Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018

Well, Halloween has come and gone and I can't even believe it!  This year's family costume was SO MUCH FUN and I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life.  

When I saw  this picture while googling group costumes I couldn't wait to run the idea by the kids and after watching a few (appropriate!) clips from the movies they were on board.  I think what sold them was all being the same person while being different people :)  Mason is a total ham and so he ate up the newscaster gig and Luke was pumped about the racecar driver suit.  

The costumes came in and we tried everything on and snapped a pic a few days ago while the weather was sunny since the forecast for actual Halloween was looking grim - can you even believe that I took TWO photos with a self timer to get the pic above?  It was a miracle!

Y'all.  I can't even deal.  He was PERFECT!! The costume came with a wig that was too small for his head but I don't even think it mattered because his mustache was so amazing.  And yes... that's nis "newsman face".

Griffin insisted that the feather go in the front of her hat and I LOVED her costume!!!  I'm hoping I can get her back in it before Christmas.

Shake and bake, baby! Shake. And. Bake.

We were so excited about letting Luke watch some of the hilarious scenes from Talladega Nights to prep for his role but movies are never more inappropriate than when you're about to watch them with your kids!  Maybe in a few years :) 

I have no words.  None.  Okay, I have a few - Dave is the BEST sport of all time.   I'm just mad at myself that I didn't think to get a picture of him holding Jack Bauer!

And here I am before trick-or-treating sans the red pants :)

Ron Burgundy / Buddy the Elf / Ricky Bobby

We carved our pumpkins on Tuesday night and had so much fun!  My dad stopped by to hang out while we carved and the kids were so proud of their creations.

Trick-or-treating was looking iffy because of the weather but after some pretty heavy rain and a BIG temperature drop the clouds cleared and it was time to head out!  

 Griffin was feeling self conscious about wearing her Elf costume and so she asked to wear one of her dress-up dresses instead (because they're "prettier")... as much as I love a family costume I wouldn't ever make them wear something they didn't want to and she was LOVING her Halloween Queen dress. Can't you tell!?!?!

A little crimper and black lip and she was good to go!

My forever Halloween date :)  

Our crew for the night...

We made our way around the neighborhood...

... and even ran into Miss Bernie ;)  After a round of hugs from her we headed back to the house to check out the loot.

Let the sugar rush begin!

It was such a fun night and we were all so glad that the weather held off long enough for trick-or-treating.  The boys were plotting a group costume with their friends for next year so I'm sad to say that this may have been the last year of the "family costume"... but if that's the case I'm glad we went out with a bang ;)  I hope that y'all had a super fun night and have some extra Reese's packed in your lunch today.  

Happy Thursday, friends!!!


  1. Ah! I missed being with you guys, but it looks like you had so much fun!!

  2. You guys always have such fun family costumes. :) Glad it was a great Halloween!

  3. The best costumes I have ever seen! Just the cutest :) You are the coolest Mom!

  4. I love Halloween! I love the family costumes. What a fun night for you all!

  5. LOVE family costumes - that was awesome!

  6. When I saw your family pic on IG, it made me smile! Great costumes!!

  7. Halloween is not my favorite but this certainly is! You make it all so much fun:)

  8. Would you mind sharing the tripod (or whatever you used) to take the family picture! Thank you :)

  9. As a major Will Ferrell fan I'm dying! This is so awesome!

  10. Awesome costumes!!! Love, love, love!!!


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