Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! 

Erika, Narci and I are sharing our favorites from the week and we'd love it if you'd join us.  Just grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share a Friday Favorites post of your own!

First up on my list is my new FAVORITE school tradition.  They just started letting Seniors paint their parking spaces and it is SO FUN!  My kids have loved driving in and seeing all the cool spots and I've had the best time seeing all the creativity and personality :)

It's such a fun tradition and I'm so glad our school has adopted it!

Next up, Dave is my FAVORITE person for a lot of reasons... one of which is that he often brings me my FAVORITE lunch on his day off.  Zoe's spinach and mushroom piadina for the win! 

Monday night we may have found a new FAVORITE spot for family dinner in between activities - McAllisters!  How am I the only parent EVER to not know that their kids meals are $2?!?!?!

Mason started back at football this week and he is soooooo excited to be playing again.  Football has been his FAVORITE sport by far and he's looking forward to "pulling a TON of flags, mom!" this season :)

Picture day was this week and when you have a friend volunteering and she sends you pictures of your kids - FAVORITE!!!

I was telling her how difficult it can be to get Luke to have a "real smile" for pictures and so she made it her mission to get an authentic grin out of him.. she even employed the help of his friends :)

Nailed it!!! 

GG started a new dance class this week at a new dance studio and she fell in LOVE!!! Getting our calendars organized without overscheduling was a FEAT and so once I got the boys activities on the calendar I consulted the dance schedule at her old studio and (unfortunately) none of the classes worked with our schedule SO we moved studios and I let her have her pick between ballet, tap and jazz/hip-hop.  Y'all... she picked the jazz/hip-hop combo class and is IN LOVE!!! She had the best time and said it was her FAVORITE class ever.  I'm a little sad to put the leotards and tights on hold but watching her "freestyle" makes up for it :)

On Tuesday night we met Dave's family to celebrate his birthday (belated due to first week of school and Mason being at camp, etc.) and his mom brought a box with a few things from his childhood including his old "Nintendo Kids" soccer jersey....

Luke wanted to try it on and I'm pretty sure Dave's parents had a flashback to Dave at this age :)

It's still WAY TOO HOT here, but  this polish is my current FAVORITE for putting me in a Fall mood without being too dark and obviously "fallish".  

I also just ordered Fall for NYC, Stop Drop & Shop and Booties on Broadway from the new Fall Collection and I can't wait!

Luke brought home a recorder and believe it or not... it's kind of my FAVORITE thing.  He's LOVING it and as someone who played an instrument all through school I can totally appreciate his enthusiasm :)  Now, do I appreciate him practicing at SIX IN THE MORNING??? Not really.  But he loves it so much it's hard to be too upset :) 

Next up is this chambray shirt I found at TJ Maxx.  I think it's actually  this shirt but in  this color.  I can't find it online but I'll keep my eye out!

We got  our new light fixture hung this week and while it's not my FAVORITE quite yet I think I'll love it in a few days ;)  I'm a creature of habit and it can take me a while to get used to change. hahaha

Last, but not least -  my FAVORITE pantry baskets that I mentioned in my Amazon post earlier this week were linked incorrectly so  here they are again!  And here's a picture of how I use them in our pantry to hold YumBoxes, lunch boxes and a few stand mixer accessories and other kitchen tools.

We have another low key weekend planned and I can't wait!  I hope that all of you who went back to school this week have a restful weekend!!!  HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. After seeing how much Dave and Luke resemble each other, I’m sure his parents were having flashbacks when Luke had that jersey on!

  2. I'm so glad you posted the parking lot pics! I've been thinking about them since you and Allison were discussing them at church. Also...that polish is perfection!

  3. I am the same with changes, I have to live with things for a bit to determine if I raelly love/hate something or if it's just new and different. We love McAllister's and their ginormous cups for iced tea are awesome :)!

  4. I love the painted parking spaces for the Seniors...what a great idea. Now I want to see them all... please share more and the story behind it! So sweet! Plus I guess have to try our local Zoe's that just opened up because that "piadina" looks fantastic. So many cute pictures, the ones of Luke in your husbands old soccer jersey are awesome. I love pictures like that. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. I really like the new light fixture, and the parking spots at your school look like they were painted by professionals! Such a cool thing for HS seniors to do!

  6. I wish we had gotten to paint our spots. I was lucky to get a spot. And love you MJ big ruffles. I always feel like I can't pull them off.

  7. I wish we could have painted our parking spots in high school! This is the coolest little tradition and I love that it's becoming such a popular idea! And now I'm trying to decide if I want McAllister's or Zoe's for lunch today. haha
    That Inspired Chick

  8. You just missed it because up until this summer, kids’ meals at McAlister’s were only 99¢! One of our favorite places!

  9. What a super cool/fun idea to allow the seniors to do that!!!!

  10. I need that color nail polish in my life!!

  11. That parking spot artwork idea is fabulous! Though none of our local schools have assigned parking spaces (or even enough parking for all the students). We don't have a McAllister's anywhere near us but I you can not beat a $2 kids meal!

  12. The real question is how did I not know McAlister's sold $2 kid's meals? I've eaten there so many times. Definitely going to remember this for our next visit. Love the new light fixture!

  13. How much fun that they allow the seniors to paint their spaces! And that shirt you found is so cute!


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