Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  It's our last FULL week of school before break and I'm prepped and READY!

The weekend started off on a high note when I got to meet a friend's brand new baby boys and have some serious snuggle time.  Just when you think newborn snuggles can't get any better you get to hold TWO newborns!  I mean!

Saturday morning we braved the cold and wet and headed to  Prestonwood for their Gift of Christmas show with Gibi and Haha.

The show was INCREDIBLE as always - it's absolutely unbelievable.

There's a 50-piece orchestra, cast of about 1000, incredible sets and 100 minutes of pure awe.  Seriously.  So good.  

And even better with binoculars :)

After the Gift of Christmas we headed to a birthday party for one of Griffin's classmates.  There was a ton of pink, glitter and pink glitter :)  PERFECT!

Friends of ours were attending the Army/Navy game and so the boys picked sides and sported their team colors...

... and were so pumped when they got a facetime call to check out the field!  How fun is that?!?!

Saturday night we went to Play Street for a gingerbread decorating party... except they were paper mache houses :) hahaha

Everything was SO CUTE and it was BY FAR the best gingerbread decorating experience we've had mainly because it wasn't done in my kitchen :) 

Just when you think Play Street can't get any cuter they go and decorate for Christmas.  PRECIOUS!

There was more candy than we have EVER had at home and my kids were in creative heaven.

They also had sugar cookies that the kids could decorate - Mason thoroughly enjoyed (and so much better than gingerbread for kids!!!)

It had been a busy day and when we got home we all pretty much crashed.  Including me and the "outside cat" who Dave found asleep on the couch with me when he got home from work later that night :) 

On Sunday, after church and a special mommy/daughter date (more on that later!) we met up with Narci, Santa and Mrs. Claus!

This is one of the SWEETEST little moments for us and watching the kids interact with Santa and Mrs. Claus is priceless!

Our evening looked a lot like this - with some dinner, hot cocoa and football thrown in.

Here's hoping that y'all had a wonderful weekend!  HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. The gingerbread decorating was pure genius!!!

  2. What a fun, Christmas-y weekend! Santa and Mrs. Claus look incredible!

  3. Play Street is seriously the cutest! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Oh my goodness that production sounds amazing. We went to see Elf the musical yesterday and it was just the cutest and put us all in the Christmas-y mood. Now, we just need some snow ;)! Happy Monday!

  5. I sure wish we had a Play Street here for my grandkids--just the cutest place!!! What a fun weekend!

  6. What a fun weekend. That event looks absolutely amazing. I just love these weekends in December!

  7. Whata WONDERFUL weekend!!! So festive and full of joy!

  8. I have a couple of questions. Where did the names Gibi and Haha originate? Soooo cute. Also, the picture of Griffin kneeling on a bench and decorating . . . what kind of purse is that? Is it gold glitter reindeer? I love your blog!

    1. My mom picked Gibi for "Grandma Buchanan" (like G B but with I's in it) and my dad picked Grandpa and when Luke was about two he started calling him Haha and it stuck :) And yes... a gold glitter reindeer!

  9. What fun weekend! Love GG's dress:) And the Play Street so cute, I too wish we had one local to take my grands.

  10. SOunds like fun! Love the gingerbread experience! Griffin's dress and reindeer purse..absolutely adorable!

  11. What are the twin boys named??? I remember when you asked for ideas on Instagram!!! They are adorable.

  12. Where is Griffin's adorable dress from???


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