Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  We've been back in town all week and that alone was my FAVORITE.  Homebodies unite! 

Erika,  Narci and I are all sharing our FAVORITES from the week and we'd love for you to grab our graphic, link back to us and share your favorites as well!

First on my list is this adorable cheer uniform!  The previous cheer coach had this made for her daughter when she was coaching varsity and she's since outgrown it and passed it along to Griffin - I'm not sure she's ever been more happy!

Mason is concerned that she's going to wear it to every one of his football games... and I can promise you she's going to want to.  #siblinglove

My FAVORITE time of the day??? Quiet time :)  A little snack and a little reading recharge my mama battery for the late afternoon.

Jaure had his yearly checkup and got groomed at the same time and his little face when we pick him up is my FAVORITE!

I ordered  this coat (on sale!) for Griffin and she is OBSESSED!  The color is awesome and it literally feels like a blanket on the inside.  I want one in my size!  The description said that it ran small so I ordered her a 6, but she definitely could have done a 5.  I'm going to keep this size for her since it will be layered over a uniform for school and this way she'll get at least two years of wear out of it.

And it has a fully lined hood which is AWESOME!  Our campus is outdoor and the kids are going outside to go to specials and lunch and so I know she'll get a ton of use out of it.

Ticket to Ride is still our FAVORITE game and we've been playing every night.

Dave's sister and her boyfriend were in town from California this week and we got together with them (and Dave's parents and grandmas) at his brother's house for dinner.  Family time is our FAVORITE!

Dave's mom had wanted a picture of their whole family with Elizabeth and so we took that and then Dave and I snuck our kids in for a picture - we never miss an opportunity to get their picture with these lovely ladies!  It's not lost on us that most kids don't get to hang out with TWO 97 year-old great grandmas on a regular basis.

The boys both did Science camp at school this week (Griffin will be old enough to go next year - WOO HOO!!!) and they had a BLAST and learned a ton.  The pictures that their amazing teacher has been sending me though was my FAVORITE part.

This shirt and  these sandals have been summer favorites for me this week and they're both on sale!  The shirt is flowy and the material is cool and comfy.  Sign me up.  The sandals are some of my favorites to wear and they're comfortable all day long!

We brought out the big Lego bins this weeka nd creating and building has been a FAVORITE activity.  Mason has had me take about 40 pictures of him with his "creations" to send into the Lego magazine :)  Anyone else's kids dying to get their picture in that one section featuring kids creations?!!?!

Yes, I know that it's legit 110 degrees here right now - but sweater weather is our FAVORITE and  this one is so good!  It's on sale, fleece lined (so not itchy!) and Luke approved - WIN!

Jellybean has been hanging out inside this week and she has a FAVORITE spot to be...

... and I can't even be mad at her because she's so dang cute!

I hope y'all have had a great week and that you can stay cool this weekend!

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!!

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  1. That mini cheer uniform on Griffin is soooo very cute!


  2. That pink coat on Griffin is so so cute!! Especially with the new cheer outfit! Happy Friday!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. Can you link the pink coat please? :-)

  4. Aw, the great grandmother picture is priceless! Love!


    1. Isn't it sweet?!?! So grateful for those two lovely ladies!

  5. Love the science camp and yes!, when my boys were younger we sent a few pics into Lego magazine as well;). The great-grandmothers picture with the kids is my favorite!;)

    1. Thank you! I love the picture too :) And if Mason ever appears in the magazine I"ll be sure to share - hahaha

  6. Jean details!!!! They have what I have been looking for!!

  7. I would definitely wear that coat in my size; it looks so soft and warm!

  8. What size are you wearing in the striped tshirt? So cute on you!

  9. What size are you wearing in stripex tshirt? So cute on you!

  10. Super cute of the cat! What bag is that? Love it!

  11. The link for the sandals isn’t working for me :(

  12. Would love to see what you bought girls clothes for Griffin lately! I know you have something picked out cute beside uniforms. Have a child same size/girl.


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