Thursday, October 11, 2018

Family Photo Outfit Inspiration

I have so much fun picking out outfits for pictures and thought I'd share some ideas/combinations in case you were looking for inspiration.  I tend to lean toward little to no pattern and more neutral colors because if I want the photos printed or on canvases I like for them to go with my decor which is a bit more neutral. I typically start with Griffin's dress or my outfit and work from there - mainly because I think that boys are easier to shop for.  Other random tips are...

- Mix up the bottoms... don't put everyone in jeans but look for colored denim, etc.
- Layer but avoid too much bulk.  I've DEFINITELY done this on a couple of different occasions and while I love the layered look in theory sometimes I don't like how bulky everyone looks in the final pics. 
- Avoid pattern as much as possible, but use different textures instead

This first combination is my FAVORITE and the closest to what we're planning to wear in our photos this year. 

You can click on any of the items in the collage below by hovering over it (all links below are affiliate links)...

These colors reminded me of my very favorite outfits that we wore in these photos...

I love black and white for photos but don't generally love stripes and so this combination below would be how I would do black and white....

If you're going for something more "holiday" or are looking for outfits for Christmas Eve, a holiday party, pictures with Santa, etc these could be cute....

I try to avoid too much red when we do pictures with Santa because the red in your outfits could clash with his suit.  I LOVE navy, green and yellow/gold for Santa pics!

I ADORE the dress in the collage below.  (I HATE that there wasn't a flat lay of it and how cheesy it looks in the collage though - hahaha).  I think the colors are fantastic and how great would it be with those sweet little girl outfits.  Sigh.  Somebody use it!

I'd love to hear what your family wore/is wearing in your family pictures this year.  Do you plan it out ahead of just let everyone pick an outfit?  Bold colors or neutral?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. I just love stuff like this!! I can't wait to see your photos this year!!

  2. Great ideas...thanks! Could I ask you for a recommendation...My daughter is wearing a Black Velvet Flocked Damask on White Taffeta Dress with Black Sash for pictures. She will be sitting on a red vintage sofa (outside). What color bow in her hair?? I'm so stuck and just don't know! Thank you! I would really appreciate it!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I need to start planning. I love the neutral colors!

  4. Your family pics always turn out so beautiful! You have a great eye!;)

  5. We have family photos coming up in a couple weeks so I've been trying to figure out our outfits. This is so helpful! :)

  6. Picking out my family’s outfits for pictures is one of my most favorite things!!

  7. All the links in the top image are wrong =/ the girl dress goes to boots and the romper goes to a sweater. Can you just list the links instead?


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