Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites

Erika,  Narci and I are sharing our favorites again and we'd love for you to join us!  You can grab our graphic below and link your own Friday Favorites post at the bottom of the post.  

First up on my list of FAVORITES is big kids!  I know I've mentioned this before - but while I do love a baby and LOVED having babies in my house - there's something even more awesome about having big kids.  We made a trip to North Park and they sat at a table by themselves while I went and ordered food (yes, I could see them - but still), they behaved while I was checking out at stores, and we made ONE bathroom stop the whole time... and it was for me.  There's something absolutely glorious about the freedoms that come along with big kids that I think MAY even be better than the baby smell :)

My FAVORITE tote bag is half off right now!!!

Who else would claim Saved by the Bell as one of their FAVORITE shows ever?!?! The episode with the oil drilling on campus... the murder mystery episode... even the beach ones... I loved them all.  I found this cute tee for Mason  HERE and loved that he rocked it so well this week.

Another FAVORITE this week has been  these earrings.  Mustard/gold is one of my go-to colors and I love how lightweight these leather earrings are.  (PS - I wear the large size)

Next up is this mess....

... I know that sounds crazy, but they played nicely together for at least an hour and the cleanup was quick ;)

Speaking of mess... a fridge full of art is one of my summer FAVORITES. (PS - if you're like me and have a LOT of art projects around your house you can have your kids write their names (and/or a sweet note) on the back and deliver them to a local assisted living facility!)

Anthropologie is doing their  annual tag sale and there are so many cute things on sale right now with free shipping!  Here are a few of my FAVORITES...

It was rainy here on Tuesday morning Griffin was SO EXCITED to get to use  this umbrella on our way to Mardel to run a few errands.  This is my new FAVORITE picture because #allthecolors and that little smile!

Next up is something super exciting with one of my FAVORITE people!  My co-worker Sharon was chosen to attend the launch of the SpaceX Falcon rocket at NASA in Cape Canaveral next week!!! How fun is that?!?! She's going to be sharing the whole thing on her Instagram so make sure if you love all things space or have a kid who does that you follow along for all the fun!

When I was screenshotting her profile I screenshotted this pic as well because LOOK HOW CUTE!!!  Sharon has three boys and this her middle and my middle ;)

My boys FAVORITE activity this week has been GOLF! They've gotten super into it and have been out on the course several times this week with Dave and my dad.

My FAVORITE pic that they sent me was this one when they came across a big pack of coyotes in a wooded area - so cute!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!! 

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!!!


  1. I love everything about that umbrella pic with that bow-definitely frame worthy and yes to that tote that would go with everything.

    1. Thank you!!! And the tote is awesome! I carry it all the time!

  2. The launch is in our backyard (we live in Sat Bch just S of the cape) and it's always so fun watching them from the yard or beach! Your friend is going to have the best time!! (on site launch watch is a bucket list for me! I've lived here since middle school and still never gotten to go!)

  3. Totally stealing that first picture idea! And I always say I want a third baby but I so enjoy having a big kid!

  4. So many great pictures!!! Super excited for your friend and her experience at the Kennedy Space Center.

  5. Hi - I was wondering what nail polish you are wearing in the earring picture. I love the color. thanks

  6. My boyfriend works at SpaceX and launch days (and everyday to be honest) are always incredibly exciting around here! Enjoy watching the launch!!


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