Thursday, March 7, 2019

Weekend in the Life

Last year around this time I did a "Saturday in the life" video and it was super popular PLUS I thought it would be so fun to have a reminder about what our weekends looked like this year so I decided to document this past Saturday/Sunday and give y'all a peek into our weekend.  Some weekends we are on the RUN from start to finish and this weekend was a good example of a more "down" weekend so here we go...

I do NOT set an alarm on Saturday morning unless we have to be somewhere SUPER early.  Sometimes we all sleep past nine... other times we're up earlier it just depends.  No shame I crashed around 9:00 on Friday night and so when I woke up on my own a little before 7:00 I wasn't mad about it.

I read in bed for about 30 minutes and then got up, made some tea, put the fireplace on and decided to get going on Saturday things like starting a load of laundry and catching up on  this Bible reading plan.  It's a 5 day a week plan which is GREAT and leaves me the weekends to catch up on if I need to.5 day 

Griffin was the first one up (this is the norm) and she and Jack Bauer had some sweet fireside time together before the boys got up.

We RARELY have all three kids at the table on a Saturday morning because I don't "push" breakfast (if they want it - great, if not - great too) but this weekend bagels and cream cheese sounded good to everyone and so they were all up and eating at the same time which was sweet :)

I can't turn down a toasted bagel and cream cheese.  Trust me - I try :)

Breakfast time turned into show-and-tell time and then it was time for Griffin to get ready for her soccer game...

We're usually the "everyone is going to support everyone" kind of family when it comes to extracurricular stuff BUT the boys had both had coughs all week and were still working on breakfast so I stayed home with them and Dave took Griffin to her game.

Homegirl played HARD and had a great game and while she and Dave were there...

... the boys and I were doing #allthethings at home.

I made a quick grocery list to text to Dave (I wish I was a weekly planner but I'm just not... I'm more of a night before planner and make 3 trips to the grocery store throughout the week person) :)...

... wiped the counters (this isn't non-toxic but it if you want shiny counters it's THE BEST!)...

.... cleaned up the previous night's fort...

... and I switched a previous load of laundry from the washer to the dryer and hung up some line dry items.  I don't like to dry their uniform polos because I feel like they show wear so much more when they're dried in the dryer and this way if a stain didn't come out I can check it and throw it back into the wash no harm no foul.

Mason was craving some blondies so I helped him get those going...

.... and then he helped me wash the yumboxes that we forgot to take care of on Friday night. 

I was making my way through my chore list and Mason took advantage of the clean counters to go ahead and get out every play kitchen item we own to set up a restaurant.  :)

I stripped our bed and Griffin's bed and got those items in the wash...

... and the boys stripped their beds and brought those items down as well.  Please tell me I'm not the only one whose laundry room looks like this on the weekend!

I was hustling and these two were having a fireside moment :)

Dave and Griffin finished her game and went to Kroger on their way home to pick up my little list of items and when Griffin got home it was GAME ON for playtime.  Why is it always that they play the best when I'm trying to clean :) hahaha

Dave and I left those three alone to play and we tacked ALL the laundry that had been going since earlier that morning.  I've mentioned before that we try to be "one load a day people"... but that doesn't always happen and then we end up being "laundry mountain people" on the weekends :)  Thankfully it didn't take long to get it all sorted and folded and then the kids put their own stuff away.

After laundry I cleaned our downstairs bathrooms (wiped counters, vacuumed, mopped and did the toilets) while Dave got lunch ready.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup was on the menu and we were all pretty pumped about it.

The hours of 12-2 I didn't take a single picture - but we worked on our "weekly reset" upstairs where we remade beds, vacuumed, dusted their desks and shelves, etc., etc., etc.  The kids also cleaned their upstairs bathrooms and we had time to play a few rounds of Zingo.

Dave and Mason headed out early to Mason's football game and Luke, Griffin and I worked on sight words and got changed and ready to meet Dave and Mason there around 3:30.  I love a Saturday where you change from pjs into more comfy clothes :)

Caffeinated and ready to watch some football!  I try to steer away from soda but some days just call for a big Diet Coke in a Yeti cup.

Griffin packed up her play food and was ready to watch and play with some of the other younger siblings.  Luke has been really interested in photography lately so he took my big camera to the other side of the field (Dave was coaching) and took some pictures and videos for one of the moms to use in an upcoming hype video (yes... that's a thing... hahahah)

Mason's team had several players out and every kid on his team had to play the entire game (and in positions they don't normally play) and it was ROUGH to watch but they played so hard and Mason had two really awesome flag pulls.

