Thursday, January 3, 2019

Christmas Day 2018

Christmas Day this year was pretty much perfection.  I let go of a few things that really didn't matter and felt like we just really enjoyed the day. 

Last year Santa wrapped the kids presents and this year they were unwrapped so we were stuck with the dilemma of how to keep the kids from coming down at 5 am and peeking so Buddy the Elf made this "Mission Impossible-esque" staircase out of crepe paper and then had a chalkboard sign that said "Wait 4 your parents" :)   It worked like a charm and we started hearing lots of giggling around 6:45.

This gave us time to put on the tea, get the camera, etc AND built up some serious anticipation.  

Santa brought the boys a Nintendo Switch and a couple of games (a bundle from Costco) and Griffin got a new bike.  She has always ridden her brothers hand-me-down bikes and was SO PUMPED about the banana seat, petal pedals (seriously!), basket and spokey dokes (who else had these as a kid?!?!?!) 

After checking out the Santa gifts we move onto stockings and we like to take turns watching each other open and share what Santa left in them.  It's usually a few little toys (jacks, a harmonica, Lego mini-figures, a small stuffed animal), a book, stickers, markers, a piece of clothing, etc.  

After stockings the kids will usually open their gifts from me and Dave - but this year the boys took off and ran upstairs and came down as excited as I've ever seen them.  When I took Griffin to see The Nutcracker a few weeks ago, my mom took the boys to Tuesday Morning to pick out gifts for me and Dave.  They wrapped them at her house and kept them a secret - we seriously had NO idea!  The gifts were by far my most favorite of the day and even how they wrote our gift tags in pig latin "just in case" we found them hidden in their rooms was the sweetest.  


Luke picked out this lovely fountain for me and a glass chess set for Dave.  Mason got Dave "thermal socks" and got me a glittery paperweight that says boss lady... "because you're kind of bossy, but also a lady"  ;)  I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard!

Luke got a snap circuits rover, Harry Potter lego set and laser tag set from us. 

Mason got a magic set, two new OSMO games and a wooden marble run.

Griffin got two new Barbies and a doll house sized perfectly for them :)  She BEGGED for a dream house - but I couldn't pull the $$ trigger on something made out of plastic so we opted for a non-Barbie brand but Barbie-sized option that we hope to have for many years and that she ADORES (and it was less expensive!)

I surprised Dave with tickets to see STOMP here this Spring.  He LOVES him some percussion and actually came in second place doing a stomp-like performance in a nationwide talent competition on the Donny and Marie show while we were in high school :) I got tickets for our whole family and he can't wait to introduce our kids to one of his loves!  I actually wrapped up 5 plastic letters (S, T, O, M and P) and he had to unscramble them.

We opened presents and then got straight into playing :) 

I popped a breakfast casserole into the oven (I prepped it the day before) and managed to snap a picture in front of the Christmas tree before my parents came by for brunch and more presents. 

We kept things super casual and snacked on casserole and cake while the kids opened gifts from my parents and then played some more :)

My parents headed home and we took a self-timer pic before putting on real clothes and heading to Dave's aunt and uncle's house for a late lunch.

Self timer fail (not sure why I'm standing half behind Dave - hahaha), but our only picture together from the morning so I'll take it ;)

We had a great time with Dave's family...

... and then it was back home and back in PJs :)

Is there any better mess than Christmas mess?  I don't think so.

We ended the night watching The Santa Clause on the couch after a dinner of Christmas sweets and leftover appetizers from Christmas eve.  Pretty perfect if you ask me!

It was a super laid back Christmas day - just the way we like it!

One of my goals is always to make more videos - now my new goal is to actually be in them :)  

Happy Thursday, friends!!!


  1. My boys got that same marble run for Christmas and my 4 year old is loving it! Are those extension tracks on top of the box in the one picture?

  2. I used to pull out Stomp videos for sub days...dont think I ever had any behavior issues/comments to deal with when I got back. 😉

  3. There is NOTHING better than a messy living room on Christmas morning! 😍 Smart thinking on the Barbie dream house ... Millie Jo got one last year for Christmas & the thing is HUGE!! I’m already wanting to get rid of it! #facepalm

  4. My little girl got a KidKraft house, too! They really are so great vs. some of the other options out there.

  5. Andrea,
    I absolutely love your posts!! I’m officially naming you the Martha Stewart of how to create lasting childhood memories for your children! I’m in awe of how you teach plus do all the other “stuff” to create a wonderful home for your family. I’m a 51 year old 2nd Grade teacher, married 27 years to my high school sweetheart, and the proud mom of an 18 year old freshman in college and a 22 year old college graduate who works full time. Keep doing what you’re doing- I love it! Happy New Year!
    Kathy in California

  6. Andrea! The pig latin, "just in case", and"because you're kind of bossy, but also a lady" made me laugh out loud (for real!) and GG's reaction when Dave brought out the dollhouse brought tears (for real!) It looks like you had the perfect Christmas. So wonderful! Now, inquiring minds want to know, what did Dave get you for Christmas? ;)

  7. Looks like a wonderful day! The boys' gifts to you are my favorite. #bosslady :)

  8. LOVE the video!! What a Merry Christmas indeed!

  9. Let me just say how refreshing it is to see quality over quantity gifts!!
    I’d much rather see kids get 2 -3 amazing gifts that they truly want and enjoy, than a bunch of junk wrapped up just for the sake of opening
    Good job Mama!!!

  10. We took our kids to Stomp a few years ago and we all loved it!

  11. Okay that barbie house is WAY cuter than the dream house anyway!!!

  12. Andrea, I love how creative you are for your kids, but I really loved that you were creative with Dave's gift and that he had to unscramble letters to figure it out!

  13. So fun! Where did you get the kids pj’s?


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