Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Top 10

Friday was SUPER exciting - the boys caught frogs in the pool Friday morning (yes... this happens often) and brought them to school to show their teachers.  WE ASKED PERMISSION FIRST and then the boys were able to bring them to their classrooms and share them with their friends. 

It was such a cool learning opportunity for the kids to get to see a HUGE frog up close and their teachers did such a good job talking about how perfectly the frogs are designed and created and I think it will be a day that they all remember for a long time.

When I went to get the big frog from Mason's classroom after school I was walking down the deck with the bucket and a kid reached in to take the frog out and he hopped right off his hand onto the deck.  Mass chaos followed and I ended up soaked and holding a giant frog in front of all the kids and parents.  It was an exciting afternoon for sure.

We brought the frogs home, kissed them goodbye (seriously... Mason LOVED this frog!) and placed them back where we found them (next to the pool, not in it).  They both quickly hopped into the water, swam around and then hopped out and hopped off underneath the gazebo.  We're thinking that they must have their little home under there which is why we find them in the pool so often.

We laughed about the frog returning to his family and telling them that he went on a field trip to school and relaying all the details and fun he had to them under the gazebo :) 

I'm hoping to get Mason to write and illustrate it and I'll have it printed for him.

(Sidenote - we saw the big frog back on the patio over the weekend - looks like we have a friend!)

The rest of Friday wasn't NEARLY as exciting.  Pizza for dinner and movies and snuggles after :) 

Saturday morning Griffin had her Lil' Stangs cheer clinic at school.  They pair the little girls up with Middle and High school cheerleaders and they teach them a dance and cheer that they'll perform at the school-wide tailgate party and homecoming game this weekend. 

Parents got to come at the end and watch and it was SO CUTE!!!

After cheer we grabbed some lunch, changed clothes and headed to Mason's first flag football game of the season.  Last week's game was rained out and he was READY!

Y'all.  I can't even explain how hot it was.  The thermostat was in the eighties but it was about 4000% humidity and the sun was BLAZING.  I'm not sure I've ever been so hot - which says a lot since I've lived in Texas for 21 years.  Bless it.

The boys were getting ridiculously hot on the sidelines so I even grabbed all of our golf umbrellas to try and give them some shade...

The sidelines were pretty cute too :)  Little sisters, unite! (and apply copious amounts of lip gloss)

Saturday night we hung out, ordered food in and watched the TCU-Ohio State game.  

Dave and I cheersing our Pei-Wei.  #datenight ;)

Passed.  Out.  All of them :)

Ready for church and ALL THREE ARE SMILING!!!   I'm super hopeful for Fall family picture this year :) 

Sunday afternoon we went and played at Playstreet...

... and Sunday night was sliders and cookies on the couch with Haha watching the Cowboys.  Perfect way to end the weekend!

This week is going to be a WHIRLWIND!  I'm just going to hold on tight and pray that I make it to Saturday morning : ) It's homecoming week which means all the regular busyness and activities of the week coupled with spirit dress up days, a school-wide tailgate party, Homecoming court coordination, Homecoming game festivities and executing a dance for 150 middle schoolers.  If you're looking for me this week I'll be the highly caffeinated one with a planner in hand :) 

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend and that your week is off to a great start!



  1. Man, y'all had a full AND FUN weekend! Good luck this week, friend!

  2. Oh my gosh that picture above with the mom taking a photo at the soccer game while wearing black pants! How was she not dying!? Eek!

    1. Girl! It was crazy because it was NICE out earlier in the day.... cloudy and overcast and breezy. But all of a sudden the sun came out and the humidity set in and it was NUTS!

  3. The humidity was so terrible on Saturday. The kids and spectator parents are troopers!

    1. This week has been BRUTAL!!! Counting down the days until we get a crisp morning!

  4. That's a great weekend. I love all the frog pictures. Sounds like the perfect ending to the weekend! Happy Monday!

    1. The frog was so much fun and YES... loved ending the weekend that way!

  5. My kids play outdoor sports too. Get a sport-brella ASAP!!! They are so easy and provide tons of shade or protection from rain.

  6. The story about the frogs warmed my heart! It is hot in Indiana as well -

  7. The frog "incident" had me laughing on Friday;). Mom of the Year!! I hope your week is super fun and goes super fast!

  8. What a great post!!!! I love all the pictures!!! Awesome!!!! Have a great day!!!!

  9. There is no tired like Homecoming tired!! Ours is next week!! Eek!

  10. What an awesome weekend!! The frog finding is the best! :)

  11. Mason should write and illistrate a story about the frogs’ adventures!

  12. Hope you hang in there this week. Those frogs are so big :) and we have crazy hot and humid weather up north too! Someone needs to tell summer to simmer down ;)!


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