Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Teacher Tuesday - Funny Stories

Last Thursday night I was on Instagram stories talking a little bit about how TOUGH being a teacher can be during the last few days before a break.  I asked teachers to send me their funniest teacher stories and my direct message inbox was packed almost immediately!  

My plan was to share them on IG stories, but they are just too good for that so I'm going to share some today and will probably share more in a couple of weeks.  

My plan was to share ten, but I just couldn't cut it down.  So here are twelve stories that I can't stop laughing at :)

- ONE -

- TWO -


- FOUR -

- FIVE -

- SIX -



- NINE -

- TEN - 



So, if you're a teacher... KUDOS to you!  Keep on keepin' on - there's only a few days left before break.

If you're not a teacher... say an extra little prayer for 1) your kids teacher's sanity and 2) that your kid keeps their lips ZIPPED at school :) hahaha


  1. Yes! These are great! I teach second grade and they’re obsessed with my age! Last week they were being sweet saying that I look way younger than 30(my real age). Then one girl said, “Well, you definitely look younger than my grandma!” 😂 It was supposed to be a compliment....I think.

  2. These are all hysterical!! I had so many stories, but I've pretty much forgotten them all! Totally should have written them down!

  3. Hilarious!!! I'll say an extra prayer for all the teachers today! You are special people I truly believe gifted something by God to serve children!

  4. Love these stories! Please start a series!

  5. Yes, teachers definitely deserve a medal or at least a pay raise:). Hang in there, only 4 more days!

    1. Exactly!!! You all deserve every gift you receive + millions.

  6. I teach 7-12 special ed. Oh the stories, but my favorite was when a young boy called out, "Mrs. K, Did you hear about (something big that happened, but I can't remember what he was referring to) in Vagina?" I responded, "Virginia, it happened in VIrginia," and just moved on with the lesson. Same boy told me he was "borned" a black baby while trying to tell me he had lots of dark hair when he was born. Took me a few to get that one translated. LOL

  7. These were awesome! I used to teach kindergarten. I used to teach in a highly populated Muslim community, so the last day before winter break, we didn’t get very many Christmas gifts. Well, one year, I had a very nice boy bring in a gift for me. I was in the hallway, right outside my classroom greeting kids when he handed it to me. My friend who taught next door to me asked me what he got me. I opened the gift bag to take a peek...we’ll, I’m pretty sure my face turned 50 shades of red. I handed the bag to my friend and asked her to please tell me if I saw what I thought I saw. She indeed saw the same thing...inside the bag was a black and purple lace Lingerie top!!!! I should mention that I was newly engaged at this time, so not sure if this was a thought out gift???! Let me tell you, I had a hard time writing that thank you note, lol

  8. HAHAHHA I love all of these so much. My mom teaches preschool/prek/kinder (montessori) and has the best stories. My favorite is that during circle time she asked if anyone had any news from the weekend to share and one boy stood up and loudly proclaimed "ashley has a vagina!" -- He'd just become a big brother and I suppose his sister's anatomy was share-worthy news to him!!! LOL

  9. The dating advice could be my favorite 😂! You teachers are saints! Thank you thank you for teaching our Kids!

  10. Thank you for all the good laughs I had from reading those entertaining teacher moments! I used to teach elementary school 20 years ago before I switched careers, and there is one moment at the beginning of the year I will never forget. We had badges with our name printed on them. My maiden name is Hennessey. Al of the third grade classes switched for language arts in the morning, and my group students were coming into the room for the very first time. A young boy walked up to me and said, "Oh my goodness, your name is Ms. Hennessey?! That's so cool! My daddy drinks you!" Apparently this 3rd grader was quite familiar with his dad's favorite cognac--Hennessy. :)

  11. Oh I am cracking up!! These are great!!

  12. Students are obsessed with age!! I was 23 in my first year of teaching (second grade) and one day a group of kids got into a discussion about how I wasn't an adult, I was "just like a teenager person". And then months later, two girls were talking and I heard "what if Miss McGraw was our mom and had 24 kids?!"

  13. OH MY GOODNESS! I am cracking up at my desk reading these! My co-workers are probably wondering.... :)

  14. These cracked me up!!! A couple years ago when I was in my late 20s and a student asked how old I was and I told him, another student exclaimed, 28? Wow, I would have guessed you were at least 40! Lol...thanks! And these are high schoolers :)

  15. Oddball comment... but um... if it's not a trade secret... WHAT is that font in the "Teacher Tuesday" image at top of post? I love it!

  16. I was wiping a few of my preK children's faces after snack one day and one of the little girls was extra squirmy. I asked her if she didn't like having her face washed and she said, I'm allergic to soap.....AND WATER!!!! So, darn funny!!!!


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