Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Break - Part II

On Wednesday of last week we made our way down to Dallas to check out The Art of the Brick exhibit at the Perot Museum.

It was super impressive although I will say that it wasn't really what my kids were expecting.  I think they were thinking "Legoland" when in reality it was famous works of art created out of Legos.  Once we kind of readjusted their expectations and they slowed down a bit to look at the original art and then step back and look at the Lego reproduction it went better :)  (Just being honest in case you're wanting to take your kids!)

These large scale Lego creations always blow my mind.  I think this one was 80,000 pieces.

Look at Luke's face :)

This was my favorite part of the exhibit... they had taken famous photographs and replaced an object in them with Legos and then had the Lego creations on display.  You walked around and looked at the photos and then matched them up with the lego creation in the middle.

And how impressive is this t-rex made out of Legos???

There was a room at the end of the exhibit where there were different stations set up with building challenges and we hung out in there for quite a while.

We've been to the Perot dozens and dozens of times but my kids still always want to come play for at least a little while before we hit the other floors.  

They have a craft area in the children's area that we always end up at.  A ton of supplies and unlimited time and these two were in HEAVEN!

He made a "collapsible giraffe" :) 

While I had Mason and Griffin downstairs in the children's area, Dave took Luke upstairs to the lab.  This is Luke's absolute FAVORITE part of the museum and he doesn't get to do it every time we go since you have to be 8 and up and have an adult supervising you in the lab.  He was SO EXCITED that we had an extra adult to go with him and he had a blast completing several experiments.

This is hard to capture in a photo, but they added this amazing sand table in the weather area where as you change the topography of the sand the colors change (there's a projector) reflecting the elevation changes.  It was mesmerizing and SO MUCH FUN!

We finished up our visit with a 3D movie and then decided to head out because the Spring Break crowds were INTENSE!

We grabbed a quick lunch and then made our way over to the Dallas Museum of Art.  I'd been a few times (but not in several years) and this was the first time for all three kids.  The museum is BEAUTIFUL and wasn't super crowded which was nice. 

They currently have an exhibit of Islamic art on display and it was awesome. It can be hard for kids to really stop and read the signs and appreciate what they're looking at (let's be real - it can be hard for all of us sometimes) - so we encouraged them to read the signs for the dates and we were in a constant "competition" to see who could find the oldest piece on display.

They had a great interactive children's area and the kids weaved...

... designed quilt square...

... created etchings...

... made light board art...

... and of course hit up the Spring photo booth :) 

We designed chairs...

... and enjoyed exploring the different exhibits and halls.

After the museum we were planning on heading home...

... until we spotted an ice cream truck at Klyde Warren Park :) 

It started to rain again so we skipped the playground and finished our cones on the way back to the car...

If you're planning a day trip to Dallas with kids make sure you leave time in your day to play Klyde Warren!  It's right across the street from the DMA (about a 10 minute walk from the Perot if you only want to pay to park one time).  The food trucks can be pricey, but there's an awesome taco place BEHIND El Fenix called Taqueria La Ventana that we LOVE!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. Okay, so many cute pics...but the ones of you and Griffin at the end were my FAVORITE!!

  2. I agree with Shay! Love the ones with you and Griffin! And what a great day!

  3. I went to the Art of the Brick in Indianapolis. I loved it! The dog and red dress were so cool! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Our spring break is in about 2 weeks and we can’t wait to hit up a few museums
    Looks like you had a wonderful time, I appreciate seeing families enjoying activities besides the typical movie or trampoline park... good job Mama!

  5. DMA was already on our summer fun list and you just made me even more excited! I'll make sure to add in some time for the park and food trucks!

  6. I love all the pics of such a fun day. All I could think was "some people have a lot of time on their hands" with all the Lego creations...that T-Rex...I wonder how long it took to make?

  7. I'll take Griffin's outfit and ice cream cone please! Looks like a super fun day.

  8. I love G's romper are you able to tell me where it is from? Thanks


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