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Family Halloween Costume Ideas

I know I've been deep in the throes of back-to-school lately, but today I'm hitting y'all with a big ol' dose of Halloween inspiration :)  

I LOVE A family costume and when I asked on Instagram if people would be willing to share pictures of costumes that their family has worn I was BLOWN AWAY by the creativity that filled my inbox almost immediately.  I've had the best time over the past couple of weeks going through pictures and seeing just how much fun y'all are!

Samantha and her precious family were picture perfect, right?!?!  I can't get over how spot on their costumes are!

Michelle and her family were Little Red Riding Hood and I can't stop giggling at her husband!

Rebekah and her family go ALL OUT and I'm here for it!  Can you even with the BB8 baby bump???

Carrie's sweet family has been a princess, knight and dragon...

... mad scientist and robot...

... and some extra cute super heroes :0

Julianne got festive with her team at school...

... and her crew at home as well :)  Mary Poppins for the win!

Bree's family is giving me all the Disney vibes...

And points for creativity to Chelsa's family whose husband was raised Amish...

Obsessed with the creativity Lindsey's family had with their ocean theme...

... and their circus (complete with mime! hahaha) had me rolling!  Sidenote - love how she's the ring leader!

My kids have been ALL ABOUT the descendents and they flipped over Maleficent and her descendants Mal and Evie.  Emily - y'all are so much fun!!!

Megan's family was all about the donut love and as someone who has enjoyed a few Krispy Kremes at the original store location I approve of this costume :) 

Jasmine's pumpkin treat basket (you know the hard plastic ones?!?!) turned Cousin It may be the best thing I've ever seen.  LOVE!!!

Y'all! Kimberly's family are my kind of people! LOOK HOW FLIPPING FESTIVE AND FUN THEY ARE!!!

This picture is EVERYTHING! Love it!

Can't.  Even.  Deal.

Molly's little oompa loompa isn't a family costume but how could I not post this cutie?!?!

Maggie's family NAILED the Beauty and the Beast theme...

Katrina's family is so cute as Little Red Riding Hood, the woodsman and the big bad wolf...

... a zookeeper and her animals...

... and The Flinstones!

Shannon's crew shows their Halloween spirit at trunk or treat...

And Amy's daughters trunk-or-treat theme makes my math nerd heart go pitter patter!   IN LOVE with the equation on the chalkboard in the bottom of the pic.  So awesome!

Dear Ali, your family is precious! Love, Andrea :)

Obsessing over all of the variations on Little Red Riding Hood and Randi's family nailed it!

Meghan and her mom win Halloween for MAKING these adult paw patrol costumes :) 

and I'm a sucker for a Grease theme!

If there was an attention to detail award Nicole and her family would totally win.  I mean...

I think we can all agree that we never want Lauren to stop dressing her sweet boys in coordinating costumes.  Like, ever.

 Squints from Sandlot and Henry Rowengarter from Rookie of the Year

The Norris's are the cutest Trolls family EVER!  

Lara's crew looks INCREDIBLE! :) 

Way to rock the buns, Natalie!

ALLISON!!!! I want to be part of your family! Cutest EVER!  This lobster is EVERYTHING!

"Two sushi chefs, a piece of salmon nigiri and That little bundle across my chest is a 4 week old shrimp sushi (it’s the baby Bjorn wearing a costume made to fit a dog. I wrapped it around the bjorn and it worked great!!)"

Lydia!!! Captain Hook and Tiger Lily perfection!  Seriously can't get over Captain Hook! 

How sweet is Lindsay's family on their first halloween with a baby?!?!

And Krista, too!

Cutest little pirate fam...

... then "under construction" when she was pregnant with a little girl...

... and then astronauts! LOVE!!!

Tori's family even got their dog in on the theme...

Sarah's ENTIRE family committed to the Trolls theme and I'm all about it!!!
Cloud Guy, Biggie, Mr. Dinkles, Poppy, King Gristle Jr. and Bridget.

Starlett's cop and robbers ;)

Kyle, Krystal and Aubrey are friends of ours from church and school and they're the CUTEST!!!  I'm also officially jealous of Aubrey's hair in the Super Family pic :)

Stephanie's Finding Nemo Theme is EVERYTHING!
A shark, a jellyfish, and the cutest little P. Sherman ever

And Jake and the Neverland Pirates the next year :)

Natasha and Gary are friends of ours from church and look how stinkin' creative they are!!!

And look how fun her costume was when she was pregnant with their daughter Everly.  

PS - Natasha is pregnant with TWIN BOYS due this year and I can't wait to get my hands on them :) 

Ashley's family does a family theme for Trunk-Or-Treat and then her kids get to be whatever their hearts desire for Halloween night.

Which is how her son ended up as a box of Cheez-Its!!!  I DIE!!!

Kristen and her husband were Spartan cheerleaders and her son was the coach...

... and they've also done a post office theme!  Talk about originality!!!

And how creative is Amanda?!?!

And since we're talking creativity Hilary needs a mention as well!

Calvin and Hobbes, Superman Lois Lane and Wonderwoman,  Mr and Mrs Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox and Star Wars.

Danielle's own Duck Dynasty...

Jessica!  I want to trick-or-treat with y'all!!!

"My husband is a 6 foot five PE teacher for our local Middle School. We live in a very small town, and we saw student upon student that were in AWE of my husband having on a costume. Even better, he wore a whistle around his neck and he and I would do high kicks and lunges to the whistle down the side walks."

Bunny and carrots - I can't even deal!!!

Shannon's  Cinderella, fairy godmother, Jaq & Gus couldn't be sweeter...

Jenna's family was "Lions, Tigers and (Chicago) Bears, OH MY!"

Tara's costumes are precious - but I think THAT TREE in the background kind of steals the show... which is saying a lot because they couldn't be more precious!

Melissa, if this was my Halloween picture it would also be my Christmas card :)  LOVE!

Ashley! The pizza planet guy took your theme over the top for me!

And I love the emojis too!

Kristen's daughter picks their theme every year... look what an amazing job she does!

Erin was pregnant with her 5th and had enough family members to be the characters from Inside Out...

Sara's "Oh My" shirts are too cute...

... and so are all of their little hulks :)

Heather keeps on knocking it out of the park...

And Kristin's parents were  Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm - so fun!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent me their photos and shared ideas!  If you're in the market for a family costume idea I hope you found some inspiration. 

Happy THURSDAY, friends!


  1. Holy pictures!! I was cracking up the whole way through!!! So many fantastic ones!

  2. What a cute post! Everyone looks AMAZING!!

  3. I love this post!!! Thanks so much for gathering and sharing! What great ideas.

  4. I’m still laughing about the pe coach! Hysterical!!!

  5. So many great ideas! Sad mine didn't selected but maybe it was too regional or lost in the flood of submissions.

  6. AH! I thought I included everyone! Resend it and I'll add it on :)

  7. I can’t even handle all of this cuteness!!! I think I know what we might do next year!! Hopefully the kiddo agrees. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. OH how fun are these ideas?!?!?! I love this post!

  9. Such a fun post!! Love all these ideas! The cheez-it’s kid might be my fave though!

  10. Wow, what great costumes! I'm not that creative but I love seeing the imagination and creativity in these costumes. I really like that idea for turning a plastic pumpkin into Cousin It

  11. Thanks for sharing our photos! I adore your blog. 😍


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