Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer for What's up Wednesday.  

When my family came from Canada they know the way to my heart...

... Dempster's malt bread and..


I don't even know how to describe malt bread if you haven't had it... it's dark and dense but also moist and kind of chewy. I toast it and put a little bit of butter on it and it's my absolute favorite breakfast of all time (add on an over easy egg and I'm in HEAVEN!).  Shreddies are like Wheat Chex but about 17 times better :)  If you live somewhere where you can get Shreddies enjoy a bowl on my behalf!!!

My kids have also been enjoying a few other Canadian staples including Smarties (similar to M&M's but better) and maple sugar candy (which always reminds me of summers at my grandparents cottage where we would go to a maple syrup farm and buy this)

Birthday month is upon us and it has me ALL KINDS of reminiscing...

Look at how much they've grown since their birthdays last year!

I'm still loving  the hair dryer brush thing that I raved about last month.  I've only been using my flat iron on my bangs and I'm still blown away by how great it works at drying AND smoothing.  I also use it on Griffin's hair when we have time...

A BUNCH of yard work!  I mentioned that I got our porch put together last week...

... but what I didn't mention is that we ripped out a ton of bushes which led to tearing out a diseased rose bush, trimming trees and completely replanning our front landscaping.  I'm equal parts excited and overwhelmed and I'm just crossing my fingers that we can get it all done before 1) it gets too hot and 2) the HOA starts sending is notices :) hahaha

I'm not dreading anything but I AM bracing myself for the craziness of the next two months.  Between ALLLLLL the birthdays and celebrations, ALLLL the field trips, ALLLLL the school events and ALLLL of the other fun things I'm pretty much buckling up and holding on for dear life for the next 8 weeks :)

SO MANY RECIPE POSTS!!! I've been testing out a bunch of recipes and can't wait to share some of the successful ones with y'all!

I get SO EXCITED about gift giving that I'm almost about to burst with birthdays and Easter next month :)  I have my shopping done and this weekend I'm going to get everything wrapped and sorted and double check that I have it all done.  I have to wrap it or else I'll end up giving the gifts early :) 

Last week I did an Instagram Live and got some GREAT book recommendations.  Here's what was recommended and what I'm hoping to work my way through...

I haven't listened to a Wondery podcast that I didn't love and Over My Dead Body is no exception.

The weather here has been PERFECTION and I've been taking full advantage.  Dresses with jackets and other outfits perfect for chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon are my JAM!

The usual... sports, getting caught up on cleaning, the normal stuff!  I'm also hoping to finalize all the birthday party details AND wrap up my vendors for the school dance.  

Birthdays and Easter!  Some of my very favorite things to celebrate...

LUKE IS NOT SITTING IN THE FRONT SEAT ON A REGULAR BASIS but when he and I drove over to my parents house (0.3 of a mile in our neighborhood) I let him sit up front and this kid thought he was HOT STUFF :)  I've been a "chauffer" for so long it's bizarre to have a kid up front!  He immediately started rifling through my glove box and changing the ratio station though :) hahaha

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. I let Carter ride in the front seat to drive to Luke's house once (1 street away), and you would have thought he was on a parade float! Hahaha!

  2. I'm sad I missed your instagram live. I love book suggestions! I have a book insta where I share books for all ages-adults and kids. It's @ashfamilybooks if you are interested. Also-That picture of the kids with the Easter rabbit is perfection!

  3. I love it....."ratio" are so a math teacher! :). Still Spring Breaking here! Happy Wednesday! :)

  4. Omg. I love the smarties. And I’m hooked on Mack. I love love love MacIntosh Caramel.

  5. I laugh every time I see your door mat!

  6. I live in Buffalo, NY, so have had many of the Canadian candies (my daughter LOVES maple sugar candies). I haven't tried the cereal or bread, but I'll add it to my list. Also, the same daughter definitely recommends The Fault in Our Stars...although said I shouldn't read it because I hate crying, which I do very easily :-)

  7. We just redid the front landscaping on our house (circa 1999), and it made a huge difference. It looks so'll love it! I love the cat meme! Yes, you've got a busy few months ahead of you.

  8. I miss Smarties! And Coffee Crisps. And Ketchup Chips.
    Michelle (Canadian living in Iowa)

  9. My 12 year old now sits up front every day and it has thrown this Mama routine off. Ha! You never know how much stuff you put in that spot until you can't anymore. I had to figure out what to do with my purse. Ha!

  10. You are an inspiration. I am a working mom of ONE and don't even get close to accomplishing what you do. You go, girl! Also, I love listening to podcasts while I run (distract me so much better than music!) and I have Over My Dead Body on my list. Glad you give it a thumbs up!

  11. I would love to see you do a tutorial on how to make a balloon arch.. or whatever you'd call it when it's just draped perfectly over your mantel! haha

  12. I can't believe they are one year older. It's been a fast year but I can't wait to see what you all do to celebrate!!!

  13. Landscaping! We need to do something in our front beds but dreading how much work it will be. Maybe you'll inspire me;).

  14. Love your door mat. You always share the best recipes. Can't wait to see what you've come up with.

  15. Can you share birthday/Easter gift lists? I have 2 boys the same ages as yours and you are always a TREASURE TROVE of good info! :)

  16. Not sure what that is under the pic of the mac & cheese, but it looks delicious! I am also excited about gift giving. This season for Lent, I've been doing something special for someone each day..calling it my 40 days of giving! I love to put a smile on other people's faces. I also love dropping off or sending unexpected gifts to people I know who need a lift. So fun! Happy spring!

  17. I love the Easter/birthday pictures! So cute!

  18. I had no idea Shreddies are a Canadian thing! We usually have a box in our cupboard, I'll think of you next time I have a bowl!

  19. Hi
    Wanted to let you know that those maple leaf candies can be found at Trader Joe's during the holidays, if you want to give them a try.

  20. I grew up in Canada and whenever my parents go back to Canada we always have them bring back some great Canadian treats....ketchup chips, smarties and wagon wheels!!!

  21. Oh my gosh I love the photo of you and Luke in the car! I remember being excited about sitting up front too! He looks so grown up!


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