Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekend Recap - Low and Slow

This weekend we kept things "low and slow" and only left the house to go to breakfast on Saturday morning.  One - because I had a TON of house stuff I needed to get taken care of before Christmas break hits and TWO - I feel like everyone and their mom is sick right now and with exams this week I couldn't risk one of my kids getting sick. hahaha  So we literally just hunkered down and had THE BEST time.

Saturday morning we had Breakfast with Santa at the country club which we've been going to since Luke's very first Christmas.  I feel like the next two pictures are examples of why we hire professional help to get family pictures :)

Everyone kept their requests consistent (thankfully!) and Santa was so sweet!

We saw Santa and then did this...

... and then this...

... one of our favorite mornings of the year!

I actually wore real clothes to breakfast (sweater HERE)...

But the rest of the weekend (literally) I looked like this :)

Saturday afternoon the boys were riding scooters outside one minute and the next thing I knew they were raking leaves in our neighbors front yard.  They were out there for a solid two hours (until it started raining) and even used the leaf blower all on their own.  Sweet boys! 

Meanwhile, Griffin and Jelly Bean were living their best lives with string cheese and the iPad.

Luke worked REEEEALLY hard and Mason was great moral support :)

Griffin went out to "help"...

... but the rain drove us all inside for more snuggles and a movie.  #notmadaboutit

Sunday morning we slept in and I worked on finishing up a few things while the kids built this...

... later in the afternoon the boys raked the background while Griffin and I painted with  THESE. 


Sunday night we played Rummikub, ate pigs in a blanket for dinner (yeah we did!) and 1/2 of us fell asleep on the couch before 7:30.  It was JUST the weekend we needed before our last few days of school this year!

Happy HAPPY Monday, friends!

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  1. Now you're ready to tackle the last few days! Christmas break is in sight, friend! We missed you and your ugly sweater yesterday. :)

  2. I love a low and slow weekend...I also love seeing Jelly Bean in the house :) .

  3. Looks like the perfect cozy weekend! Just a few more days, and it's Christmas break for you! Woohoo!

  4. Looks like the perfect relaxing weekend before a busy week! xoxo ERIN

  5. How sweet are Luke & Mason!?! Sounds like a perfect weekend! Happy Monday, girl!

  6. You are so smart to lay low the weekend before Christmas! This week will fly by:). Happy Monday!

  7. I have weekend envy-lol...mine was crazy busy and I crave slow! Loved watching your instagram live last night!

  8. Love those first two pictures! ;) Family pictures are the death of me. #reallife

  9. aww, Jellybean got to come inside! yay! (maybe she has before - I've been crazy busy and haven't been able to catch up with my fave blogs lately!)


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