Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas 2017

I can't believe that Christmas was over a week ago!  I had planned on sharing pics last week, but then time got away from me and here we are on January 2nd!

Christmas Eve afternoon we went to Dave's Granny's house for games and food with Dave's dad's side of the family. 

Dave's granny's house is like a time capsule and Griffin and I had fun looking at all the old photos and seeing who she recognized :)

We attempted to snap a quick pic and then headed to church for the Christmas Eve service...

After church we came back home for some Yahtzee and dinner.

I finished up the  cranberry orange bundt cake...

... and we had a blast just hanging out, playing and eating.

After my parents went home we got in our pjs, wrote a note and set out cookies for Santa.  We grabbed a pre-bedtime pic and the kids insisted that the pets be included :)

Christmas morning came bright and early and per our tradition the kids all piled in our bed to go through our stockings.  

A cup of tea and almost an hour later it was time for presents!  First up were gifts from Santa...

... Griffin's box had a note that instructed her to go the front porch...

... where there was a pink scooter waiting for her!

The boys waited patiently and then it was there turn to see what Santa brought...

The iPads were a HIT! :)

I'll post laster about how I set them all up and what apps they love - promise!

Griffin LOVES babies so Dave and I got her this one that is teeny tiny and insanely realistic.

Unwrapping faces are my favorite :)

Mason's favorite gift (despite getting an RC car and iPad among other things) was a box full of beanie boos :)

So my favorite part of Christmas were the gifts from Luke.  Luke has been participating in Bible Drill at church and they earn "Bible bucks" by completing their assignments, memorizing scripture, etc. and then in early December they had a "Bible bucks store" where they got to shop.  The items have all been donated to the store and Luke was THRILLED to come home with presents for all of us (how sweet is that!?!?!?!)  They wrapped them all at the party and he managed to keep them all a secret until Christmas morning which was a total feat :)  

He got Mason a puzzle, I got a candle holder and Christmas picture frame, Dave got football trading cards and a Dallas Cowboys wig (YES! hahaha) and he bought Griffin the best gift of Christmas 2017... a karaoke machine....

... later that morning my parents came over for breakfast and more presents and they got treated to a show (and Dave in his wig!) 

We spent the rest of the morning relaxing and playing...

... and toasting fake cocoa ;)

Later Christmas evening my brother, sister-in-law and nephews came over and Griffin was excited to show Davis her microphone...

... we ate A LOT...

.... we enjoyed the Christmas tree...

... opened presents...

... and I got some baby snuggles #thebest

Dave and I were talking that night after everyone went home and commenting that this was our best Christmas yet.  Nobody had a meltdown (this is our first year not having someone under the age of four - PRAISE!), we had ZERO sibling fighting (a Christmas miracle!) and we didn't have to get out of our PJs a single time :)  

It was an absolutely wonderful day (and a fantastic season!) which makes the fact that it's over that much sadder - but also gives us that much more to look forward to for next year!

Merry (late) Christmas, friends!!!


  1. It sounds like a really wonderful day and you got some amazing photos! I love their faces as they unwrap; I tried to get some of my kids but even with our lights on it was too dark for my camera to focus and they all came out blurry.

  2. what is the brand of the purse you are carrying in the last entry?

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I love how y’all spent your day, we do things very similar here lots of snuggles , eating and relaxing while the kiddos enjoy their gifts.

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  5. Aww how thoughtful is Luke?! That's so sweet!! Do your kids typically give each other gifts for Christmas? My daughter gives my husband and I a gift she made at daycare but I think it's sweet that Luke earned "money" to get you guys something. :) Have a great day!

  6. My absolute favorite is the picture at the table of your mom holding hands with Luke. Precious!

  7. Looks like an awesome Christmas! We had a fairly melt-down free Christmas too!

  8. Happy New Year, Andrea! I loved following your instastories over Christmas and watching the kids' faces when they opened their presents. We only have teenagers at home now and they don't get as "thrilled" over their presents, so thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds perfect! The insta story you posted of Mason opening those beanie boos was hilarious! Happy New Year Andrea!

  10. Looks like a great day! And I love that your kids were in their PJs all day too - when mine were younger, I'd put them in these dressy clothes and then one year I was like, for what? They're so much happier staying in their Christmas jammies all day. Happy New Year!

  11. Looks like a great day! I feel like this was one of our best Christmases to-date as well. Having Christmas tied into a weekend helped slow the pace and let us just be. Happy New Year!

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Glad you were able to have a fantastic Christmas break! Also, I've been keeping up with your instagram and I hope you find the perfect white! ;)

  13. Where didn't you pick up that iPad stand? Would love to pick one up- Thanks & wishing you all a Happy, Happy New Year!

  14. I think my daughter would like the baby doll Griffin got! What brand is it/where did you get it?


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