Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Amazon Lately

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!  I haven't shared my Amazon favorites since July and I have some fun finds for y'all today!

This sandwich sealer is SO GREAT and is a daily staple in our kitchen this year.  We've been using it pretty much every day and I like that it cuts the crusts off without a ton of waste and the kids have gotten a kick out of making our own "uncrustables".  We use it for all different kinds of sandwiches and the size it cuts them into fits perfectly into our Yumboxes.
The boys needed something for "animal night" at camp and picked out  these hilarious dog masks.  We got the "cool" version since they were going to wear them in the summer and they said that all their friends thought they were funny.  They come in a warm version as well which would be great if you're going skiing and want to look like a dog :) hahahaha

I mentioned  this Fake Bake tanner in my beauty favorites post and it was probably my FAVORITE Amazon purchase all summer.  It's seriously so good.

I tend to carry all of my stress in my right shoulder/neck area and was REALLY on the struggle bus at the beginning of the school year.  Back-to-school stress combined with being back on the computer more combined with sleeping weird one night left me in a world of hurt and I turned to Amazon and a co-worker (who's also a chiropractor) for help.  

He brought out  this massager and I'm not sure I've ever purchased something so quickly before.  I've bought other "deep tissue massagers" before but I promise that nothing feels/works like this one....
.... it's ridiculous.  It has "percussive motion" instead of like a kneading motion and almost instantly I can feel my shoulder/neck relaxing.  I've used this every single day since the first week of August and I love it so  so so much.  Y'all know that Dave is on his feet all day long (remember that day he literally did a marathon at work???) and he's been having some episodes of plantar fasciitis and this is really the only thing that has given him any relief.  It's magic. 

In conjunction with the massager I also bought  this little microwavable lamb.  It's filled with beads and lavender and I heat it up and lay it on my shoulder/neck while I work or watch TV and then do the massager.  I have a feeling that it's going to be delightful this winter as well.  My kids all fight over using it and Santa may be bringing them each one in their stockings :)

I've talked before about how we like to collect ornaments from things we do and/or places we travel and so of course I had to order  this ornament to commemorate our first rafting trip this past summer.


Our old printer bit the dust a while ago and primed  this one to our house the same day.  It's basic but perfect for what we need and the price was spot on.

My friend Natasha told me about  this side tank for  our opal ice machine and I love it so much!  It cuts down on us having to fill the reservoir and we always have a machine full of ice.  If you have an opal ice machine (or are considering one!) this is a must!
Mason was asking for a leash for Gary Patterson and when I saw  this one with the wings attached I knew it was going to be a hit.  

As soon as school started we started the kids back on  these Elderberry gummies to boost their immune systems.  They taste great and I have no clue if they actually work but nobody has been sick so I'm going to say they do :) 

The kids take  these super food gummies every day as well...

Griffin is going to be Jasmine for Halloween and she picked out a super cute costume at Costco but she needed a tiara to go with it and when  this one came in the quality was SUPER impressive....

I've been wearing  this pullover constantly because 1) it's crazy comfy and 2) I love me some Dwight Schrute :) 

Luke loves Harry Potter.  Luke loves origami.  The end.  He loves  this book.  

And something that made me WAY too happy this summer was  this expandable flatware organizer.  It expanded all the way across our silverware drawer and I love it so much.

And my most recent Amazon purchase were  these peep'n peeper eyes... you can put them in your bushes and they light up and blink and I think the kids are going to LOVE them this Halloween.

Happy Priming, friends!!!

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  1. Those peepers will be perfect for Halloween...or basically any day you're looking to scare your kids. ;)

  2. All of my stress goes to my shoulders ~ I love dry needling!

  3. Fun finds! I might have to pick up those eyes too. Carter always wants us to decorate for Halloween, and we never do. These would be a fun little surprise!

  4. We loved that sandwich sealer when my kids were younger. I'm going to check out that massager now! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Why do I feel like I need that raft ornament too?! Haha! It's so cute!!

  6. Harry Potter Origami is now residing in my Amazon cart. I just found my first Christmas Present! :)

  7. I've been searching for a new self-tanner and have been intrigued by this one since you posted it last week! Can you tell me how you apply? Do you use the mitt? I've used a mitt in the past, but felt like all of the product absorbed in the mitt.

  8. Hi Andrea!! I love your blog and this type of post is always so helpful. Thanks! Random question...I save a lot of what you recommend in my Amazon wish lists since I do not always buy right away. Do you only get a commission if I use the link and make an immediate purchase? I want to support as best I can! :)


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