Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  It's an extra happy Friday around here because it's FAIR DAY!!!  Our plans today are to head to the fair... BUT that's dependent on the weather cooperating AND the crowds not being too bad.  We'll see!

ErikaNarci and I are all sharing our Friday FAVORITES and we'd love for you to link back to one (or all!) of us and share your post as well!

First up on my FAVORITES list today are a few pieces I've picked up at Nordstrom in the past few weeks.  Fall clothes are my FAVORITE and I've had the best time picking out a few things to add to my cool weather wardrobe.  And guess what?!?!  I haven't set foot in the store in FOREVER.  Between online ordering, super easy returns by mail and curbside pickup it just hasn't been necessary - LOVE!

This chambray top is one that I wear ALL THE TIME and it was a staple during the summer and I don't think I'll be retiring it anytime soon.  I layered it underneath  this sweater earlier in the week and was cozy all morning long.  

I talked about  this sweater in gray a couple of weeks ago, well... I loved it so much I ordered it in the rust color as well and it's going to be PERFECT for Fall.  I paired it with  these jeans (which I found to be true to size) and can't wait for it to cool down so I can wear it!

And yes...  these leopard flats are a Fall find and I'm obsessed!!! They're a little bit dressier than my other flats - but so comfy and the perfect pop for lots of Fall outfits.

But my FAVORITE recent Nordstrom find is  this poncho sweater...

It is SO SOFT, a perfect fit and since it's a poncho style and has a lot of "air flow" in the arm holes I don't have to wait two months to wear it :) You do need a tank under it and I think it will be so cute with a long sleeve shirt underneath it this winter.

It was actually chilly one morning this week and I was able to wear it paired with  these leggings.

 You can shop all my FALL Favorites (including  my favorite tunic from last year that's been restocked in a ton of gorgeous colors!) below...

Luke at golf this week was my FAVORITE...

... and his siblings watching tennis while he practiced is a FAVORITE too :)

 Do you know what's not a FAVORITE?  When your Amazon package (filled with snap circuits nonetheless) gets "delivered" to your yard, you don't know it was left out by the street and it gets rained on all night.  Fantastic.  (note - Amazon is replacing everything, but WHAT A PAIN!)

I've had several questions lately about  my FAVORITE candle and getting them to burn evenly.   Well... I've figured it out!  The trick is to not trim the wick AT ALL.  EVER.  It's going to seem weird, I know.  But I promise it works.  And you'll never have all that "extra" wax on the sides when your candle is done (also, make sure that you're burning the candle long enough for the entire top layer to melt!)

Mason got to shop the second grade accelerated reader store earlier this week and watching him pick out some fun things with all the "AR bucks" he's earned by reading and passing AR quizzes was a FAVORITE part of my week.

The weather on Wednesday was my FAVORITE EVER!!!  So much so that we couldn't stand the thought of even coming in for dinner :) 

We played from the minute we got home until it got dark and it was the best.  This kid is crazy :)

My mom stopped by and look how sweet!

And the pretty kitty was right out there in the action.

The. Best.

The little park down the street from our house is still my FAVORITE part of our neighborhood.

And yes.... Jelly Bean came along for the park run :)

Luke put on my beanie because it was "freezing" (y'all... it was about 65 degrees and windy... his Canadian family is so disappointed right now) and I looked up and he was like 17.  NOT my FAVORITE :) 

Last, but not least - I got to spend time with some of my FAVORITE people EVER this week.  We ate, laughed and cracked up that even after being friends for more than ten years we've somehow never run out of things to talk about ;) 

I hope that y'all have an amazing Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Happy Friday, friends!!!

PS - thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering with me on this post and thank you to all of you for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Dinner on Tuesday was SO MUCH FUN!! Enjoy your day at the fair! I’m so jealous!

  2. 1. I love your leopard flats and 2. I loved our night together this week!!

  3. Thank you for the Capri Blue burning tip. It drives me crazy that so much wax gets left behind. I've even tried to scrape it down (ha!) to get it to burn and it just goofs up the candle that much more. Thanks again for sharing!

  4. I had THE BEST time on Tuesday night! The food was amazing, but the company was even better! xoxo

  5. Those flats are to die for! I just love your style!

  6. I loved the grey Free People sweater you posted last week as well. I quickly ordered another in the blush color...goodness now I might have to order the rust! For the record Jelly Bean cracks me up!! I have never seen a cat carry on the way she does...super cute!!!

  7. Fall clothes are the best! Cozy, layered and easy! Love all the stuff you got!

    Happy Friday!

  8. You seem to have the worst mail people! That is so dumb that they didn't deliver to the door!

  9. Your style is seriously the BEST! I love it! I'm short and chubby, so when I attempt your style, I don't look nearly as cute as you do, but I love to live vicariously through you :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. All your fall outfits are SO cute! I'm in love with that chunky knit off-white sweater, too. That's totally my jam. And YES to never trimming the candle wick! My mom taught me that trick when I was little. BEST advice!

  11. I LOVE your flats and the poncho sweater! Although, it's sold out in small right now. I'll have to keep checking back. Enjoy your day at the Fair!! Fair just screams Fall! Simply Tish

  12. So many good favorites this week! I hope you guys get to enjoy the day at the fair and Happy Friday!!

  13. I wondered this morning when I first lit my candles and they seemed to be all torchy that I bet trimming the wick isn't really necessary

  14. What size are you wearing in the poncho? So so cute.

  15. Love that rust and that white sweater! We once had a package left at a local (seasonal) cottage down the road that has a similar address... and my package sat outside for like a good week or two. Luckily even though the box literally disintegrated as we touched it everything inside was still OK.

  16. Love the sweaters. I just love big baggy sweaters. The outfits look great.
    X, Julie | This Main Line Life

  17. You are so adorable! I am loving all of your cozy sweaters and the family fall fun!


  18. What type(style name) are your black Matilda Jane pants?


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