Monday, August 27, 2018

Weekend Top 10

- ONE -
Friday morning we were running behind and the morning was just a bit hectic.  Usually I'll drop them off at Lower School and then park and go in up at Middle School but we didn't have time.  I looked back at the three of them walking down the sidewalk and caught this.  Be still my heart.

- TWO - 
The very best Friday feeling in the whole wide world???  This right here.

That's three weeks worth of lesson plans, homework, quizzes, tests, etc.  YES to the MA'AM!

Friday night we had pizza, played games and these two treated us to a performance.  It should be noted that I definitely didn't buy Griffin a sequined mini dress... that's an adorable mermaid skirt that she pulls up to turn it into a mini dress. Bless her heart :) 

- FOUR -
Saturday morning was biscuits and business :)  Getting our calendar together for the week and carbing up for the day.

- FIVE -
We made our way to Sherwin Williams and picked up a few samples of paint for our downstairs and playroom.  Can't wait to get this process started!

- SIX -
We also made a stop by Costco... we got our membership and then got our shop on!  So glad that there's a Costco in Mckinney now!

Saturday night it was just the kids and I at home and somehow these two and I ended up having a charcoal mask party.  Luke was too cool for us - but next time I think he'll be in :)

The boys were having their 30 minutes of reading time before 30 minutes of iPad and Mason couldn't make it through the reading portion of the evening.  Sweet boy. 

- NINE -
Ready for church!  Now that Griffin is in kinder she's been coming to service with us and bringing her bag of markers and papers along for the ride.

- TEN -
Sunday afternoon the kids went to a rock-climbing/ninja birthday party and then we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening getting ready for the week.  It's going to be a BUSY one so it was great to have time to get organized and ready.

HAPPY MONDAY, friends!!!


  1. Yay for a great weekend!! I gotta know-who goes to Costco and leaves with a giant teddy bear??

    1. I feel like a better question would be who goes to Costco & DOESN'T leave with a giant teddy bear? #wewilltake2please

  2. Mason is my spirit animal. Just one of the many reasons I don't read...I fall asleep every single time.

  3. My kids love face mask parties too :) we are already running behind in the morning for school and we are on day 3 ;)! Have a great week!

  4. What a great weekend. My kids go crazy for face masks. We also love Costco!


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