Thursday, September 5, 2019

Day in the Life - Sunday Edition

I'm jumping on the Day in the Life train and after completely failing at a summer day in the life I'm sharing a "typical Sunday" from a couple of weeks ago. 

I woke up around 7:15 and don't have a super early morning picture because I didn't think to document this day until I was in the shower and thinking through my to-do-list and decided a day-in-the-life post was in order.  I swear that I need to keep a notepad IN the shower because it's where I get a ton of ideas.  Just me?!?!  

7:40 or so I'm out of the shower and about to do some reading while I blow dry my hair.  I've talked about this for years but I LOVE to read while I blow dry.  Maybe it's the white noise and the lack of interruptions - who knows :) 

8:00 or so and these two were up and in my bed watching Sofia before having to get dressed for church.  They're typically my early risers and whoever is up first will usually wake the other one up to come downstairs together.  If they weren't so cute I'd be kind of annoyed about them waking the other one up :) 

Running upstairs to wake Luke up after blow drying my hair....

... I mean HOW CUTE is this?!?!?!

Back downstairs to curl my hair (I use a flat iron and curling iron)...

.... and then it was a quick breakfast (fried egg on Dave's killer bread) with the kids and Dave.

After this everyone hustled to get dressed, get their teeth and hair brushed, etc.  

Quick mirror check and we were out the door!

This girl was looking CUTE for church in an outfit of her choice :)

Shay and I have been teaching 3 year old Sunday School every other week together I think 13 years maybe?!?! I know we started before either one of us had kids and throughout the years we have laughed SO HARD together and taught some awesome kids.  This was the first Sunday with our new class for the year and we were busy meeting and helping a whole new crew of kids so I didn't get a picture of us BUT here's a picture of an improvised craft session after snack and a Bible story.

After teaching I met up with Dave and Griffin and we headed to worship (the boys wanted to do Bible Drill this year so that's why they weren't there...)

After church we made a quick Trader Joe's run...

... and while at the store the kids convinced me and Dave to grab the supplies for grilled cheese and our favorite soup (1 box of the tomato and roasted red pepper soup with half a block of the garlic and herb boursin melted in)...

I  mean.  Not mad about it.

The kids helped load the dishwasher and took their laundry upstairs and I repotted a few succulents...

... and Dave and I sat down to do our weekly "planner meeting" where we just go through the week and figure out who's driving who where and meal plan, etc.

Dave took Mason and Griffin to a basketball clinic at school, Luke wanted to work on a building project in his room ("with NO SIBLINGS AROUND, mom!") and I settled in for a few hours of grading papers and watching Crazy Rich Asians.

Meanwhile at school these kids were tearing up the court :)

Luke and I whipped up a loaf of banana bread...

... and when Dave and the kids got home, we picked up a little bit and the kids jumped on the trampoline while we watered plants...

 ... and then I made dinner with some help from two hungry boys :)

After dinner, Mason helped me prep southwest bowls for lunches for the week and I also baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the kids lunches.

After dinner Dave monitored the showering/pajamas/teeth brushing/backpack packing/etc. and I cleaned up the kitchen.

Reading time was around 7:30 and all of the kids were tucked in around 8:15.

After the kids were in bed Dave and I packed lunches for the next day...

... and then I finished up some blog work before washing my face, brushing my teeth and heading to bed around 10:00 for an episode of The Office and some reading.

Sundays are seriously my FAVORITE - I love the fellowship and time at church, the family time and the time spent regrouping and prepping for the week.   I try to head to bed pretty early on Sundays (10 is early for me) and set myself up well for Monday morning.  It's our one day of the week where we're all together the whole day and I treasure them! 

Happy Thursday, friends!!!


  1. What a FUN day full of family time!-Erika

  2. perfect day!!! I feel the same about Sundays!! Where did you get your adorable pink slippers?

  3. LOVE your hair just blow dried! Like it curled also, but if my hair would look like that just blow dried....LOVE! :)

  4. I've got to know---how do you blow dry and read at the same time? I'd love to do that but I have visions of just punching myself in the face with the blow drier!

    1. I don’t know you...but we should be besties. Lol
      I was thinking the exact same thing. I am not coordinated enough to pull that off without hurting myself 🤣

  5. I have no children, NOT ONE, and I'm not as organized as you. Bravo!

  6. Holy gorgeous purse! Where did you find that animal print bag? You have the best style, girl :)

  7. you should totally do a hair tutorial!

  8. I've been contemplating the bento or bentgo box for my daughter's lunch. When you pack the night before, does the sandwich bread not get soggy from condensation? I never pack a sandwich ahead of time (overnight) because of that. If it doesn't, I'm totally on board!

  9. Perfect day! Where are your pink house shoes from?

  10. Perfect day! Where are your pink house shoes from?

  11. Random question- Can you explain how you make your tea?? I have been wanting to branch out from coffee and have NO IDEA where to begin!

  12. You need Aquanotes. It's a notepad for the shower. Perfect for ideas and writing love notes to your hubby! They are on Amazon.

  13. Thanks for sharing! Would you ever consider doing a post about how you care for your succulents? I have had some for 4 years now through trial-and-error and luck would love to know what works for you.

  14. Thanks for sharing! Would you do a post on how you care for and repot your succulents? I've had some for 4 years now but would love some tips to help them be happier.

  15. Love your blog! I made your Southwest Bowls last night for the first time with a minor variation (no corn and I used cauliflower rice). They were delicious! Great recipe!I

  16. Andrea!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share where your leopard print bag is from! I love it!!!!!

  17. We just made those southwest bowls last night!! I've never thought of prepping a bunch for lunches -- great idea. I remember, when I was teaching, Saturdays were my "days off" but Sunday afternoon it was back ON. I miss the classroom and kids, but not that.

  18. I loathe to dry my hair, I've got to try reading during it


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