Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Three Things


We had Luke in for an ortho evaluation yesterday and I still can't believe I have a kid old enough to be going to the orthodontist!  WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!  Thankfully he doesn't have any treatment right now (he'll go back in 6 months for another eval) but it's still blowing my mind a bit!


Luke had to read a book this summer and write a reflection paper before the first day of school and it is literally going to be the death of him.  Luke can crank out a beautifully written and highly detailed book report like nobody's business - but asking him to write about what he likes/dislikes/etc. has been a task!  He's getting it done but it hasn't been without some struggle - he's brainstormed, outlined and now it's just the formal writing part left.  #blessit


Luke has been such a big help this summer.  He's always willing to help in whatever way we ask and often finds ways to help out without us asking.  He makes sandwiches for lunch, takes out all the trash, empties the dishwasher and a ton of other things.  I give Dave all the credit for this awesome trait because Dave  has ALWAYS been a "helper".


Mason has been putting his reading skills to good use this summer and while we haven't been "forcing" reading time - we've loved seeing him often choose to read.  He's loving Captain Underpants, 13-Storey Treehouse and the Magic Treehouse series.  The accelerated reader program starts for Mason this year and we're hoping that it just propels his reading even more.


Flag football is about to start up again and Mason is PUMPED about it!  His whole team is going to be back together again and I love how excited and enthusiastic he is.  Plus - I can't wait to see him in his jersey and jeans on Fridays again - nothing cuter!


Mason has had a super creative summer.  I've supplied the paper, markers, glue, paint, etc. and he's supplied the creativity.  His favorite way to create is to "just take the things from my head, put them on paper and then see what it makes".  He has also decided that he wants to be a "maker" when he grows up and make different creations and art projects in a "big outside building".  Mama wouldn't be mad about that one bit!


Griffin has been KILLING us lately with some of the hilarious things she' says.  For example, "Mommy, your belly looks really old when you sit down" and "Why do you have all those stripes on your hands, mommy?"


If Griffin could eat cheese and only cheese all day every day I think she'd be perfectly happy and content.  Babybel, string cheese, cheese sprinkles (parmesan cheese), etc.  She loves it all!  She often will ask for cheese instead of sweets which makes me crack up and realize how much like me she really is. :)  


The countdown to kindergarten is on and she could not be more excited!  Right now she's excited to have "real homework" and we'll see how that plays out ;)  She LOVES school and we can't wait to see how the year unfolds for her.  


Jelly Bean was supposed to be the lowest maintenance member of our family... supposed is the key word.  She will only eat canned cat food and she protests if it's not chilled.  She prefers to drink milk over water and her favorite spot during the day is inside a laundry basket filled with blankets under an AC vent in the laundry room :)  But she's stinkin' sweet so give in to her requests.


It's no secret that I'm NOT a morning person and am a big fan of sleeping in.  I've been waking up around 8:45 every morning when Dave is about to walk out the door and go to work. (PRAISE HANDS!!!)  We discussed last night whether or not I should start the gradual process of waking up early again - kind of easing back into leaving the house by 7 am and I've decided to do what I do every year and take it to the LIMIT and sleep in as many days and as long as possible while I still can.  Y'all can start saying a prayer for me now :) 


Dave and I are deep into information gathering mode.  We have several house projects on the horizon and we're in the quote/info phase which is intimidating and exhausting.  Prioritizing projects is hard too because I'm all, "oooh! but that would be pretty!" and Dave is all, "but what HAS to happen first".  #partypooper  He's probably right though, but my ideas are much prettier than his priorities :) 

I hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!


  1. Fun post!!! But, all the kids look so grown up!!!!!!! WHAH!

  2. Love your blog and reading about your sweet family.

    Most cats love milk, but are lactose intolerant. Fun to see that Jellybean isn't and can enjoy her milk She is a cutey, as is Jack Bauer. Glad you include sharing them on your blog.

    1. Yes, if Jellybean starts to have tummy issues (diarrhea), it could be the milk. I love the picture of her in the bag in the laundry room!

  3. Completely random question - but what is the name of the font you use for your header lines (the kids names in todays post)? I love it!!

    1. Yes!! Andrea, I was going to text you the other day to ask you this! I want to use it in my signs!

  4. Griffin cracks me up--those comments about your belly and hands! Out of the mouths of babes....These update posts on the family are great!

  5. I'm so glad I have at least one friend who also likes to sleep! haha. I thought I was the only one not waking up at 5am! I'm definitely an 8:45er too these days and I'm not looking forward to changing it once school starts. :(
    That Inspired Chick

  6. My husband and I are the same about house projects! I love what Mason wants to be when he grows up. Yay for Kindergarten!

  7. Such cute, cute kiddos and I so enjoy this kind of post. Let's us know a little bit more about your precious family. Blessings!

  8. I am with you on not being a morning person! I am also habitually late...to everything. This is our first year of real school (my oldest is going to PreK-4), and I am DREADING his 7:35 drop-off time. I've had to start the process of going to bed earlier and putting the kids down earlier - my body would be in total shock if I didn't! Good luck! :)

  9. Would you be open to doing a post on all the chores you have your kids do? And tactics on how you get them to do it? :) I have a 10-year old stepson and it is very difficult to get him to do chores we think he's more than capable of doing (like unloading the dishwasher).


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