Monday, July 23, 2018

Weekend Top 10

Luke had a friend sleep over and there was a little bit of excitement during their night swim when they realized there was a HUUUUGE frog in the pool!  It was SUPER fast but finally Mason caught it - one of his prouder moments - especially in front of his big brother and big brother's friend :)  "DUDE! You're fast!!!"

I made mashed potatoes to accompany Friday night's dinner and I'm not sure this kid has ever been more excited to lick the beater :)  And I feel like that says a lot considering how many batches of icing and cookie dough I've made in that mixer!

Ticket to Ride is still our very favorite game - we played multiple rounds this weekend and every time we play we finish with, "okay - maybe one more round!"

My parents air conditioning went out Friday night and so their dog (Scooter) stayed with us during the day on Friday while they were getting it repaired.  Jelly Bean was NOT excited to see him and her fur was an indicator of just that :)  And yes... Jelly Bean has been spending a lot of her days inside because it's been SO DANG HOT!

Dave had to work early on Saturday so the kids and I headed to the movies to
1) beat the heat
2) watch Incredibles 2
3) Eat our weight in popcorn

Tennis anyone?  The courts were only 158.5 degrees this past weekend.  And yes... this is a real reading from the club where Dave works.  NO THANKS!!!

Starting to get in to back-to-school mode and wore what I'm dubbing a perfect "teacher outfit" to church.  Something that is comfortable but still cute and something that I won't mind wearing from 7:00 a.m. all the way through school, practices, appointments after school and a grocery run on the way home :)  

Sunday afternoon snuggles!

We spent a big portion of our weekend doodling and coloring - bubble names, food towns, etc.  I talked about this a bit in my instagram stories - but is this something y'all would like to see in a blog post?

Mason passed OUT the day after Luke's sleepover :)  The big boys were SO SWEET and included Mason for most of the time (making my heart SO HAPPY!) but he was feeling it the day after!  #littlebrotherproblems

HAPPY MONDAY, friends!!!

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  1. You were rocking that teacher outfit yesterday! It was so good to see you! XO

  2. Fun filled weekend!! I did see the doodling on insta stories but I would definitely love to see a blog post about it! Thanks!!

  3. You have the best style, Andrea! And yes, I would love to see how you do your doodles and such. I took a screen shot of your Texas town drawing to see if I could duplicate it!

  4. Hello!!! Where did you get your cute colored stripe bag when you were at the movie? And......yes, I would love to hear more about the doodles and coloring day!!! Your lettering is SOOO cute!!
    Stay cool! Right now it is 70 degrees in Minnesota!

    1. And also the cute pink floral slide sandals?

  5. I'd love to see a blog post on doodling and blog coloring. Also, what age range would you recommend for the ticket to ride game?

  6. Such a fun weekend for you all...I thought Florida heat was bad but I think y’all have it much worse. I would love to see a post on doodling...your drawings and your calendar doodles always impress me! ��

  7. Three cheers for your weekend! What a fun top 10!!

  8. Looks like you all had a great time this weekend. My kids love when I draw them doodles to color. We loved the Incredibles 2. Happy Monday.

  9. Good morning! I saw your Instagram story on the Yumboxes and I'm excited to try one! Could you give some ideas on school morning breakfasts that you do for your kids? I am on the struggle bus everyone morning with that, mostly because I love my sleep! Something easy to put together, and somewhat healthy! Thanks so much!

  10. Looks like a great weekend! My whole family got a kick out of the picture of the cat! You were too kind to keep the dog for a bit. 😊

  11. I was laughing at your insta stories of Jelly Bean all puffed up over the dog. She loves Jack Bauer so I had to laugh when the sweet pup made her nervous :)

  12. Yes to the doodling! I love seeing your drawings/doodles - you are ultra talented!

  13. This heat is insane!! We went to the lake yesterday and were over it by 3. It was just SO hot unless you were completely submerged in the water. Looks like y'all had a fun weekend!!
    That Inspired Chick

  14. We get those huge bullfrogs in our pool, but only in the winter. They are very slow in the winter and we can easily catch them with our net. They gross me out so I am so glad I haven't found one when I am enjoying the pool in the summer. Yeah Mason for catching it!!

  15. Besides the heat, sounds like a great way to spend the weekend :)

  16. OK, so this is totally random, but I saw someone on IG post about their adoption, which reminded me of your friend we had all been praying for recently. I am hoping things worked out for them to keep their precious daughter... did you post about it and I missed it? Praying right now for that baby and their family, whatever may be, that they are all blessed and at peace.

  17. We love Ticket to Ride and have been wanting to try Ticket to Ride Europe


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