Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's Friday AND it feels like Fall around here - talk about the perfect combination!

As always,  ErikaNarci and I are sharing our FAVORITES and we'd love it if you'd grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own favorites post.

Today is the LAST DAY to purchase a Holt shirt!!! Seeing the huge outpouring of support has been a FAVORITE and I know how appreciative his parents are.

First up on my list of FAVORITES was last week when it was Mrs. Hamilton's birthday.  Mrs. Hamilton has been all three of my kids Kindergarten teacher and we all ADORE her.   Everyone wanted to make her a card for her birthday and I was LOVING them!  Griffin and Mrs. Hamilton holding hands and looking at a rainbow unicorn underneath a rainbow :) 

And Mason's repeated use of "Mrs. Hamilton" was just about the sweetest thing ever.

My next FAVORITE is our school's extended school supervision program.  Not only does the program allow me time to get a TON of work done after school but it also allows my kids to get to meet and become friends with kids across all of the elementary grades that they normally wouldn't interact with.  Griffin especially loves hanging out with the "big girls" and they are such sweet little friends.  Here we are walking out the other day with one of her ESS buddies :)

Next up are family photo outfit ideas!  I shared several yesterday and here's a peek at what my kids will be wearing for our photos...

... the three shirts on the left were options for Luke.  Any guesses on which one I went with?  The romper is from Remie Girl and is SO SO SO CUTE in person!

Mason sneaking in reading whenever and wherever he can is my absolute FAVORITE.  He got up and dressed early just so he could lay in my bed and read for a little while longer :) 

I wore one of  my FAVORITE dresses earlier this week...

... and paired it with  these super comfy wedges and  these earrings.

And then it cooled off and I got to break out  my FAVORITE sweater and  these leggings.

And speaking of cooling off - one of my FAVORITE parts of gorgeous weather is having all the windows and doors open in my classroom and getting fresh air all day.  I have two windows on either side of my classroom which makes for an awesome breeze.

"Driveway Dinners" are another perk of Fall temps...

... I keep it simple and varied and the kids LOVE these kinds of nights.

I absolutely loved sharing the spooky addition to doodle town on Tuesday and getting messages like the one below all week long was my FAVORITE part...

A month or so I got a BIG bag of beauty samples from Nordstrom and I've been working my way through them.  I tried  this facial cleanser/mask the other day and LOVED IT!  Like... it may be my favorite mask ever.  Funny thing is - apparently it's a men's product?!?!?  It was light and easy to put on, washed off easily, had a really nice scent and left my face feeling SO clean and soft. You can use it as a cleanser or as a mask which I thought was a great idea and I ordered a regular sized tube of it for myself.  You could totally order one as a stocking stuffer for your husband and then try it yourself and see what I'm talking about :) 

 Seeing cute kids art and encouraging words out on the circle at school is always a FAVORITE.

Another random FAVORITE are fun, seasonal dish towels...

They make my kitchen happy!

 This website is where I've been finding tons of cute tees lately like this "But First Dance" one. I just ordered a few for Christmas as well!  They're a great price which is always a FAVORITE.

Last, but not least - I know that so many of y'all were praying for Tim and Meagan and their family this past summer after some major complications in their adoption of their daughter Violet and my FAVORITE part of the week was when Violet's adoption was FINALIZED!  PRAISE JESUS!!!  Thank y'all so much for covering Violet in prayer and for praying that she was safe and loved.

PS - How amazing are these photos?!?!  Narci - you are brilliant, friend!!!

We have a weekend full of make-up football games and we're crossing our fingers that those don't get rained out!  We're also trying to finally close up the pool (read - deflate and pack up all the toys... the pool actually runs year round) and get some outdoor Halloween decorations up.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!

PS - This post contained affiliate links... thank you so much fo reading and supporting my blog!


  1. That is so wonderful that all your kids had the same kindergarten teacher. And what incredible news about Violet. Thanks for the tip on the men's cleanser. I'm always looking for little "beauty" buys for my husband. Have a wonderful weekend! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I had so many things to say and when I got to those tea towels I lost all train of thought...SO cute!!!

  3. Hi. Thank you so much for the update on Violet. We have adopted and know the worries and have been praying! It made my day!

  4. I mean...Griffin in that sweatshirt is too cute for words!!!

  5. So many awesome favorites today!! The Ruse family is so precious! I just love them and am so happy for them! ❤️❤️

  6. The link to the cute Christmas tees is just Zulilly? Is that right? Always love being able to pick that stuff up early ;0

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the Holt t-shirt deadline! I'll put it on social media today!

  8. So happy to hear Violet's adoption is finalized and she's permanently a member of their family. Thank you for sharing that update and for all the other goodness. I hope the rain holds out for y'all to be able to makeup your games. Happy weekend!

  9. Oh I'm SO SO SO happy that Violet's adoption has been finalized! Also, I'm loving those seasonal towels!

  10. Oh my happy to hear Violet has a forever home. So many sweet pictures and so many favorites in this post!! Still praying for sweet little Holt!! We'll be wearing his T-shirt in Florida for sure!!

  11. I love those tea towels. I also am so happy to hear about Violet's adoption being finalized. Thank you for sharing the update. My students are loving the doodle towns! Thanks for sharing.

  12. My Holt shirt is on the way and I cannot wait to share it on my blog! What a wonderful thing you are doing to help this special family. And I am loving right now that my second grader is finally so into reading independently and I find him all curled up in various places reading a book!


  13. Just teared up hearing that Violet's adoption is finalized. So glad their prayers were answered!

  14. Wonderful to hear that Violet's adoption into the Ruse family has been finalized! The pictures Narci took are beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured forever! Love reading your Friday favorites, as it always brings a smile to my face--if not laughter too! ;)

  15. SO many great things! Griffin’s sweatshirt .. those dish towels AND sweet Violet!!

  16. Narci's pictures are all SO GOOD!! So happy for our sweet friends and baby Violet!! And those tea towels are adorable! That Inspired Chick

  17. Praise !!! Thank you for the follow up on Violet. It is always such a joy to see answered prayers... so often we won't see, this side of heaven, but know He is faithful. It is always a bonus to share, from a distance, in the real life joy!! Hallelujah!

  18. That picture of mom and dad holding Violet at the end is a DEFINITE favorite! Praise the Lord that situation worked out! Our God is good...all the time!

  19. So thankful and happy for the Ruse family! Love the dishtowels, would make a great gift for my girlfriend who is having her kitchen remodeled and maybe one for me too:). Also, tips please for shopping on Zulilly, I find it a little overwhelming!

  20. Thanks for sharing that mask! I was just asking in my post yesterday if anyone had any great recommendations! :) Happy weekend, Andrea!

  21. So happy to hear Violet's adoption was finalized.

  22. Great news on Violet. Thank you for the follow. I am so happy for all of them!!!!


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