Monday, January 7, 2019

Last bit of the festive fun

Today I'm wrapping up the last of our holiday festivities.  The Saturday after Christmas we hosted one last Christmas celebration with Dave's family.  

We were so happy to see everyone...

.... and I loved getting to rekindle some of the Christmas magic one last time :)

And Mason got a pogo stick.  Enough said :)

We kept things simple - donuts and chicken minis, anyone???

And had a blast talking Harry Potter (Aunt Cynthia is SUPER cool because she can talk all things Harry Potter with Luke) :)

Uncle Stephen got a hover board and so of course everyone had to take a turn... and Mason has officially put a hover board on his birthday list.

As always, it's such a treat to have BOTH of Dave's grandmothers celebrate with us.  Minnie Fae is about to turn 98 and it's not lost on us how special it is (especially after losing my last grandparent last Fall) and we always try to get pictures because of just that.

Minnie Fae was LOVING her some Mason :) and he was such a great sport about it.

Nothing sweeter than a man who loves his grandmas.

New Years Eve we spent the day at home playing games, riding bikes and twirling :)  I made a quick little balloon arch (I was bringing balloons for a balloon drop and decided to make them into an arch ahead of time) and we prepped a few things for a NYE party we were going to that night.

We hung out with some of our favorite friends and had a total blast. 

Pizza and photo props...

... sparkling apple juice toasts...

... karaoke...

... sparklers...

... and our very own balloon drop :)

We played games until after 1:30 and somehow all 5 of us made it.  So much fun!

We all slept in past 11 am that morning and feel like we rang in 2019 perfectly!


  1. What a great way to kickoff 2019!! And Dave with his grandmas is the sweetest.

  2. Okay, Dave's whole family is so sweet, but his two grannys are my FAVE!!!

  3. So fun,
    Happy New Year!
    A blessing indeed to have grandparents around to enjoy, makes my heart happy to see

  4. I agree. Nothing sweeter than a man's love for his grandma. Thinking of you today during re-entry. :)

  5. Love all the pictures of your last few celebrations, but especially the one with Dave's two grandmothers. My grandmother was 98 years old when she passed away two years ago. My time with her was precious and I will always be thankful for her. Hope you are having a great first day back to work!

  6. What a fun way to ring in the new year! Because of your recommendation, I purchased the balloon pump. Game changer! Thank you!

  7. You always kill it with your balloon decor! I love it! I've got to get me one of those balloon pumps and step up my party decor game.
    That Inspired Chick

  8. Beautiful Christmas and even better New Years! We did the same thing with the kids for NYE and they loved every second!


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