Thursday, March 21, 2019

Seven Questions - Part 8

Clean as you go - We always try to "clean as we go" meaning that once we're done with one activity we clean it up before we move onto the next.  We try to teach our kids this as well because then you can avoid the HUGE (and brutal) cleanup at the end of the day.

Laundry daily - this is pretty much the laundry version of "clean as you go", but we TRY to do a load of laundry every single night start to finish.  Wash, dried and put away.  That one basket a day is way less intimidating than the 5-6 basket pileup that can happen otherwise

Clean areas/Kids rooms - when we moved into this house where all the kids rooms and the playroom are upstairs we started a rule that any toys downstairs had to be picked up at the end of the night but things in their rooms/playroom do not.  So if you build an amazing Lego fortress in the middle of the front hall it has to get put away before bedtime BUT if you build that same fortress in your room you can leave it up as long as you want.  (This is MUCH easier in our current house than our previous one and also works because they're not teeny and don't have a TON of the big baby toys out in our family room all the time... but I promise I've been there too!  Here's some proof from our previous house...)

This is a HARD ONE!  I think we all deal with this at some point or another and when I find it "flaring up" I intentionally focus on counting my blessings instead.  Saying them out loud, writing them down... but turning my attention onto things that I'm grateful for typically shifts my negative attitude right around.

I also try to remember that being imperfect is more than ok and RARELY are things always as perfect as they appear.

Last, UNPLUG!  You can't compare yourself to things you can't see so in times where I'm really struggling I'll unplug and focus on what's really important.

They do!  Dave was born and raised in McKinney and we love getting to spend time with his family as often as possible.

I'm pretty simple when it comes to beauty/skin stuff...

I use  this cleanser every night and I love it for so many reasons.  I love that it melts my makeup right off my face (I only wear eye makeup and it does the trick even on mascara beautifully!) and that I'm not splashing water all over myself to get it off.  It leaves my skin hydrated and super clean feeling and while I was first a little hesitant about the price it turns out that it's actually cheaper than the old makeup remover pads I was using because a little goes a long way.

When I do need some extra moisture I swear by this one.  It's not greasy, feels light and hydrates my skin all day.

My last favorite product is  this witch hazel.  I use it as a cleanser and a toner and it's so light and fresh and a great value.

100% Hey, Baby!  It had an awesome trombone part and was hands down my favorite stand tune.  
This may have been my favorite question EVER!  #yaybandnerds

Of COURSE!  But not too often because they know if they tell me they're bored that I'm going to give them a job to do to help them not be bored :)   Jobs could include wiping baseboards, emptying the dishwasher, raking leaves, etc.  #meanmom

We've encouraged independent and creative play since they were really young and I've found that the LESS screen time they have the LESS bored they get as well.  FUnny how that works:)  If they're looking for something to do they know we have a well-stocked game closet (see the post  HERE) and we always have lots of art supplies on hand as well.  Here are a few of our favorites...

This is such a fun question!!!  And if I had to pick only ONE baby product it would be this one...

While I loved our Ergo carrier and I feel like a good stroller is so important the Nose Frida is UNMATCHED in it's ability to literally suck the boogers from your babies nose and when my kids were super congested and feeling yucky I would have traded the Ergo AND the stroller in for having them be able to breathe (and therefore sleep!) :)  

Happy Thursday, friends!!!'

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  1. I love it when you talk about Dave's two grannies :) .

  2. Excellent post as usual
    I to am a #meanmom and I couldn’t agree more that being taught independent play + less screen time is definitely key to less Bordem
    I have no problem assigning extra chores either!

  3. The Nosefrida... Equal parts disgusting and amazing!

  4. Love to hear how y'all do things...and what works for your family! I agree those kids are busy bees...I'm with you on the limited screen time. Happier household and happier/ healthier kids in my opinion. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I've ordered the cleanser after reading one of your posts! I've also started using this ( after reading another bloggers post and love it!!!

  6. #yaybandnerds UNITE!!! I think there is something wrong with a person if marching band music doesn't get you going! Listening to that clip gave me chills up my leg! Thank you!

  7. #bandnerd I love a good stand tune! I played trumpet, but I was on flag corp during marching season! I was a cheerleader too, so we had to dance to the stand tunes!

  8. I love that you choose the Oak Mountain Band performing Hey Baby to answer question number 5. Their band director went to elementary, middle, and high school with our daughter and now son-in-law. His wife was also friends with our daughter. The OM band director and his wife are the first two in the bottom row. He also played trombone, so that may be why he chose Hey Baby!

  9. I thought Sicily's closed?! Did it move? Or did I drive by at a random time? Also...WACO TOUR...GREAT IDEA! I should do this the next time I have family in town wanting to visit!


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