun process with him.

I'm going to get our Halloween decorations out this week and if the weather cooperates we're going to work on the outside decor as well.  Last year we loved these giant spiders and this year we can't wait to get them out again...

Dave and I are rewatching The Office again and I swear that it gets funnier each time around. 

We just started season 6 and I feel like we've watched some of my all-time favorite episodes in the past couple of weeks...

I started listening to Revisionist History and I'm really enjoying it!

Image result for revisionist history podcast

I grabbed  this Free People beauty at Nordstrom Rack and I love it SO MUCH!  It's a great Fall color, the crochet detail at the neckline is gorgeous and it's lightweight enough that I can wear it now and feel Fall without melting.  It's a pretty voluminous, more sheer, flowy style dress over top of a slightly fitted liner and I've gotten compliments everywhere I've worn it.  And the crazy part is that it's less than half the price that it is at Nordstrom!

Some sports, some play dates and hopefully some napping :) 

Trick-Or-Treating!!! It's seriously one of my very FAVORITE nights of the year!

In a weird piece of news Gary Patterson is going through a shed and it's really weird but also really cool...

Having her has been such a neat learning experience for all of us.

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. This entire post makes me HAPPY!! From the cider donuts to the hats to the lizard, it just made me smile, friend!

    1. Next time you're at my house I'm going to make you hold Gary Patterson ;)

  2. What a fun treat for your classes. Does McDonald's sell those cookie platters or is that something special they did in exchange for your review? Also, why did I think Gary Patterson was a girl?

    1. Gary IS a girl - I'm just so used to Mason calling her him :) hahaha And they do those cookie platters every day! $3.99 for 13 warm cookies!

  3. OK, how did I not know about the What Griffin Wore site? My niece is gonna love this ... !

    1. YAY! I've tried using IG to sell clothes but have found the blog thing to work best for me :)


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