Monday, June 25, 2018

7 Questions - Part Three

1) Where is the necklace you always wear from?

Waxing Poetic!  I fell in love with the brand 10 years ago while working at a boutique downtown McKinney and have worn one of their necklaces pretty much exclusively since then.  I wear them in the shower, pool, etc. and they look as good as new! 

My original necklace is a medium rolo chain with 5 of the insignia charms...

... and then this past December Dave got me a new one with smaller charms on a daintier chain.  I love them both so much!

2) Is Luke in Speech Therapy?

Yes!  Luke has been in weekly private therapy for the past 2 years for articulation issues and has made AMAZING strides.  He's currently working on mastering his problem sounds at the conversation level (they started with sound, then word, then sentence and then conversation) and we're hoping that he'll wrap up his therapy this coming school year. 

We noticed articulation issues pretty early on, but when we had him evaluated he was within the range that was considered "normal" and so we didn't do much of anything - but by the time 1st grade came to a close we had him reevaluated and enrolled him that summer. 

He does private therapy because my kids attend private school and therefore they don't qualify for the services provided at public school (let me clarify - we could go through the entire process, wait for a "private school opening" and then we'd be assigned a day/time where I would have to bring him to a location to meet with his therapist - with both Dave and I working and Luke in SCHOOL that didn't really make sense) - so we went the private therapy route and couldn't be happier).  

If you're concerned about your child's speech I'd HIGHLY recommend seeking out an evaluation!

3) Where did you buy your couch?

We bought our sectional from Weirs in Plano and we LOVE it!  I tracked it down and you can find it  HERE 
(ps - this isn't an affiliate's just a link where I can track how may people click on it) :)

4) Do you and Dave do date nights?

Dave and I don't do date nights in the traditional sense of the word :)  Dave works in the service industry (he's in the Food and Beverage/Service management side of a country club) and he works several nights a week.  Since going out on a Friday or Saturday night isn't really a possibility for us 99% of the time (he's in charge of service at a restaurant, snack bars, on the golf course and then any special parties/events/weddings that are going on) we like to make the most of the time we DO have which often means dinner and a movie at home after the kids go to bed.  This works for us because we are both total homebodies and would pretty much always prefer pizza in bed to a fancy dinner out :) We're also nerds who like to play card games and backgammon and I actually have a notebook with scores dating back to our honeymoon - yes.... we played Gin on our honeymoon.  We both genuinely enjoy each other's company and so even if we're not out on a "date" we can still have a great time together.

5) What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

I've tried several salon brands and products but always return to my absolute favorite -  Pantene Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner.  I shampoo REALLY well all over, then condition mainly the ends (although I do use a little at my roots) and then lightly shampoo my roots one last time before getting out of the shower.  It works well for me and nothing else leaves my hair feeling as clean, shiny and not weighed down.

6) How much sleep do you normally get? 

This question varies GREATLY for me depending on a few things... ideally (during the school year) I would be asleep by 10:30 and up by 6:00 and sometimes I am.  Other times I get behind on blogging, or have a ton of papers to grade or am up working on Christmas cards or playing Candy Crush and I'm in bed at 2:00 a.m. :)  My family will vouch though that I go-go-go and then crash.  I can go on very little sleep for a couple of weeks and then I completely collapse for two days.  It's just how I operate and what works for me ;)

7) What are your favorite nail polishes? 

I find that I gravitate toward blues/purples/greens and stay away from pink and red on my fingers mainly because I don't feel like they go with as many things as the cooler colors do.  The other nail essential for me is  Seche Vite top coat.  My friend Lori told me about it YEARS ago and I can't do my nails without it now!  It makes your mani look super shiny and smooth and it dries insanely fast.  You can find it at Target but I usually buy mine  HERE from Amazon. 

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  1. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your date night answer!! I am totally fine staying in! I mean, who doesn’t like to eat dinner in your pjs, cuddled up on the couch!?! 🙌🏼

  3. What a fun post! This could be a super fun link up! :)

  4. We just started speech therapy! The school system said his errors weren’t bad enough to qualify so we went the private route since he’s just in PreK. We can already see a difference and it’s only been a month. Hoping to be good to go for K in a year.

  5. Very fun post to read. I love that top coat and cannot do my nails without it now either. We are big time card game people over here too. Lots of rummy...and we also play a lot of dominos. Happy Monday!

  6. I'm one of the ones who has asked about your couch so I'm pumped to see the link!! ;) Now to get Craig on board because he hates spending money on home decor. (But he won't bat an eye dropping the same amount on some stupid technology/electronic! #boys) It is the comfiest couch EVER and obviously so pretty!
    That Inspired Chick


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