Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

I still haven't pulled out Fall decor yet BUT we did indulge some holiday urges with some after school activities based on the book  The Spooky Wheels on the Bus.

As you might have guessed - it's a spooky take on the wheels on the bus song and it's SO CUTE!  

Before we crafted Mason read the book aloud and Luke and Griffin listened for adjectives...

... I printed out this little piece of paper and as Mason read Luke pointed out the adjectives to G (she recognized some) and then she wrote them on the paper.  It was simple but an easy way to review.  Mason has been working on prepositions in class and he and I read through it a second time identifying prepositions as we went. 

After reading/singing the book a couple of times through I gave Mason and Griffin each one these little comprehension quizzes I found for free  HERE.  There was also a version where they had to write the answers to the questions instead of circling and it probably would have been a better option for Mason but it was fun nonetheless.  

Next up I got out our big roll of white paper and drew a quick bus with seven windows so that they could draw the seven scenes from the book (ghosts, cats, spiders, mummies, witches, etc.)

It was a team effort and they were SO CREATIVE!  Mason named it Monster bus and even added slime ;)

The only character they needed help with was the witch and so I did my best but apparently she wasn't scary enough :) hahaha

They even added a "haunted bus stop" on the far right of the paper and have plans to add more. 

Last, but not least we created these little photo frames to look like the back window of a bus.   They were super simple and turned out SO CUTE!!!

I hot glued six popsicle sticks into this frame shape (with room left for a 7th popsicle stick bumper) and then had the kids paint the frame yellow and the extra stick gray.

After they were dry we hot glued on the bumper, popsicle stick wheels, some pom pom tail lights and a Halloween license plate and glued on a Halloween photo from last year.

They're nothing impressive from the back...

... but are going to look super cute on the fridge I just need to add some magnets).

You can find the book  HERE and/or watch this super cute reading of the book below...

And you can shop some art supplies below...

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Thank you for these book posts!!! I am always looking for books for my classroom :)

  2. I'm still waiting to be invited to one of these. But I'll hold out for one that has a meal or snacks that go along with it. ;)

  3. I love the heart that you have for making learning fun!!

  4. I didn't know I needed that book until right this minute! Ordering it!

  5. So cute! I always love your family book club posts!

  6. Your creativity is mind blowing!!! haha. I love how you use it to help your kids do all kinds of learning while being creative. I use your ideas as often as I can!

  7. Your creativity knows NO BOUNDS. Thank you for sharing your fun ideas.

  8. You are seriously the BEST mom ever!!

  9. you are SO awesome! how on earth do you think up this stuff!

  10. You have the best ideas to go along with children's books. Love it!


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