Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Friday afternoon was GLORIOUS!  We hit up the garden center and freshened up the front porch...

I think I've only ever had a big fern out here but apparently this year I'm feeling hopeful/ambitious :)  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

I had several helpers who got assisted in the planting process in between bike-riding and pizza-eating.

The mat is from  HERE :)

On Saturday morning all signs pointed to Griffin's soccer game being canceled.  So much so that I didn't actually plan out the snack I had signed up for since the weather forecast was so ominous.  Joke was on my because it was sunny skies all the way to her game (I did grab the snacks) and the skies totally opened up right as her game was starting.  Those sweet kiddos got SOAKED and played the entire 50 minute game in the rain.

Saturday afternoon we went and saw STOMP at the Eismann Center in Richardson.  The show was SO GOOD and the talent really is unbelievable. 

The kids were 100% rapt the entire time which says a lot since the show was close to two hours without an intermission. (There was no recording during the show but when they did their encore they flipped the no cell phone sign around and we could take pics/videos)

The show was interactive and entertaining and if STOMP is touring somewhere near you I highly recommend going to see them.

I'm not normally a matchy matchy (or bows!) person but how SWEET is this set?!?!

We headed straight from STOMP to Mason's flag football game and then hung out a bit after to watch volleyball and eat a soft pretzel.

Sunday morning squinting ;) 


We spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon working outside and playing...

And then I had to tackle this mess...

... and I'm proud to say I got it done and started Monday with a clean slate!

Later in the afternoon we got dressed and PUMPED UP to head to Ft. Worth to watch TCU play Nebraska...

Squad goals :) 


TCU won and we had a BLAST!!!

I hope y'all had a great weekend (and a fantastic Monday!).

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  1. I'm still laughing about that story you told me on Sunday...about Mason in your mom's car. Still. Laughing.

  2. Great pictures.

  3. STOMP is such a good show! Check out Blast! if they ever come to town too. I played percussion growing up, too small for the drumline so I played in the pit ;) We had a STOMP vhs that I used to watch all the time. I'm sure Dave had a copy too haha!

  4. So sad for my Nebraska Huskers, but man alive. Mason's excitement is the best. :)

  5. This is going to sound pathetic, but my husband and I just bought our first house this past year, so I VERY new to lawn care, gardening, flowers, etc. You always have the best plants and flowers! Would you ever do a little tutorial on your flower planting skills?! They look SO good at your front door. And if you literally put potting soil in a pot and put the flowers in, you can tell me that too, haha! #help!


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