Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekend Top 10

Friday was a GOOD day in our house because it was PJ day!  The kids LOVE hanging up their polos for the day and getting to go to school in comfies...

They do a little parade down the deck and it's a really fun morning.  Luke's best friend is a TON of fun...

.... and I was dying laughing at this picture of the m because it pretty much sums up their relationship :) 

Watching for her brothers...

Mason had football practice after school and when I went to pick him up he and a few of his buddies were playing basketball with some high school boys.  I taught those boys in middle school and loved watching them play with Mason and his friends.  They were so sweet to the younger boys and these kind of moments are some of what make me so glad that we're part of a PK-12 school.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for Mason's first football game of the day. 

It was extra special because Griffin was cheering for him!  The other games she's cheered at have been the first grade games so this was really sweet.

Captains ready to walk out onto the field..

Gibi and Haha came to watch as well.

And so did Uncle Mark, Beau and Davis!

After the game everyone came back to our house and we ate lunch and hung out.

We even got a cousin picture with everyone smiling!!!

Griffin went to a friend's birthday party...

I sported the "football mom" uniform...

... and Mason played a second football game.

He played SO HARD and he got his team's 110% award.  And it was made even sweeter when his best friend got the "money play of the game" award.  SO FUN!

They're the best :)

Saturday night we laid low and played way too many rounds of Sorry.

Sunday morning Griffin rocked a cute Halloween top to church...

... and Mason sported his football chain.  "Because, MOM! It's a CROSS and this is CHURCH!"

We ended Sunday night with a little dance party ramped up a couple of notches by the football chain.  :) hahaha

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. How fun your kiddos had a cheering section on Saturday!! I bet they both loved it! :)

  2. Looks like a perfect little weekend! And Mason's cross? It's awesome.

  3. I'm still laughing about Mason wearing that necklace to church yesterday! So funny!!!

  4. OMG...That necklace is EVERYTHING!!! Way to go Mason!!

  5. Those big chains are killing me! So funny and so cute and I bet the boys just love them! What a great weekend! I think every Friday should be pajama day!

  6. A weekend filled with all the best of things, so fun! You are an adorable "football mom":). Happy Monday, Andrea!


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