Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Christmas Eve 2018

I'm just now getting around to sorting through my pictures from Christmas and I'm still having a hard time that it's come and gone!  Christmas Eve we headed to the brand new Play Street in Keller for some playtime, Santa talk and cookies with milk ALL while being out of our house and keeping our cleaned house clean :) 

The Santa there was FANTASTIC and so much fun!  He did the usual photos and such and then spent the rest of the time playing with the kids - so sweet!

Santa read "The Night Before Christmas" and it was the sweetest thing ever.

"His nose....

... like a cherry" 

We had cookies and milk, hugged Santa goodbye and then headed back home to finish some Christmas Eve prep and get to church.

Home, showered, changed and REALLY excited about her sparkly dress :)

And equally excited about the tic tacs that Buddy the Elf left that morning.

Self timer for the win!

Waiting for church to start and I feel like G's face was pretty much what mine looked like... I love a Christmas Eve service!

The service was wonderful - is there anything sweeter than little candlelit faces on Christmas Eve? 

Sidenote - Mason bent over to look at something and SINGED OFF HIS HAIR!!!  It smelled horrible and definitely took a little bit away from the "Oh, Holy Night" moment but Y'ALL!!! hahaha

After church we went back to our house and my parents, Mark and Diana (my brother and SIL) and Beau and Davis (our nephews) came over.  I did a bunch of different appetizers and we ate, opened presents and had a great time.


The "after party" included breaking out the new crokinole board we got my parents.  We played this ALL THE TIME growing up and over the years their board went missing and so we got them a new one this year for Christmas.  I ordered it from Canada a couple of months ago and it took every single ounce of my willpower not to give it to them early.

We put out cookies and milk, wrote our letters to Santa and then the elves got to work...

... including this plot to keep the kids upstairs until the designated time :) hahaha

Happy New Year, friends!!!


  1. The elf's plot to keep the kiddos upstairs is genius! Your Christmas Eve celebration sounds perfect--except for maybe Mason's hair getting singed off! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, Solon was so so worried he was going to burn his hair but he didn't, I won't tell him it happened to someone else ;). I love Christmas and all the sweet memories. I love how you decorated the stairs!!!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas Eve. I feel the same way, Christmas came and went so fast.

  4. Looks wonderful! That Play Street museum is the cutest..every town should have one. Happy New Year!

  5. Our church had everyone use the flashlights on their phones instead of candles. It’s one of my favorites of the Christmas season.

  6. Crokinole and Nanaimo Bars!! You're doing it right ;)
    Happy New Year from Canada.

  7. I wondered what that game was when I saw it in one of you posts (maybe Instagram). Love the plan to keep the kids upstairs! Genius!

  8. This was the first year I wasn't worried someone would set their hair on fire during the candlelit part of the service. Yikes! I'm sorry it happened to Mason.

    And my dad made us a crokinole board which he gave to us in March and we LOVE it. What a great gift!


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