Monday, September 16, 2019

Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019 has come and gone and it was probably the best one yet.  One of the coolest parts of being part of a PK - 12 school is alllll the school spirit and traditions and fun that go into Homecoming Week.  

Thursday night was the school wide tailgate party - the entire school comes together in the evening and it's like one big pep rally.  Griffin attended a cheer clinic last weekend where they learned a dance and a few cheers and they got to perform/cheer with the middle school cheerleaders.  Mason's football team went as a team to watch the 3rd grade cheerleaders perform (since those girls come to their games their team went and sat together and cheered for those girls - love!)

My attempts at getting a picture of these two together was pretty much a fail and Luke was already running off to be with his buddies :) 

Griffin and one of her besties and their "cheer sis".  I can't even articulate how sweet these little relationships are and how much it means to my kids to build these friendships with "big kids".

They cheered their little hearts out ;)

Mason's football buddies with their garters...

Tough guys ;)

Tailgate is where a lot of the big kids will exchange mums and one of our friends asked Griffin to hold hers while she was playing soccer and Griffin HAPPILY obliged ;)

Tailgate is also where we recognize the middle school homecoming court - this year I had to do the announcing and so Griffin helped with the flowers.   So cute!

It was approximately 1,000 degrees outside so nobody could blame them for doing this on the way to the car :) 

Friday morning came EARLY but we kicked it off right at the donut shop...

For a treat for the kids AND a little thank you my co-workers ;)

I taught my classes, met the frozen drink machine guy, made some last-minute dance prep arrangements/errands and took Luke to an eye exam (didn't realize it was going to be homecoming week when I made THAT appointment - hahaha) and then the kids and I had a 30-minute "rest time" in my classroom where everyone got changed, I fixed hair, I printed the dance roster, downed some diet coke, etc. and we just sat and watched a movie for a few minutes before the second round of crazy began.  We didn't have time to go home and make it to the stadium in time but it was a good little pause in our day.

 Sidenote - I wore  this dress and  shoes from 5:30 in the morning until 12:30 the next morning and was comfy all day long.  It was the perfect school color outfit and I got lots of compliments - winning for a crazy day!

Friday evening Griffin and the other Lil' Stangs cheerleaders got to cheer during the first quarter of the middle school game...

After first quarter we went and grabbed a quick bite at our favorite pizza place...

... and made our way back to the stadium for the varsity game.

Mason's team has gotten to be part of the varsity program a bit this year through devotions and practices and they got to run through the tunnel with the boys and then spend the first half of the game on the sidelines.  I kid you not Mason thought this was cooler than any other sporting event he's been to :)  So thankful that Dave was able to meet up with us at this point in the night as well!

Griffin and her cheer sis from last year - the sweet little bonds they make are the best!

A friend sent me these photos and I seriously got CHILLS!  Praying before the game starts...

Can you spy Mason?

Number twenty fives...

After Mason ran through the tunnel I had to head back to the school to meet the DJ and lighting company and Dave and the kids picked up the Chick-Fil-A trays and met me at school after 2nd quarter...

... my kids BEG to come up on these kind of nights because they have the whole gym to themselves :)  On this night they had a personal DJ for a while, too! 

 The football game ran SUPER long and several of my chaperones were stuck at the game so Dave hung out to help with the food and drinks (he's seriously a saint, y'all!) and so the kids were there for a while as well.  They can't WAIT to get to middle school! hahaha

There's Mason macarana-ing from the wings...

... and this girl passed out after declaring it her best night ever :) 

Same, friend.  Same.

Chaperone relief came, Dave took the kids home and I was home a couple of hours later.  

Phew.  This was one for the books!!!  So much fun and SO GRATEFUL for our awesome school community.  Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. Well, you know how much this makes me want to send my kids to MCA!!!!!

  2. Wow! Loved the praying football players pic! Looks like you had a very busy and fun week!

  3. What a busy, but fun week! I love how Homecoming Week gets to be celebrated by all ages at your school. Hope you can get some rest this week :)

  4. Can you bring MCA to Knoxville, TN :)

  5. Looks like a great time! Love the pictures of the praying football players.

  6. These are just the SWEETEST pictures


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