Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Three Things - first day of school

Luke wrapped up his summer writing assignment the day before it was due (he got it from his mama!) and had such a great attitude about it despite a total comedy of errors.  The instructions were to write a 2 page single-spaced or 4 page double-spaced reflection on Because of Winn Dixie and he typed out a beautiful page and a half (double spaced) paper.  He spent another couple of hours working on it, coming up with more ideas, writing it, etc to get it to the 4 page length and when we decided to look over the rubric before printing we noticed that there was a point allocation for handwriting.... ummmm.... what?!?!  Apparently the paper had to be handwritten and either 2 pages single or 4 pages double spaced.  (insert palm onto face here).  At this point he started copying the paper from the computer to notebook paper and we quickly realized that it was going to be WAAAAYYY too long so we had to go back in and shorten it... pretty much to the length it was BEFORE al the extra time he spent on it.  It was a fun day at our house :)  

Luke and his bestie, Lincoln, are in class again this year and when they pulled their class assignments out of their folders at the back-to-school bash I thought that their little bodies were going to burst with excitement.  Seriously.  There was high-fiving, jumping, dabbing and some attempted-flossing. ;)

I still can't believe that Luke is two years away from Middle School.  He has two teachers this year and they change classes throughout the day with his "homeroom" class.  He has one recess instead of two and can buy a la carte items in the cafeteria.   Crazy.  Town.

We are BEYOND grateful that we decided to pursue testing and therapy for Mason's visual processing issues last school year.  He's starting the year off confident and capable and feeling good about himself and his abilities and I'm not sure I could ask for any more than that.  He's still in vision therapy once a week, and gets re-evaluated this coming Monday so we're anxious to hear if he'll continue weekly and if so for how long.  He's made great progress and we have nothing but positive things to say about the entire process.

Mason is PUMPED that this is the year he can start buying ice cream treats in the cafeteria on Fridays :)  Dave and I are trying to work on a system for allowance/chores/etc. because we haven't been great at any kind of consistency with other systems we've put into place but we're determined to come up with something simple but still meaningful to employ.  Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments - mama needs help! :)

Mason was reeeeeeeeally hoping to be in class with his very best friend (they've actually only been together in Pre-K) but handled it so well when he found out they were apart another year.  They have the sweetest little friendship ever and Jack told his mom that "God gave them a superpower to be friends no matter where they were". 

The transition to kindergarten has been an easy one for us because Griffin was in full-time Pre-K last year.  The routine, uniforms, etc. is the "norm" for her so that has been nice but I have a feeling that when the academic portion starts picking up she'll be missing play-based Pre-K ;)

Griffin remains a social butterfly :)  She walked herself to class on Monday (yes... we followed) and on Tuesday when I insisted on walking her down she stopped and hugged at least 3 older-elementary girls that she knows from our after school program and goes, "see you in ESS, girl!"  

Griffin is officially signed up for Lil' Stangs cheer!  She'll get partnered up with a JV/Varsity cheerleader, have practices and perform at a couple of games and pep rallies.  She is PUMPED!  She tells everyone that she's starting "cheerleadering" and I can't wait to see all her pep channeled into cheer.

This is my thirteenth year teaching which makes it my senior year!  If my first year was kindergarten I'd be ready to graduate high school this year.  SO CRAZY!  I'm trying to keep my senioritis at bay :) 

The stars aligned this year and my classes are on the small size and I'm LOVING IT!!!  I've had bigger classes for the past couple of years (when I say bigger I think the biggest I've ever had is 24... small class size is a perk of private school) and I am so excited about the possibilities that smaller classes afford.  Can't wait!

Y'all know that I am NOT a morning person.  Like... at all.  Well, I'm making an effort to get up a FEW minutes earlier so that I don't feel quite as ruched and hectic in the mornings.   It's been two days and I'm one for two so the verdict is still out on whether this plan is going to stick.

And because all the sweet pictures are sweet but not REEEEALLY how they felt about the first day I present you with this...

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Love the book, Because of Winn Dixie!

  2. Loved loved loved this post with lots of details about the first day!!!

  3. I'm so glad I got to see you last night for a post first day recap in person!! I just know that this is going to be YOUR YEAR!!!

  4. Griffin grew into her uniform skirt over the summer! :)
    Your kiddos are the sweetest looking, and sounding, kiddos. I love reading about your family. It's a good thing all blogs aren't as real and sweet as yours.... I'd get nothing done!

  5. I saw that movie on tv one year -- and remember crying like a baby, but in a good, it touched my heart kind of way ... Hoping you and your children have a wonderful, prosperous and learning-filled fun year ahead! By the way ... LOVE your blog ... read it all the time ... it's entertaining and real but fun as well! HAVE A GREAT YEAR!

  6. I loved this post, especially the final picture. That's about what I get when I try to get a picture of my crew.

  7. So happy that you’re having a successful start to the school year! Congratulations on 13 years teaching, that’s a wonderful accomplishment!
    For the ice reward, since it’s a school treat , I would have Mason earn it by making sure his school responsibilities are taken care of such as : bag & lunch packed & uniform laid out the night before , completing homework etc... on time, and/or extra reading

  8. Such cute pictures! Will Luke have you as his teacher when he gets to middle school?

  9. Everyone looks so cute in their uniforms!! Griffin is getting so big! Make it stop!!
    That Inspired Chick

  10. Your kids are just darling. Griffin seriously looks like 12 or 13 - what in the world!

  11. NO BUT SERIOUSLY, I need G's shoes in my size asap :P

    Hope you and the kiddos have the best year yet!!!

  12. How do you keep Shay's sausage ball recipe from sticking all over your hands & fingers? I could barely form balls! Gave up so far - need your help!! Thanks!

  13. Does your school provide uniforms or specifications? We have uniforms but very flexible and students earn days they don’t have to wear them (but still appropriate) And what is your current chore policy? All hands on deck at our home! You’re a part of the family so you contribute, appropriate to age/ability. Works for us!

  14. Oh my gosh they all look too cute, and funny as our school uniform is the same fabric as Griffin's skirt the girls wear it for their tunic and the boys wear it in their tie. I hope you all have a fantastic year we all are all in term 3 here and looking towards our end of year. I just wondered if you would mind sharing the gorgeous font you have used for everyones names which I am loving. Annie

  15. Congratulations on year 13 of teaching! They are so blessed to have you;). I always love pics of your kids but oh. my. word. GG looks like a teenager in this one!


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