The team huddled after the game and Mason got the "money play of the game" chain and he was SO EXCITED!!!  His team gives out the money chain and the 110% chain every game and the boys keep them for the week and then bring them to the next game to get handed out to the next recipient.  It's a fun little tradition and the boys absolutely love it! 

I was cracking up because Luke took my phone and was taking videos of Mason flexing :) 

After the game Dave headed straight in to work and we met a few friends from the team for ice cream...

... and then we went home and started the shower shuffle.  Mason with freshly combed wet hair is my favorite ;)

Griffin has a LOT of hair and  this is really all I ever use on it.  The bottle lasts FOREVER and it really helps with tangles.  I only use it on the ends of her hair (from about the nape of her neck down).

My parents stopped by before dinner and we played a few games.  I got the kids dinner ready which was pretty simple since Saturday nights are kind of our "clean out the fridge" nights... leftovers from the week for a fresh start on Sunday.  On this night it was leftover meatloaf, pulled pork, macaroni, pork chops, etc. with fruit and yogurt.  Please note the the money chain never left his side :)

After letting Griffin's hair air dry for a while I finished it off with  this blow dryer which is SO QUICK and leaves her hair super smooth.  She calls it her "princess hair" and so we had to snap a picture and send it to Dave so he could text her back and tell her how pretty she looked :) 

After my parents left the kids emptied the dishwasher and finished picking up their toys from earlier.  Our rule is that if you play downstairs everything has to be picked up before you can have your iPad.... if you spread toys out in your room you can leave them there and play the next day.  At this point it was probably about 8:00 and I let the kids have their iPads while I tidied up a bit and watered all the houseplants.  Griffin only hung for about 20 minutes before I found her passed out.

The boys both played for probably about an hour (when it was time to turn them off they were watching America's Funniest Videos together) while I worked on some computer stuff and  we played a round of Farkle Flip and then they headed to bed.  I let them read in their rooms as long as they want and Mason lasted about 30 minutes and Luke closer to an hour.

Playroom picked up and ready for tomorrow!

Another load of laundry going in at 10:02...

Kitchen/family room shut down for the evening...

... and settled in with a cup of tea to get some blog work done.

This is also when I paint my nails.  I use  this top coat and it dries super quick and extra shiny.  

I try to get a TON of  blog stuff done on Saturday nights so that minimal time is necessary after the kids go to bed during the week. I worked on this post, uploaded our February family movie to YouTube and scheduled out a few other posts.  I also started some returns on Amazon, answered a few school emails, sent out some vendor inquiries for spring semi-formal at school and responded to some blog reader comments.  

Dave worked until close to 2 a.m. and I went to bed right after midnight.  Every Saturday night is different... sometimes it's 10:30 or 11:00, other times it's 1 or 2 am.  It varies based on what kind of event they're having up there and whether it's something that he can turn over to his employees or something that he needs to stay and manage himself. 

Sunday morning this girl was in my bed about 7:30 a.m....

I hopped in the shower and did my hair with  the same miracle dryer brush that I used on Griffin the night before...

... this is NO flat iron!  It's awesome!

Dressed and ready for church! The kids all pick out their own clothes for church and get themselves dressed.  They know if they pick something I wouldn't approve of (i.e. athletic shorts, hahaha) that I'll pick and it'll be something they don't like (i.e. a sweater layered over a button down).  This system  has worked well for us :)  I didn't grab any pictures of breakfast but it was super similar to a school morning... every man for himself :)  

There was an extra half of a bagel and cream cheese (thanks, Mason!) and so I grabbed that on our way out the door.  Told you I can't resist!

Checked in and ready for Sunday School!  The kids all go to Sunday School and kids worship and while Dave and I go to our own class and then we all go to the service together. 

Home from church and immediately into comfy clothes :)

We've been talking alllll things Sky Ranch lately (several of the boys friends are signed up which has spurred the conversation) and we watched a few of the funny camp music videos while eating lunch.

Honestly this is my very favorite kind of lunch.

