Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Decor - Part 1

My intention today was to show you ALLL of our Christmas decor throughout the house but then my hard drive crashed, my iCloud stopped updating and I lost a chunk of recent photos (NOOOO!!!!).  All that to say, it was just some Christmas decor pics and I am SO GRATEFUL to have my computer back so I'm going to reshoot the pictures and share some of our decor today and some later this week.

If you remember this post I shared about the flocked tree we bought for our bedroom and how excited I was to have a tree in here and a flocked tree at that.  

I filled it with mercury glass ornaments as well as some larger shatterproof ornaments and little crystal picks from Hobby Lobby and absolutely adore it.

I put a few extra ornaments in this compote on our dresser and that was it!  The tree is STUNNING at night and I'm pondering if it would be weird to leave it up in here year round :)

Next is the playroom... my absolute FAVORITE room to decorate for Christmas. 

The tree up here is the BEST and is complete magic at night.  

It's packed with fun ornaments and the kids did this one 100% on their own - which means there's clumps and clusters of ornaments and pretty much nothing on the back side of the tree :)

I let the kids pick out ornaments when we're out and about - these are all from Target and Michaels.  

The more color, the better and anything goes. 

I mean anything - including a taco truck, rocket ship, yeti, narwhal, and the list goes on.

The garland on the tree was a Homegoods find...

And my standing favorite ornament is this little number from Target :)

And here she is in all of her colorful glory :)

We topped it off with a steel drum nativity star from The Marketplace and couldn't love it more.

The bookcase is filled with bottlebrush trees...

... the boys wanted them all on the top shelf "like a forest" so that's what we did!  The trees are from Hobby Lobby, Homegoods and a couple from Michaels.

The sweetest nativity that we picked up at the Christmas Market last year...

... a few Christmas Hohos that were a gift from Crystal at Little Bit Funky...

... and Griffin's handprint Christmas art project from school last year.

Other little touches include the glass lamp full of ornaments and block nativity set on the art table...

... this precious pillow (Homegoods)...

... and a garland on the TV stand.

 I'm excited to share the rest of the house, but honestly, these were the two rooms I was most excited about :)

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

PS - I put together two little scrolling shopping links below to get the look in our bedroom and in the playroom.  They use affiliate links and I so appreciate you reading and supporting my blog!


  1. You probably mentioned this in a previous post but where is your galvanized bucket holder on the art table from? I love it! :)

  2. Everything looks GORGEOUS!! I just want to sit in your bedroom and read a book.

  3. I always love that kids room area at Christmas. It's just so fun! I think yo should leave up your bedroom tree for the winter, it's beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh everything is beautiful! I love it all! I especially love that tree in your bedroom! I would want to leave it up all winter since it is so pretty!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Would love a link to the area run in your playroom.

    1. Sure! If you google "Momfessionals playroom" the post it's linked on should pop up :)

  6. I'm in love with your playroom tree & decorations.

  7. Love love love! The playroom is so bright and colorful and just perfect =)

  8. I love that tree in the playroom. How fun. I really want a flocked tree in my bedroom. How beautiful and I bet it looks amazing at night!

  9. You have such a gift for decorating and making your home cozy. Can't wait for part 2.

  10. Maybe you should consider hiring the kids out as tree decorators. I love it!!!

  11. I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up that steel drum nativity star last month when I saw it! :(

  12. I love it! Where is your advent calendar in the playroom from? I love the colors!

  13. The tree in your bedroom is AMAZING!!!!! So pretty!

  14. Looks so pretty, friend!!!

  15. Sorry if I missed it but where is the tree from in the playroom?


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