Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Amazon Lately

The last time I shared my Prime purchases was back in October and I'm excited to show you a few fun favorites that have arrived on our porch since then.

This game arrived over Christmas break and it's SO MUCH FUN!!!  It's essentially the Bananagrams game, but with numbers.  You race to create "pods" using numbers and operation symbols until all of the number tiles are gone.  It's been great practice and the boys both really love it.  It's awesome because it naturally fits different levels without any modification.... Mason naturally uses only the addition and subtraction symbols and Luke uses multiplication/division as well as creating longer equations often involving negative addends and order of operations. 

We've also been doing a TON of puzzles - they're seriously one of my absolute favorite pastimes.  All three of my kids really enjoy doing and while Mason and G couldn't handle a 1000 piece puzzle on their own they both love helping and are actually really good!  I'm picky about what puzzles I buy, but these are winners we've been loving (or are on our to-complete pile). 

I needed a couple of  new pillow inserts for some large pillowcases and  these are FABULOUS!!!  They're full and fantastic and feel just like down when you fluff them.  

I know, I know... it's January.  BUT when I find  our favorite brand of swimsuits for a great deal (under $15!!!) I snag them while I can.  This gingham scallop edge suit is so cute and Griffin-approved.  

With the addition of our master bedroom Christmas tree and front porch trees this year I ordered an  extra Christmas tree bag and once again it saved me when it came to packing everything up.  They're super convenient, HUGE and sturdy!!!  They would actually be great for storing things like sleeping bags, extra pillow, etc.  

The flu was going around school before Christmas break and you better believe we started popping  these like candy!  We each take 2 every morning and there have been zero objections from anyone because they taste SO GOOD!

And when I ordered  the elderberry gummies I also went ahead and ordered  the Oscillococcinum dose packs as well just in case.  These don't prevent you from getting the flu but help relieve the symptoms.  We had great success with these last year and I always like to keep them on hand.

Luke made a case for him needing  throw down bases for recess (they love to play kickball but didn't have bases) and he made his case so well that these showed up on our doorstep :)  He is SO EXCITED to take them to school!!!  (his teacher has a wagon that they all put their lunch boxes in when they go to specials and then lunch and then recess... it helps prevent kids from losing lunch boxes (and jackets and such) and they take turns pulling it.  Part of his "pitch" was that he already had teacher-approval to add these to the wagon)

We make a LOT of iced tea and I needed a  new pitcher and picked this one because it was glass but could go from boiling to the fridge without cracking.  It holds 1/2 gallon and I can fit 2 of them in one section of the door of our fridge.  I also ordered  this long spoon.

Santa always puts a couple packages of  white undershirts in Dave's stocking and this year Santa ordered  these from Amazon.  Dave says that Santa did a great job because they're "the best ever" and has even requested a few more.  

Santa also grabbed  this Bob Ross keychain for Mason because #duh :)  It's actually super cute and he flipped out over it.  #happylittleclouds

I ordered two new pairs of  THE BEST TIGHTS EVER for Griffin because after a whole year of wear she finally had a hole in the knee of one of her pairs.  They're warm and cozy, wash beautifully and have held up to a TON of wear. 

It's possible that it's just my house but OH MY GOSH THE CUPS!  I felt like over break there were about 17 plastic cups all over the place at any given time.  

Need a sip of water?  Grab a little cup.  Orange juice?  Why don't you grab a new cup! 

In an effort to minimize our excessive cup usage I got rid of the eleventy billion little plastic ones we had (which, honestly, they have pretty much outgrown anyway) and snagged  this set of 16-oz stainless steel tumblers.  I had Amanda make a vinyl name sticker for each of them and it has been working PERFECTLY!  I have a dish towel out next to the fridge and they just rinse them out when they're done and then put them on the little towel for the next time they need a cup.  I did the name labels so that they would know whose was whose and the whole thing has worked just beautifully.  And that was WAY more words than I ever thought I'd be typing about cups :) hahaha

I mentioned on Instagram one time that we had ants on our inside windowsill back in the Fall (because I'm nothing if not RIVETING!) and someone recommended  these any baits.  We cut one open and set it out and within minutes there were HUNDREDS of ants coming in through the window, going into the trap and then going back out.  It was crazy.  It continued for a day or so (they were only going in and out of the trap.... they weren't going all over the place) and then they were gone and never came back!  I realize that this may be my most random recommendation EVER, but I am so grateful someone told me about them so I thought I'd pass the info along :)

We've used  Everyone Soap for a while now and I love it because it's one and done.  I have a bottle in the shower and one by the tub and don't need anything else for the kids.  The shampoo works great and makes perfect bubbles in the tub.  The coconut lemon scent is what I ordered back in the Fall and we LOVE IT!

Here's a condensed list of everything from the post in case you missed a link...

So there's my random list!  I'd love to know what your favorite Amazon finds have been lately!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!!!


  1. You always have the best Amazon finds. Thanks for posting about the puzzles. My daughter loves them, and this gives me some new ones to browse through. And I'm also going to check out the white t-shirts for my husband. We usually buy the Costco brand, but maybe these are better?

    I posted about my Prime Purchases today also and even have a link up!
    Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. Bahahahahaha! Why do I love this random assortment so much?!

  3. I put the Christmas tree bag and the elderberry gummies in my Amazon cart! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The bug guy who comes and sprays our house twice a year recommended the same ant bait for our ant problem. He told me the same thing....there will be quite a few ants coming but you have to leave them alone and then all of a sudden they will be gone.

  5. These are my very favorite posts! We've used those ant baits with great success, so it's a great rec! We also have the same cup problem at our house, and my kids fight over certain ones....I love your idea, and that might help restore a little peace (well, at least over the cups).

  6. I love the amazon haul posts....you have such great ideas and I have ordered several of your suggested games to play with my grandchildren! Thanks!

  7. There are some great finds here! I need to check out that soap. I also do the same thing with swimsuits or coats (order ahead) if I find them on sale. I love that pitcher.

  8. I love those ant baits! My dad recommended them to me years ago and we have had to use them several times, always with great results!

  9. Ive heard so much about the everyone soap! THese are some great finds!

  10. Great list! Several of these things are going in my Amazon cart today! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. The cup idea is GENIUS and is going to change my life! Talk about riveting, eh?!

  12. Love your Amazon post!!! Clicking "Add to Cart" right now!

  13. You're not helping my amazon addiction, but solid picks with these. Thanks!


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