Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Family Fiesta

Hey, friends! Sunday was our annual "Family Fiesta" where we celebrate all three kids birthdays with our families.  Since their birthdays are so close together and we typically have had three separate parties for the kids this idea came about as a way to simplify the time requests for our family members and really give grandparents and aunts and uncles some quality time with the kids instead of being part of the crowd at a kid party ;)  It's now our very favorite birthday tradition and is a night that my kids look forward to all year long!  I love that this tradition will live on LONG after the days of kid parties and I hope that my three always love celebrating their birthdays together. 

Mason made the most perfect sign EVER and you better believe that I'm saving it :) 

I bought a few mylar cactus balloons on Amazon with the intention of having them blown up with helium and just having them in a regular balloon bouquet sort of thing but after realizing that there's currently a helium shortage and figuring out that it was going to cost me a TON to have them blown up I decided to get creative and make a garland using leftover latex balloons.

Below are affiliate links to what I used to make the mantle decor...

I found the pinata wrapping paper at Homegoods and for $3.99 I felt like it was a big bang for my buck.  Yes... there was glitter everywhere.  Yes.... it was worth it. 

Those candles don't lie, friends!  My babies are getting BIG!!!

I grabbed the glittery cactus banner on Amazon and thankfully that glitter stayed put :) 

I did this chalk sign at least 4 years ago and have yet to erase it.  I love pulling it out every year!

The kids each picked a giant cupcake from Market Street and then I served our guests leftover birthday cake from Luke's party on Friday night :)  Nobody seemed to mind since the sheetcake from Costco is LEGIT!  I love the big cupcakes though because everyone is happy and gets exactly what they want.  EASY!

We catered in a taco bar from Fuzzy's Tacos and I swear that I could have ordered half as much food.  But leftovers for the week are just a bonus :) 

We ate, we sang...

... and we LAUGHED SO HARD!

Most creative gift award goes to Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Stephen... Luke has been saving up for a specific Lego set and they wrapped up a box of tissues that said "hope you don't blow it all in one place" and after he pulled out a few tissues he pulled out a chain of dollar bills!  Highlight of the party FOR SURE and so much fun!

I say this every year but what a BLESSING to have Dave's grandma's there.  They're 97 and 98 and were the total life of the party :) 

I mean... I have no words ;)  Peas in a pod!

It was such a sweet night celebrating and we are so grateful for our families!


  1. Oh my goodness! That last picture of Mason-ha! Looks like a very special night was had by all!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all your kids!!! Super cute party as always!!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet kiddo's. What a fun family fiesta. I had no idea there was a helium shortage! :D

  4. The balloons were so cute!! I love that so much! And I love Dave's grannies too ;) .

  5. Do you string the ballons with fishing wire or tape them to the mantel? I love how it looks and want to do it for next party! Love your blog!!

  6. Such a GREAT idea and I love your decorating style! Everything looks SO good!

  7. It looks like the perfect family fiesta!

  8. Mason and Dave's Grannies are killing me this morning! Love this!

  9. Dave's grandmas are so precious and this looked like such a fun party...good job, Mama! We had Fuzzy's catering at a church women's event last month and it was so good! Next time I'm in need of a taco bar, I'm going straight to them!

  10. Currently looking for a way to incorporate a yearly family fiesta... So much FUN!! Love the balloon arch and the grandmas most!

  11. If you ever give up teaching you should become a party planner! :) You totally need to laminate that sign Mason made. It's perfection! My kids are young adults but I'm trying to figure out a way to make family fiestas a thing we do! LOL!

  12. What FUN!!!
    The last picture of Mason had me rolling 😂
    I LOVE the family fiesta tradition!!
    Family is so precious and time with them is priceless!! Thanks for sharing

  13. I had Fuzzys when i was in Dallas for the NCAA tourney a few years ago. OMG- so good!

    Happy birthday, McAnnally kiddos!

  14. As always, super sweet party! There is one picture and in the background Dave is sitting with his g-ma and has his hand on her knee. For some reason...that got me this morning. You can just tell he has such a sweet heart.

  15. What a GREAT idea! I'm always stumbling over the friends party/family time issue.

  16. I love Dave's hand on his grandma's knee, so precious! I love this idea and we love Fuzzy's tacos. So good!

  17. Who doesn't love a Family Fiesta? Your balloon arch turned out great, such fun décor and currently making a note to see if anywhere around here caters tacos!

  18. If you spray hairspray on the things with glitter, it will help the glitter stay put!!


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