We were wrapping up lunch when friends of ours who are in Colorado snowboarding called to show the kids all the snow!  It was super exciting :)

After cleaning up lunch we let the kids each have their iPads to play or watch a movie and Dave and I both took a nap... like an under the covers in the bed nap and it was glorious.  This is't something that we don't have the luxury of doing every Sunday but when we can it's amazing. 

About an hour later and iPads are plugged back in for the day.  Luke opted for a puzzle...

.... Mason worked on a new comic book he's making (and yes... he's back in his clean jersey because he would wear it every single day if possible)...

.... and Griffin was passed out in Luke's bed :)  She had been hanging out in there with her brothers and just couldn't' hang any longer. 

Dave and the boys played a game of Ticket to Ride while I got dinner prepped...

... and then I got out my grading for the weekend.  I try my hardest to not take work home but sometimes (like the end of a grading period) it's inevitable and my afternoons look like this.

We had to wake Griffin up for dinner but we had a sweet little meal together.  Sunday nights are nights when I pretty much will always cook something (plus it leaves leftovers for Monday night, amen!) .  I'll share this recipe soon because it was AWESOME!

After dinner we made sure backpacks were ready and uniforms were laid out and then we played some Ingenious...

... and finished the night with reading time.  Prayers were said, teeth were brushed and everyone was in bed by 8:00 (our Sunday night goal).

After tucking in the kids Dave and I  did our "calendar meeting" which sounds ridiculous but it's when we try to sit down together and look at the calendar for the week ahead and just make a general game plan.  For example, usually Dave is off on Tuesday night and we can divide and conquer after school and evening duties but he's working this week so I made a note of that so I didn't forget that I had to grab the boys after dance :)  We'll try to make a general plan for dinners, he'll fill me in on his work schedule (since it changes some week to week) and we'll talk about any special activities that are happening at school so Dave can try and work his work schedule out to accommodate (for example the kids have kite day this Friday). 

I washed my face and I'm sharing the AWFUL picture below to try and show you how  this cleanser literally MELTS the makeup off of your face.  Sheaffer introduced me to it when we roomed together in NYC and I pretty much immediately ordered it.  I don't anticipate ever using a different cleanser because I love this one so much!

We settled in on the couch to catch up on some DVR'd shows while I graded papers (yes... I was still grading).  We watched/graded until a little after 11:00 and then checked on the kids and headed to bed.

And there you have it!  A "weekend in the life" from start to finish. 

And now I'm ready for the weekend! 

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  1. I’m so impressed you remembered to take pictures ALL weekend! Love seeing a look at your Saturday and Sunday!

  2. An under the cover nap is THE BEST! Whey I get to grab one of those, I sometimes feel myself smiling as I'm drifting off! :)

  3. Your weekend looked like mine-all the laundry :)

  4. I love normal weekends. Even with activities and work going on, regular days are my favorite.

  5. Your blog is just so inspirational!!!! I love it. I've been reading for years, but I love how you take things that are so mundane to us moms and the way you photograph them or describe them just makes me so happy to be able to do them with my kids, too. And I should add that your kids are going to have the sweetest, happiest memories of their childhood and their great mom. :)

  6. The coziest, happiest, SWEETEST weekend!!

  7. I love normal weekends where there is a lot of family time and also a game or two to go watch. Also, we are "load a day" people, but I don't know why on the weekends we have a never ending pile of laundry. What a great weekend!

  8. Every house should have two laundry rooms!!! All the laundry all the time. My next one will. Love how many board games you play as a family.

  9. Love this glimpse into your weekends:).

  10. I love this so very much Andrea! You seem to have so much family time in between cleaning and you get it ALL done! I have really been thinking through how to get a better schedule that way. I am going to show my husband and figure out how we can make something like this work for our family. I feel like you had 48 hours of time for every 24 we had here! LOL!

    On another note, can you please share the brand and perhaps where you got the reading light attached to Luke's bed? It is fantastic and I would love to put it in Easter baskets!

  11. I love a couples calendar meeting. We have those here, too!

  12. That's a great weekend! I love that hair dryer, too! It has changed the way I do my hair. I think we have the same bed lights for our kiddos - the Ikea ones? We LOVE them!! Have a super day!

  13. I love this whole weekend post!! Now you are giving me no excuse to not clean my house! Small bites, I get it.

  14. I bought that Revlon hair brush dryer because thatinspiredchick told me to 😉 and I like my hair for the first time in my LIFE. It’s magic .


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