Friday, June 7, 2019


Happy Friday, friends!   Erika Narci and I are all sharing our FAVORITES from the week and we'd love it if you'd join us!  Just link back to one (or all!) of us, grab our graphic and link up at the bottom of the post.

I have a ton of FAVORITES for you today including sun kissed cheeks, pool hair and sonic blasts :) 

And VBS! The kids attended VBS at a friends church and they have had an absolute blast.  The boys were on the red color crew and Griffin was on green and while two of them loved the color theme more than the others they all had a great time this week :)

We hung out with some of our FAVORITE people this week.  Pizza, squishy babies and games?!?!! Yes, please.  

Griffin Joy and Griffin Daniel! :) 

We've had a lot of rain which means critters are coming out of the creeks to dry out and this RATTLESNAKE (yes... rattlesnake) that was on the golf course with my dad and brother this week was NOT a favorite!  Welcome to Texas, y'all!

And speaking of babies we met our neighbors new German Shepard puppy this week and she's my new FAVORITE :)  Those EARS!!!  Can you even?!?!

Y'all know I'm a hardcore Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace shopper and I've had some amazing finds over the years (like my upstairs couch!) and I found  this rug for a STEAL this week!  FAVORITE!!!

I'l be sure to grab some pics of the room put back together and share them soon!

This girl and her blanket FAVORITE blanket... yes, it's outside with her :)

And these cheesy grins are a FAVORITE :)

We've been playing allllll the OSMO games... my FAVORITE way to do screen time.
(you can read my post  HERE for more details on OSMO)

We ran by Costco earlier this week and I wanted to share because some of our very FAVORITE pool items this year have come from Coscto!

These water "stream machines" are two for $10 and SO MUCH FUN!

And our big floats were two for $20.  They were both still in our local Costco this week so if you're in the market for either one HURRY over there ASAP!

This may have been my FAVORITE funny I saw this week...

Mason's FAVORITE moment from the week was finding a frog in the pool...

... and Luke's was seeing his photo from the fishing tournament last month in our neighborhood magazine.

That's my FAVORITE 11-year-old out there on the golf course with his instructor....

... and then after his lesson Luke helped Griffin out...


Griffin has her recital this weekend and she is EXCITED!!!  Her sequin jacket is her FAVORITE :) 

If you follow along on Instagram stories then you probably saw that this week I tore my house apart and organized it to within an inch of it's life and while the huuuuge mess is not my FAVORITE...

... having EVERYTHING sorted, organized, decluttered and in it's place IS my FAVE!

And last, but not least... my parents anniversary was this week and this picture of their 1977 wedding is my absolute FAVORITE!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. My young daughter & I love your blog. Sweet picture of your parents. You are the spitting image of your momma and I've always thought Mason favors your dad, and this picture shows the resemblance for sure. Happy Friday from California.

  2. My Ken doll had tuxes like that. :)

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. Andrea- Looooove your blog! Update on what Luke is reading and a summer doodle town!!! Please!!!

  5. Who can resist a Sonic blast in the summer? It looks like a wonderful week! I also included a German Shepard pup on my favorites this week since my parents picked up their pup a few weeks ago. Happy Anniversary to your parents! Jess at Just Jess

  6. Mason looks so much like your dad! It looks like a fun summer week.

  7. Holy WOW you are your mama's twin!!!! LOVE all of these favorites and totally buying those giant Costco floats!!!

  8. What exactly does one do when one comes upon a rattlesnake on the golf course? I couldn't live in Texas! LOL!

  9. Aww you look like your mom!

  10. I need to check out Facebook Marketplace because we're remodeling our fixer upper. Also, I had no clue Costco sold $20 tents. Obviously I need to get a membership so that I can snag two of those before the end of summer. The kids having been asking to camp out in the backyard for months now.

  11. Oh my; I freak out enough just seeing a tiny itty bitty regular snake cross our paths when we're out hiking.. I'm not sure I could handle rattlesnakes!

  12. Excellent favorites!
    Your mom resembles lady Gaga a bit very pretty

  13. I noticed the new rug in your stories before I read about it here:) Looks good! Also, you are your mama's daughter and Mason absolutely favors HaHa! Happy Anniversary to your parents, we are three years behind them:).


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