Monday, June 10, 2019

Weekend Top 10

We spent a good portion of Friday just hanging out at home and these kind of days are my absolute favorite.  Reading time has never looked snugglier!

LOOOOVED getting to celebrate one of my very favorite Texans on Saturday night!

God. Bless. Texas!

While I was at the party the kids were having a party of their own :)  Is there anything better than when your kids beg you to stay out longer so they can keep hanging out with their sitters?  PS - Mason got a polaroid from friends for his bday and I'm obsessed with finding his polaroids around the house. 

Mason had his football end of the season party and the boys each stood up, told the coaches what they had taught them this season, shook all of their hands and handed out thank you notes they wrote to each coach.  It was the sweetest!

We celebrated with pizza, lots of running around and Costco cake.  If I haven't convinced you yet to try a Costco cake yet do yourself a favor this week and TREAT YOURSELF :)

Mason got the most improved player award and Prime Time awards and he was SO PROUD!!!  I absolutely love his team!

I wrapped up the great closet purge/organization of Summer 2019 and it feels SO GOOD!!!  
And here's a tip... if you have someone specific that you can give games/toys to it REALLY helps with your own kids parting with things.  We get to pass toys and puzzles and such on to our nephews and it turns the process from getting rid of things to gifting them and the kids are so much more willing (and excited!) to part with things. 

Took a mermaid to the pool for a swim...

... and an ice cream :)

And on Sunday it was finally recital day!!!

My absolute favorite pictures of the day are of Mason taking pictures of Griffin.  HE WAS SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!  And can we talk about how happy this made my heart?!?!  She has sat through MANY a flag football game and cheered him on from the sideline so seeing him be excited for her was the sweetest.

She had THE BEST TIME on stage and we were so proud of her for trying something new (hip hop) this year and for all of the hard work she put into the performance.

I mean - any time you can get your ponytail swinging like that it means you're rocking it, right? :)

Proud big brothers!!!

And we even saw friends from school!

And then a friend sent me these...


After recital we headed out to Ashby's house to celebrate our sweet friend turning SEVEN!  How is that even possible?!?!

The boys had been golfing while G and I were at the party and when I called to tell Dave we were on our way home he told me that they were at the pool.  I pulled a quick u-turn and opted for dinner at the pool and swimming until it closed :) 

PERFECT way to end the weekend!

Well.... not really end the weekend... Dave and I came home and started dismantling pretty much our entire downstairs and the playroom because our house is getting a fresh coat of paint today!!!

I'm nervous but SO EXCITED for everything to look fresh and clean!  I'm also tackling painting the kitchen this week - so it's going to be fun!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. I'm so happy that you girls came yesterday!!!

  2. Your kids are seriously so sweet! I love their bond!

  3. That Costco cake looks amazing! I the only one who thinks paint colors all look the same after testing and trying them out? #stressful

  4. Mason taking Griffin's picture is the sweetest.

  5. Replies
    1. I want to know as well. We are in the market for a new one and that is identical to what we want.


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