Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  We made it through our first week back and are SO GRATEFUL to have a three-day weekend to celebrate :)  

Erika, Narci and I are sharing our favorites from the week and we'd love it if you'd join in on the fun!

First up on my FAVORITES from the week is Griffin's little girlfriends at ESS.  She has this sweet group of older girls who always include her and this week when I went to go get her they were drawing pictures and "selling" their art to other kids (who were paying them with money that they drew).  Mason gave me a nine million dollar bill that he made and I picked out a picture that one of the girls drew...

She looks fabulous up on my board right next to Ryan G :)

I stopped by Trader Joe's earlier this week to pick up some of our regular favorites and stumbled upon a couple of AWESOME new things.

I LOVE a dip with crackers and this one ended up being way better than I expected.  Surprisingly the biggest fan of this dip is Dave!  

I also grabbed this "reduced guilt" guacamole that's made with Greek yogurt and it is SO GOOD!  And since it has the yogurt in it it doesn't brown like typical guacamole does.  (Yes... I'm eating it with a mug full of taco meat for lunch at school because it was the best I could get together in the morning).  ;)

Griffin got a scooter for Christmas and riding it around the house is her FAVORITE.  And yes... she's in a bathing suit because that is also her FAVORITE ;)

And since we're talking swimsuits... it's been the coldest weather EVER here but I've already ordered the kids a few for summer :)  Here are a few of my favorites...

Last week the kids and I went to one of our FAVORITE parks to take their bikes/scooters out for a spin and we had so much fun.  

The weather was GORGEOUS and we had a blast just cruising, checking out the ice and visiting with the dogs at the dog park.

There was still patches of ice in the creek so of course they had to go get them and throw them to watch them break.  We joked that this is probably as close as they'll get to playing in snow this season #sad hahaha

All that scootering called for one of our FAVORITE treats on the way home.

I worked on Monday but the kids didn't go back until Tuesday and Griffin was going through Mommy withdrawals so Facetime was our FAVORITE...

... and Monday night we got to celebrate one of our friends with some of our FAVORITE wrapping paper :)

Last, but not least I snapped this pic of Griffin earlier this week and it's my new FAVORITE because I caught her mid-giggle and she looks so big!  I swear that the change from four to five is HUGE.  It's like they go from toddler straight to big kid and it's just crazy!

I hope that you're staying warm today and that your week was filled with lots of your FAVORITES!

Happy HAPPY Friday, friends!

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  1. Okay, so I love the wrapping paper... where did you find it? Also, random but do you let the your kiddos eat the ice-cream in the car? :) I'm a neat freak, but let them.... and it drives me bonkers!

  2. That dip and guacamole are totally calling my name. YUM! Happy New Year!

  3. And now, I want dip for breakfast. Sigh.

  4. That guacamole is a staple in our house. So good!!!! That with TJ's fresh salsa and their tortilla chips . . . yum!

  5. Totally grabbing that dip next time I'm there!!

  6. Griffin in her swimsuit!! I hope she’s layered up this weekend. It got COLD! Happy Friday!

  7. I need a trip to Trader Joe’s asap! There are such good stuff there always! :)

  8. I just can't believe how big G is getting. I swear Kindergarten they totally change too but who am I kidding. All my kids suddenly seem so much older. Hold me now! Have you tried the Trader Joe's potstickers. We love them! xoxo ERIN

  9. That Trader Joe's guac is the!!

  10. Love all the pictures! :) And if I lived near a Trader Joes, I'd be all over that dip. Looks amazing!

  11. I agree, four to five is HUGE!! It's Millie Jo's birthday weekend & we are celebrating all weekend!! Happy Friday, girl!

  12. You have singlehandedly helped fuel my love for Trader Joe's! Definitely want to try that spinach dip!

    Amanda @

  13. You make me want to try Trader Joe's and how in the world is GG turning 5????

  14. That dip looks so good! I would probably eat the whole thing in one sitting lol. Griffin looks adorable going around on her new scooter. I can't wait for our weather to change so my boys can have all the outside fun again. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  15. Haha! My kids went back this week too and yesterday I brought a “desperation” lunch scrounged from my fridge and my boss kept trying to share hers with me in pity! Well, TGIF sister xoxo

  16. Where did you find donut wrapping paper? It’s amazing and I feel like we need it in our collection🙂


  17. Oh my, that last pic of Griffin just killed me a little with the level of cuteness! So adorable! I actually just picked up my computer and turned it to my friend and said, "Is that not the cutest little girl you have ever seen in your entire life?"!


  18. Looks like a fabulous week! We made it outside (finally) but we went hiking in several inches of snow. We were just so happy to see temps in the double digits.

  19. Gigi is adorable! Where are her jeans from in that last pic?


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